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    Historical Sources and Historians/Historiography in Serbia in the Long 19th Century

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    The period under consideration in this paper spans the years from the last decade of the 18th century to the beginning of the First World War. The focus is put only on the persons born in the Principality/Kingdom of Serbia or on those whose careers were connected with it. The paper aims to present the development of the research of history in Serbia and to show how it was closely intertwined with and influenced by broader political, social, and cultural trends. Firstly, a short overview of the establishment of scientific and educational institutions relevant for historical studies is presented. The second and the main part of the paper is dedicated to the analysis of the work of the most prominent Serbian historians, both amateur and professional ones. Many of them were political figures as well and had important role in the society. Special attention is given to the struggle over the historiographical methodology which ended in victory of the critical approach over the so-called romanticist one. This development marked not only the study of history in the researched period but had long lasting effects. Lastly, the most important endeavors in collecting and publishing historical sources is described

    Vreme umetnosti: Prilog zasnivanju jedne opšte nauke o umetnostima. Drugo izdanje

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    Балет Охридска легенда као репрезент југословенске културне дипломатије

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    Ново промишљање примењене музикологије

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    У овом предавању, Крис Дроми ће покушати да објасни убрзани развој музиколошке дисциплине представљањем хронологије богате историје примењене музикологије и разматрањем веза које ће је карактерисати у будућности. Ослањајући се на истраживање спроведено за потребе зборника који је уредио, ”The Routledge Companion to Applied Musicology”, Дроми ће изложити две скорашње сарадње у области примењене музикологије

    “If the Sun Shines on Him Once More, He Will Live Two Lives”: Exhuming the Dead in Eastern Serbia

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    Until the final decades of the 20th century, the Vlachs of Eastern Serbia practiced a rather unusual funerary custom about which very little was known: exhuming people who died very young 40 days after the funeral, so that the inconsolable family could see them once more. Apart from bringing peace and consolation to the family, it seems that the belief behind this custom was that if the corpse is taken out of the grave once more, so that the sun shines on it, the deceased would have two lives. The rare ethnographic references from the beginning of the previous century indicate a wider spread of the phenomenon in Eastern Serbia, among the Vlachs, but at the end of the 20th century, when the last exhumations were done, only a few villages in the Homolje region celebrated the custom. This paper draws on the few Serbian ethnographic sources from the first half of the last century and on the limited later mentions, and presents the narratives recorded by the authors in 2022 with Vlach interlocutors who had heard about the ritual, conducted it, or took part in it between 1970 and the 1990s. Special attention is paid to the area in which this phenomenon took place, situations in which the exhumation was done, and the beliefs underlying it

    CA and/or EDTA functionalized magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles by oxidative precipitation from FeCl2 solution: structural and magnetic study

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    Four samples containing magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (MIONs) of various sizes are prepared employing a simple low-temperature method of oxidative precipitation from FeCl2∙4H2O-NaOH-NaNO3 aqueous solution. For the preparation of two samples, the usual oxidation-precipitation synthesis protocol is modified by using ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) chelating agent as a stabilizer of the Fe2+ ions in a solution, which results in the partial capping of the prepared MIONs with EDTA molecules. Three out of four samples are subjected to citric acid (CA) functionalization in the post synthesis protocol. Structural and magnetic properties of the synthesized MIONs are assessed using various experimental techniques (XRD, TEM, Fourier transform infrared, dynamic light scattering, Mössbauer, and SQUID). The average size of spherical-like MIONs is tuned from 7 nm to 38 nm by changing the synthesis protocol. Their room temperature saturation magnetization, M s, is in the range of 43 to 91 emu g−1. Magnetic heating ability, expressed via specific absorption rate value, which ranges from 139 to 390 W/gFe, is discussed in relation to their structural and magnetic properties and the possible energy dissipation mechanisms involved. The best heating performance is exhibited by the sample decorated with EDTA and with a bimodal size distribution with average particle sizes of 14 and 37 nm and M s = 87 emu g−1. Though this sample contains particles prone to form aggregates, capping with EDTA provides good colloidal stability of this sample, thus preserving the magnetic heating ability. It is demonstrated that two samples, consisting of 7 nm-sized CA- or 14 nm-sized EDTA/CA-functionalized superparamagnetic MIONs, with a similar hydrodynamic radius, heat in a very similar way in the relatively fast oscillating alternating current magnetic field, f = 577 kHz

    Old folk sports, games and competitions – preservation, transmission of knowledge and presentation

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    Предмет истраживања ове монографије су стари народни спортови, игре и надметања, присутни на територији Србије, али и бивше Југославије. С обзиром на ограничени обим савремене литературе која проучава ову тему, циљ израде монографије био је да се унапреди знање о старим народним спортовима и играма, омогући њихова адекватна презентација и представе прелиминарни резултати спроведених истраживања, како би се ово наслеђе из прошлости сачувало од заборава. Аутори дају осврт на појам и место старих народних спортова и игара у светским оквирима, као и на њихов значај за простор бивше СФР Југославије и конкретно Србије. Резултати спроведеног истраживања на терену, које је обухватило анкетно истраживање и организацију фокус групе, такође су презентовани. Посебан део текста посвећен је опису и представљању појединих спортова и игара који су некада били широко заступљени у нашој и земљама региона, док су данас у потпуности ишчезли или се практикују у врло ограниченом обиму.Посебна издања, књ. 9

    GPT4 aided biomaterials research use case: stabilization of selenium nanoparticles with proteins: Abstract

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    Recent advancements in LLMs based on various transformer architectures such as BERT and GPT family models, brought many new possibilities for application in scientific research. The specific architecture and broad knowledge of these models give them the ability to understand concepts, to plan and solve different kinds of problems, including various chemistry-related tasks. In this work, we are evaluating a case of GPT4 performance for recommending proteins suitable for the stabilization of selenium nanoparticles (SeNPs). SeNPs exhibit diverse beneficial bioactivities, including antioxidant, antibacterial, and anticancer properties, and stabilization of SeNPs with suitable proteins may be an effective approach to improve their bioactivities.Poster: [

    Integer Codes Correcting Single Adjacent Transposition Errors

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    One of the most common channel errors in molecular communication systems is a single adjacent transposition (SAT) error. It happens both due to molecular noise and due to the diffusive movement of molecules when some of them reach the receiver faster than others. In this paper, we propose a simple solution to this problem based on integer codes that can correct SAT errors. The proposed codes are less complex and more rate-efficient than existing codes of similar properties. In addition, the proposed codes use integer and lookup table operations, which makes them suitable for implementation on nano-controllers that will be embedded in future nano-implants.This is the peer-reviewed version of the article: Radonjić, Aleksandar, Pankaj Kumar Das, and Nabin Kumar Pokhrel. 2024. ‘Integer Codes Correcting Single Adjacent Transposition Errors’. IEEE Communications Letters, 1–1. []


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    Centar za azil Krnjača, ili jednostavno Krnjača, svakako spada u najpoznatije kampove u Srbiji. Nalazi se u istoimenom gradskom naselju, na periferiji Beograda, u opštini Palilula


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