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    Power outage in the hospitals

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    Numerous extraordinary events and crisis threaten the whole world. These situations endanger the lives, health, and property of citizens. These crises also affect crucial other infrastructure features not only in the Czech Republic. Health facilities are also under threat. This article focuses on crisis preparedness of the hospitals. Each hospital has to face extraordinary events such as a power outage. The hospital cannot operate without electricity in the event of an outage. Each hospital is prepared for this event differently. Each hospital has different generators, different fuel supplies, and various suppliers. For this purpose, the proposed assessment system should be used to determine the crisis preparedness of the hospital for a power outage. The aim of this paper is to present the proposed hospital evaluation system. The article also introduces the problem of security threats and crisis preparedness of the hospitals. © 2019Copyright is held by the owner/author(s).Internal Grant Agency of Tomas Bata University in Zlin [1, IGA/FAI/2019/001]; Department of Security Engineering of the Faculty of Applied Informatic

    Effect of field strength and temperature on viscoelastic properties of electrorheological suspensions of urea modified silica particles

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    V publikaci byla studována závislost dynamických vlastností suspenzí nanočástic siliky modifikované močovinou během přechodu z kapalného do kvazi-tuhého stavu vlivem elektrického pole.Temperature dependence of dynamic properties of suspensions of silica nanoparticles modified with urea during transition from liquid to quasi-solid state in the absence or presence of electric field has been investigated. In the absence of electric field the loss modulus continuously decreased, whereas the complex viscosity and storage modulus decreased steeply as a result of increasing thermal motion of suspension particles and higher fluidity of the medium. To eliminate the temperature dependence of the field-off properties in the elastic structure of the particles polarized in the electric field, the relative moduli G /G 0 and G /G 0 have been proposed. Thus, while the relative loss modulus at a single low frequency (1.03 rad s?1) was virtually independent of temperature, the growth of relative storage modulus with temperature reflects higher rigidity of the suspension structure due to increasing particle polarization, in accordance with higher permittivity and lower relaxation time obtained from dielectric measurements

    Rigid amorphous fraction in poly(ethylene terephthalate) determined by dilatometry

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    Objemová termická analýza semikrystalického PET s různým podílem krystalinity byla prováděna pomocí rtuťové dilatometrie. Vliv krystalů na amorfní fázi (teplotu skelného přechodu, koeficient teplotní objemové roztažnosti) byl určen. Studenou krystalizací na 106°C do trvání 4hodin byl připraven krystalický podíl od 2.4 - 25.3 obj.%. Zvyšování krystalického podílu vede k rozšiřování oblasti Tg a růstu teploty Tg. Změny v koeficientu teplotní objemové roztažnosti v oblasti přechodu jsou menší než předpověděné změny s použitím dvoufázového modelu. To ukazuje na přítomnost třetí frakce, rigidní amorfní frakce (RAF), jejíž obsah plynule roste v průběhu krystalizace. Na druhou stranu specifický RAF klesá. Další významný pokles RAF je zaznamenán po izotermickém temperování na vyšší teplotě.Volumetric thermal analysis of semicrystalline poly(ethylene terephthalate), PET, with different content of crystalline phase was carried out using Mercury-in-Glass Dilatometry. The effect of crystals on the thermal properties of amorphous phase (glass transition temperature, Tg, thermal expansion coefficients, ?) were determined. At cold-crystallization (106°C, up to 4 hours), crystalline content of 2.4 - 25.3 vol.% was achieved. Increasing content of crystalline phase broadens the glass transition region and increases Tg. The change of thermal expansion coefficient during glass transition is lower than that predicted by the two-phase model, which indicates the presence of a third fraction ? rigid amorphous fraction (RAF), whose content steadily increases during crystallization. However, its relative portion (specific RAF) is significantly reduced. Further significant decrease in specific RAF appears after annealing at a higher temperature

    The I-V characteristic comparison method in electronic component diagnostics

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    I-V characteristics of individual electronic components or electronic circuits have been playing a very important role in diagnostics for many years. The latest technological advance has extended the analytical potential of that method even more. This paper presents some examples how the I-V characteristic comparison can reveal the differences between the chosen approved model component and some other alternative components manufactured by different producers. The differences might be caused also with a treatment history like thermal or electrostatic discharge exposition. Copyright © (2012) by the International Measurement Federation (IMEKO)

    Some remarks on asymptotics of nonoscillatory solutions of half-linear Riemann-Weber type equations

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    The aim of this paper is to present a survey of already known results on asymptotics of nonoscillatory solutions of Riemann-Weber type half-linear differential equation and to sketch some ideas which could lead to further results in this field. © 2019 Author(s)

