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    Monitoring the concentrations of Cd, Cu, Pb, Ni, Cr, Zn, Mn and Fe in cultivated Haplic Luvisol soils using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy and chemometrics

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    This study illustrates the successful application of near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy extended with chemometric modeling to profile Cd, Cu, Pb, Ni, Cr, Zn, Mn, and Fe in cultivated and fertilized Haplic Luvisol soils. The partial least-squares regression (PLSR) models were built to predict the elements present in the soil samples at very low contents. A total of 234 soil samples were investigated, and their reflectance spectra were recorded in the spectral range of 1100–2500 nm. The optimal spectral preprocessing was selected among 56 different scenarios considering the root mean squared error of prediction (RMSEP). The partial robust M-regression method (PRM) was used to handle the outlying samples. The most promising models were obtained for estimating the amount of Cu (using PRM) and Pb (using the classic PLS), leading to RMSEP expressed as a percentage of the response range, equal to 9.63% and 11.5%, respectively. The respective coefficients of determination for validation samples were equal to 0.86 and 0.58, respectively. Assuming similar variability of model residuals for the model and test set samples, coefficients of determination for validation samples were 0.94 and 0.89, respectively. Moreover, the favorable PLS models were also built for Zn, Mn, and Fe with coefficients of determinations equal to 0.87, 0.87, and 0.79

    Indeks przedmiotowy do Sygnatury Wolnego Dostępu

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    Relationship between vertical jump tests and ice-skating performance in junior Polish ice hockey players

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    The aim of this study was to determine the relationships between vertical jumps (VJ) and various on-ice skating performances of junior ice hockey players (n = 19). The three modes of VJ or off-ice measures were countermovement jump with arm swing (CMJ), squat jump (SJ) and depth drop jump (DDJ). The on-ice skating performance was measured by the skating multistage aerobic test (SMAT), forward and backward acceleration test, top speed test, and repeated sprint ability (RSA) test. The relationships between the variables were quantified using Pearson’s product-moment correlation. DDJ showed a significant positive correlation with forward average skating speed (FASS) (r = 0.62) and strong correlations with backward average skating speed (BASS) (r = 0.81), and maximum skating speed (MSS) (r = 0.71). SJ was found to be strongly correlated with BASS (r = 0.82) and MSS (r = 0.76), whereas the only on-ice performance that significantly correlated with CMJ was BASS (r = 0.68). All three modes of VJ were inversely and non-significantly correlated with performance decrement index and fatigue index, as determined by the RSA test. SMAT was not significantly correlated with either VJ or RSA. Correlations between all three modes of VJ tests were significant. Therefore, this study concludes that: (1) DDJ can be used as a predictor of all the ice skating speed tests, whereas SJ can predict BASS and MSS. CMJ, on the other hand, can predict the performance of only BASS. (2) RSA performance cannot be predicted from CMJ, SJ, or DDJ tests, and (3) neither any of the VJ nor RSA can predict skating endurance of junior ice hockey players

    Pionowy świat i góry na opak, czyli autobiografia na cztery ręce Olgi i Piotra Morawskich

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    The article presents an interpretation of Od początku do końca (From Beginning to End), a book written by Olga Morawska and Piotr Morawski. The work contains a Himalayan climber’s 2001–2009 diary covering, among others, expeditions to K2, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, as well as his wife’s memoir written after his death. A combination of two perspectives and two narratives, of the climber and his life companion, makes the book stand out from the genre of Himalayan climbing accounts – for literary reasons and owing to its focus on human relationships (intersubjectivity). Nevertheless, a focus on space, a staple of the genre, is strong in this book as well. Consequently, the analysis of the climber’s notes points to a sensual topography: a record of direct experience of mountains. Morawska’s memoir, in turn, is permeated with spatial metaphors (of life as a journey) and brings grief to the fore

    Soba Expedition: The preliminary report on the season of fieldwork conducted in 2021-2022

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    At the end of 2018 the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw, applied for a research concession in Soba East. The request was accepted and the boundaries of the area have been set (Fig. 1). At the same time the National Science Centre in Poland accepted a project proposal based on agreement no UMO-2018/29/B/HS3/02533. The project was entitled Soba – the heart of Alwa. Spatial organisation of the capital city on the Blue Nile. The project introduced a new approach to study the urban plan of the city (Drzewiecki, Ryndziewicz 2019) (Fragment tekstu)

    The jumping spider Saitis barbipes lacks a red photoreceptor to see its own sexually dimorphic red coloration

