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    Nanotechnology in Animal Science

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    Recently, a revolution in nanotechnology has pervaded all fields related to animal science. This book collection focuses on the potential applications of nanotechnology in the field of animal science, particularly livestock production and medication. The studies/reviews published in this book show the preparation protocols and physiochemical and biological properties of the innovated nanoparticles, designated for different purposes. This is in line with the potential hazards of these materials. The book collection shows that nanoparticles and nanoparticle-based systems can be developed to serve different purposes in the field of animal production and veterinary, such as the management of reproduction and assisted reproductive techniques, rapid and robust disease diagnosis and treatment, drug delivery, and animal nutrition

    Nutrient Intake and Physical Exercise as Modulators of Healthy Women

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    Cumulative evidence demonstrates that healthy nutrient intake and regular physical exercise are both powerful lifestyle strategies that modulate lifelong health through their ability to improve body composition, musculoskeletal health, sex steroid hormones, sleep quality, and physical and cognitive performance, as well as to prevent chronic diseases across the lifespan, especially in women. While the benefits of nutrition and physical exercise are commonly studied separately, the integration of nutrition and physical exercise has the potential to produce greater benefits in women than strategies focusing only on one or the other. Studying the specificities of women in response to interventions is of the utmost importance for providing optimal healthcare and aids the design of guidelines that are better suited for women. A better knowledge regarding nutrient intake and physical exercise and their interaction in women is therefore needed. This Special Issue entitled “nutrient intake and physical exercise as modulators of healthy women” will comprise manuscripts that highlight this integrational approach as a potential modulator of lifelong outcomes in women

    Responsible AI in Africa

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    This open access book contributes to the discourse of Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) from an African perspective. It is a unique collection that brings together prominent AI scholars to discuss AI ethics from theoretical and practical African perspectives and makes a case for African values, interests, expectations and principles to underpin the design, development and deployment (DDD) of AI in Africa. The book is a first in that it pays attention to the socio-cultural contexts of Responsible AI that is sensitive to African cultures and societies. It makes an important contribution to the global AI ethics discourse that often neglects AI narratives from Africa despite growing evidence of DDD in many domains. Nine original contributions provide useful insights to advance the understanding and implementation of Responsible AI in Africa, including discussions on epistemic injustice of global AI ethics, opportunities and challenges, an examination of AI co-bots and chatbots in an African work space, gender and AI, a consideration of African philosophies such as Ubuntu in the application of AI, African AI policy, and a look towards a future of Responsible AI in Africa. This is an open access book

    Rhoda: ‘Comrade Kadalie, You Are Out of Order!

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    This authorized biography was made possible through the gracious help of my mother-in-law, Rhoda Kadalie, who provided generous access to her files, letters, photographs, and extensive library of documents. She made time to sit with me for several hours of interviews from September through October 2021, to answer questions as they arose, and to offer innumerable clarifications. Rhoda also reviewed the first draft of the biography in December 2021, making corrections and additions, and contributing some of her own original vignettes, never before published

    Study of the Soil Water Movement in Irrigated Agriculture

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    In irrigated agriculture, the study of the various ways water infiltrates into the soils is necessary. In this respect, soil hydraulic properties, such as soil moisture retention curve, diffusivity, and hydraulic conductivity functions, play a crucial role, as they control the infiltration process and the soil water and solute movement. This Special Issue presents the recent developments in the various aspects of soil water movement in irrigated agriculture through a number of research topics that tackle one or more of the following challenges: irrigation systems and one-, two-, and three-dimensional soil water movement; one-, two-, and three-dimensional infiltration analysis from a disc infiltrometer; dielectric devices for monitoring soil water content and methods for assessment of soil water pressure head; soil hydraulic properties and their temporal and spatial variability under the irrigation situations; saturated–unsaturated flow model in irrigated soils; soil water redistribution and the role of hysteresis; soil water movement and drainage in irrigated agriculture; salt accumulation, soil salinization, and soil salinity assessment; effect of salts on hydraulic conductivity; and soil conditioners and mulches that change the upper soil hydraulic properties and their effect on soil water movement

    Metallic or Metallic Oxide (Photo)catalysts for Environmental Applications

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    This reprint is the compilation of the articles submitted in the Special Issue entitled “Metallic or Metallic Oxide (Photo)catalysts for Environmental Applications” from the journal Catalysts, which gives an overview of the latest advances in the development of metallic or metallic oxide (photo)catalytic materials, with environmental applications for the elimination of organic pollutants or the valorization of biomass