    Effect of cooling rate on enthalpy and volume relaxation of polystyrene

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    V tomto článku jsou presentovány výsledky fyzikálního stárnutí PS o úzké distribuci molekulových vah. Relaxovaná entalpie a objem jsou měřeny jako vliv rychlosti chlazení a teploty relaxace. Data jsou popsána TNM modelem a KWW relaxační funkcí. Poměr dh/dv dává hodnotu podobnou objemovému modulu, cca. 1.8GPa, přesahující teoretické předpoklady.This paper presents the results of measurements of physical aging on polystyrene with a narrow molecular weight distribution (Mw/Mn = 1.03). The evolution of the aging process was followed by recording the relaxed enthalpy and the accompanying decrease in volume, using differential scanning calorimetry and mercury-in-glass dilatometry, respectively. The measurements were carried out after cooling the sample at constant rate to the aging temperature. The cooling rate varied between 0.0037 and 1 °C/min. The aging data were fitted with the KWW and the TNM functions. The differences in the time scales of enthalpy, h, and volume, v, relaxation were relatively small. From the h(v) graphs the derivative dh/dv was found to amount to about 1.8 GPa, a value significantly exceeding the predictions of the thermodynamic model containing an additional internal variable

    Polycondensation of Silicate with Hydroxocomplexes of Some Amphoteric Elements in Aqueous Solution

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    Byly experimentálně studovány reakce vodného roztoku křemičitanu s hydroxokomplexy Al(III), Sn(IV), Zn(II) a Ga(III). Všechny studované reakce se projevují zgelovatěním celého objemu reakční směsi za vzniku zesíťovaného anorganického polymeru.Reactions of aqueous solution of silicate with hydroxocomplexes of Al(III), Sn(IV), Zn(II) and Ga(III) have been experimentally studied. All studied reactions have produced gel in the whole volume of reaction mixture with formation of inorganic polymer

    Evaluation of the sheepskin mattress in terms of pressure relieving capability

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    The aim of this study was to quantitatively evaluate the effectiveness of sheepskin mattress in pressure relieving. The pressure distribution of rigid mattress (CM), air mattress (AM) and standard medical mattress (SMM) in supine posture of 18 students before and after the intervention of the own-made sheepskin mattress (FM) were measured by mFLEX system and variables of peak pressure (PP) and average pressure (mmHg) (AP) and contact area (cm2) (CA) at total, back, sacrum and heel area were used for comparisons. Paired-T test with a significant level of 0.05 shows that the usage of FM significantly increased total CA by mean of 30% for three basis mattresses, then reductions about 8% for PP and 10% to 40% for AP were also observed. At back area, both PP and AP decreased by average of 30% for CM and AM; whereas only 10% reducing of PP was reported at sacrum for CM and SMM but at which the magnitude of pressure was still high. With exception of heel area, the outcomes were proved to be reliable where CoV and ICC ranged 5.1%-23.2% and 0.70-0.97. It can be concluded that the sheep skin mattress was effective in relieving the magnitude of contact pressure and it could be used in the routine patient's care to prevent the ulceration

    Plasma mediated chlorhexidine immobilization onto polylactic acid surface via carbodiimide chemistry: Antibacterial and cytocompatibility assessment

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    The development of antibacterial materials has great importance in avoiding bacterial contamination and the risk of infection for implantable biomaterials. An antibacterial thin film coating on the surface via chemical bonding is a promising technique to keep native bulk material properties unchanged. However, most of the polymeric materials are chemically inert and highly hydrophobic, which makes chemical agent coating challenging Herein, immobilization of chlorhexidine, a broad-spectrum bactericidal cationic compound, onto the polylactic acid surface was performed in a multistep physicochemical method. Direct current plasma was used for surface functionalization, followed by carbodiimide chemistry to link the coupling reagents of N-(3-Dimethylaminopropyl)-N′-ethylcarbodiimide hydrochloride (EDAC) and N-Hydroxysuccinimide (NHs) to create a free bonding site to anchor the chlorhexidine. Surface characterizations were performed by water contact angle test, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and scanning electron microscope (SEM). X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and scanning electron microscope (SEM). The antibacterial activity was tested using Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Finally, in vitro cytocompatibility of the samples was studied using primary mouse embryonic fibroblast cells. It was found that all samples were cytocompatible and the best antibacterial performance observed was the Chlorhexidine immobilized sample after NHs activation. © 2021 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.Czech Science FoundationGrant Agency of the Czech Republic [19-16861S]; Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic-DKRVO [RP/CPS/2020/001]; DKRVO [RP/CPS/2020/005]; Slovenian Research AgencySlovenian Research Agency - Slovenia [L2-2616]RP/CPS/2020/005; Ministerstvo Školství, Mládeže a Tělovýchovy, MŠMT: RP/CPS/2020/001; Grantová Agentura České Republiky, GA ČR: 19-16861S; Javna Agencija za Raziskovalno Dejavnost RS, ARRS: L2-261

    Mentoring in the professional development of primary and secondary school teachers

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    The contribution presents the results of research focused on analysing methodical support for teachereducation via mentoring, and familiarizes itself with the ascertained efficiency of the established mentoring programme in pilot schools in the Zlin region from the perspective of primary and secondary school teachers. The research shows that teachers' evaluation of their own professional coaching competencies plays an important role in the perception of the mentoring's efficiency. The higher the level of mastery of these competencies that the teachers attain in their own opinion, the better mentors they feel they are, the more they perceive mentoring as beneficial, and the more they use it in practice. At the same time, it is shown that the evaluation of own professional coaching competencies depends on the level of inner motivation to become involved in the mentoring course.IGA [IGA/FHS/2013/008
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