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    Examining the role of color in mate choice without testing what colors the study animal is capable of seeing can lead to ill-posed hypotheses and erroneous conclusions. Here, we test the seemingly reasonable assumption that the sexually dimorphic red coloration of the male jumping spider Saitis barbipes is distinguishable, by females, from adjacent black color patches. Using microspectrophotometry, we find clear evidence for photoreceptor classes with maximal sensitivity in the UV (359 nm) and green (526 nm), inconclusive evidence for a photoreceptor maximally sensitive in the blue (451 nm), and no evidence for a red photoreceptor. No colored filters within the lens or retina could be found to shift green sensitivity to red. To quantify and visualize whether females may nevertheless be capable of discriminating red from black color patches, we take multispectral images of males and calculate photoreceptor excitations and color contrasts between color patches. Red patches would be, at best, barely discriminable from black, and not discriminable from a low-luminance green. Some color patches that appear achromatic to human eyes, such as beige and white, strongly absorb UV wavelengths and would appear as brighter “spider-greens” to S. barbipes than the red color patches. Unexpectedly, we discover an iridescent UV patch that contrasts strongly with the UV-absorbing surfaces dominating the rest of the spider. We propose that red and black coloration may serve identical purposes in sexual signaling, functioning to generate strong achromatic contrast with the visual background. The potential functional significance of red coloration outside of sexual signaling is discussed

    Gaston Bachelard, the “non-psychoanalyst”

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    The relationship between Gaston Bachelard’s philosophy and psychoanalysis can be described as changeable, even turbulent. The common points and ruptures, the departures and returns, the criticisms and reformulations of the source-concepts linked to the ambiguous attitude that Bachelard had towards psychoanalysis overlapped the changes already inscribed in his philosophy. We must add the importance of the diversification of theoretical and methodological proposals that arose in the psychoanalytical movement in the broad sense [...]

    Biochemical, Structural Analysis, and Docking Studies of Spiropyrazoline Derivatives

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    In this study, we evaluated the antiproliferative potential, DNA damage, crystal structures, and docking calculation of two spiropyrazoline derivatives. The main focus of the research was to evaluate the antiproliferative potential of synthesized compounds towards eight cancer cell lines. Compound I demonstrated promising antiproliferative properties, especially toward the HL60 cell line, for which IC50 was equal to 9.4 μM/L. The analysis of DNA damage by the comet assay showed that compound II caused DNA damage to tumor lineage cells to a greater extent than compound I. The level of damage to tumor cells of the HEC‐1‐A lineage was 23%. The determination of apoptotic and necrotic cell fractions by fluorescence microscopy indicated that cells treated with spiropyrazoline‐based analogues were entering the early phase of programmed cell death. Compounds I and II depolarized the mitochondrial membranes of cancer cells. Furthermore, we performed simple docking calculations, which indicated that the obtained compounds are able to bind to the PARP1 active site, at least theoretically (the free energy of binding values for compound I and II were −9.7 and 8.7 kcal mol−1, respectively). In silico studies of the influence of the studied compounds on PARP1 were confirmed in vitro with the use of eight cancer cell lines. The degradation of the PARP1 enzyme was observed, with compound I characterized by a higher protein degradation activity

    Opisać Verbum w dziele filmowym. Refleksje nad książką Bogusława Skowronka "Język w filmie. Ujęcie mediolingwistyczne" (Kraków 2020, 277 ss.)

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    "Verbum w filmie, językowi w filmie, językowemu dyskursowi filmowemu, pasmu werbalnemu w filmie poświęcił uwagę Autor w najnowszej książce Język w filmie. Ujęcie mediolingwistyczne (2020), która stanowi merytoryczne i metodologiczne dopełnienie i kontynuację Mediolingwistyki (2013). Warto było na nią czekać. Perspektywa mediolingwistyczna wydaje się idealna do opisu języka w filmie. Adekwatność jej stosowalności wobec złożonego dzieła filmowego wynika z tego, że jest to subdyscyplina ze swej natury transdyscyplinarna („wielość ujęć i polimetodologiczne poszukiwania”, Skowronek, 2020: 12), gwarantująca wielostronny ogląd składnika werbalnego w dziele filmowym, naturalnie (współ)istniejącego w trybie synergii z innymi jego składnikami. Głęboką wartością mediolingwistyki jest szerokie ujęcie języka w kontekście, tu: szczególnie języka w dziele filmowym czy szerzej w mediach; jak deklaruje Autor: „[…] definiuję język jako nierozerwalny element struktur poznawczych, których funkcjonowanie zależne jest od kontekstów zewnętrznych – a dziś zwłaszcza kultury medialnej” (Skowronek, 2020: 10)." (fragm.

    Vapor-Deposited Thin Films: Studying Crystallization and α-relaxation Dynamics of the Molecular Drug Celecoxib

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    Crystallization is one of the major challenges in using glassy solids for technological applications. Considering pharmaceutical drugs, maintaining a stable amorphous form is highly desirable for improved solubility. Glasses prepared by the physical vapor deposition technique got attention because they possess very high stability, taking thousands of years for an ordinary glass to achieve. In this work, we have investigated the effect of reducing film thickness on the α-relaxation dynamics and crystallization tendency of vapor-deposited films of celecoxib (CXB), a pharmaceutical substance. We have scrutinized its crystallization behavior above and below the glasstransition temperature (Tg). Even though vapor deposition of CXB cannot inhibit crystallization completely, we found a significant decrease in the crystallization rate with decreasing film thickness. Finally, we have observed striking differences in relaxation dynamics of vapor-deposited thin films above the Tg compared to spin-coated counterparts of the same thickness


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