    «Estro furioso» : Domenico Rea from Naples to Nofi

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    «Estro furioso» is the title of one of the twelve short-stories making up the index of Gesù, fate luce, the second book by Domenico Rea published in 1950; three years after its 'official' debut, always with a collection of short narrative texts, in prose: Spaccanapoli. And, again, the expression “Estro furioso” could now be used: as a ‘sample’ of style - or as a possible outline of shared reading - in the five chapters (Domenico Rea as contemporary writer; Domenico Rea, poet and novelist; Domenico Rea between national and regional publishing; Domenico Rea among History, Anthropology, Journalism and Photography; Domenico Rea between the Old and the New Continent: the language, the literature) thematic containers of fifteen essays of this volume dedicated to Domenico Rea. The authors of the essays are scholars from various Italian and foreign universities, journalists, experts in the world of photography and publishing.PublishedL’«Estro furioso» è il titolo di uno dei dodici racconti che compongono l’indice di Gesù, fate luce, il secondo libro di Domenico Rea pubblicato nel 1950, a tre anni di distanza dal suo esordio ‘ufficiale’ – sempre una raccolta di testi brevi narrativi, in prosa – con Spaccanapoli. E, di nuovo, potrebbe adesso servire l’espressione «estro furioso»: a mo’ di ‘campione’ di stile o come possibile traccia di lettura condivisa nei cinque capitoli (Domenico Rea nostro contemporaneo; Domenico Rea, poeta e romanziere; Domenico Rea, l’editoria nazionale e l’editoria campana; Domenico Rea tra Storia, Antropologia, Giornalismo e Fotografia; Domenico Rea tra Vecchio e Nuovo Continente: la lingua, la letteratura) contenitori tematici di quindici saggi del presente volume dedicato a Domenico Rea. Gli interventi critici sono firmati da studiosi provenienti da atenei italiani e stranieri, da giornalisti, da esperti del mondo della fotografia e dell’editoria

    Zur Doppelbödigkeit des Unterrichts als Bühne

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    Which practices and dynamics can be identified in the interaction between teachers and students? How is the interactional order of teaching established and maintained? What insights can the documentary method and depth hermeneutics provide and what added value does method triangulation offer? The study investigates the interaction in a 3rd grade of lower secondary school over a survey period of two school years.Welche Handlungspraktiken und Dynamiken lassen sich in der Interaktion zwischen Lehrer*innen und Schüler*innen feststellen? Wie wird die Interaktionsordnung des Unterrichts hergestellt und aufrechterhalten? Welche Erkenntnisse können die Dokumentarische Methode und Tiefenhermeneutik darüber liefern und welchen Mehrwert bietet eine Methodentriangulation? Die Studie untersucht die Interaktion in einer 3. Klasse der Sekundarstufe I über einen Erhebungszeitraum von zwei Schuljahren

    Mit Daten sprechen

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    Datenjournalist*innen verwenden für ihre Berichterstattung digitale Daten, welche sie verarbeiten, visualisieren und journalistisch publizieren. Rahel Estermann erarbeitet auf Praxis- und Feldebene, welche Expertisen, Materialitäten, Kulturen und sozialen Prozesse sich im Datenjournalismus verschränken. Datenvisualisierungen stellen sich dabei als gemeinsames Vokabular heraus, welches ermöglicht, in zweifacher Weise mit den Daten zu sprechen: einerseits zur Produktion von Erkenntnissen, andererseits für das Darstellen von Erkenntnissen mittels Daten. So werden die Prozesse der Neuaushandlung von epistemologischen und professionellen Kulturen in einer datafizierten Gesellschaft sichtbar

    Advances of Accurate Quantification Methods in Food Analysis

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    Food safety is a matter of great significance for the global population. Therefore, researchers have been developing and validating analytical methods to extract, separate and quantitate a variety of hazardous and nutritional analytes in various food commodities. Due to the complexity of food components, a suitable pretreatment method is required to eliminate matrix effects and lower the detection limit. Afterward, chromatography and mass spectrometry are powerful tools in the guarantee of food safety and quality. This book is the reprint of a Special Issue of Separations, “Advances of Accurate Quantification Methods in Food Analysis”, and provides an overview of recent trends in food analytical methods. Both novel sample pretreatment and detection techniques are covered, with the aim of accurate quantification. This Special Issue received nine contributions that covered the latest analytical methods, and focused on pesticides, mycotoxin, antibiotics, metal ions, organic selenium and anthocyanins


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