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    An overview of Suctorian ciliates (Ciliophora, Suctorea) as epibionts of halacarid mites (Acari, Halacaridae)

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    Scant information is available regarding the prevalence and distribution of suctorian ciliates on halacarid mites. However, using this limited information and data from our laboratory on the systematics, biology, ecology and distribution of suctorian ciliates that are epibionts of halacarid mites, we redescribed four suctorian species: Limnoricus ceter (Jankowski), Praethecacineta halacari (Schulz), Thecacineta calix (Schroder) and Acineta sulcata Dons. We also recognized Lissacineta allgeni Jankowski and Thecacineta allgeni (Jankowski) as synonyms of Praethecacineta halacari (Schluz), and Thecacineta laophontis Jankowski and Paracineta moebiusi Kahl as synonyms of Thecacineta calix (Schroder). Many suctorians have been reported, but not properly identified in the halacarid literature. So, we have attempted to identify those suctorians to species level. Lastly, the interactions between the suctorians and their hosts are also discussed and Praethecacineta halacari is also reported for the first time from the Indian coast

    Особливості навчання вивчаючого читання на фізико-математичному факультеті педагогічного університету

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    У статті висвітлюється методика навчання вивчаючого читання та надається приклад роботи з професійно-спрямованим текстом на тему «Інтернет» для студентів фізико-математичних факультетів педагогічних університетів

    Spectrum of confined and interface phonons in complicated cylindrical nanoheterosystem placed into the plane quantum well in water

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    The energy spectra of all types of free vibrations existing in combined nanoheterosystem consisting of cylindrical semiconductor quantum dot, semiconductor quantum ring embedded into the quantum well placed in water are studied in the framework of dielectric continuum model. It is shown that depending on the boundary conditions for the potentials of polarization fields there are two types of interface phonon modes: top (bottom) surface optical (TSO) modes and side surface optical (SSO) modes

    Suctorian ciliates (Ciliophora, Suctorea) as epibionts of stream-dwelling aquatic beetles (Coleoptera) and water mites (Acari: Hydrachnidia) in the southwestern Palaearctic region

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    Based on original data from recent research, numerous new records of the suctorian species living as epibionts on streamdwelling aquatic beetles (Coleoptera) and water mites (Acari, Hydrachnidia) in the southwestern Palaearctic area are given. The following species are reported for the first time for the national faunas: Setodiscophrya deplanata (Matthes, 1954) (Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey), Discophrya helmidis Matthes, 1954 (Montenegro, Turkey), Elatodiscophrya hochi (Matthes, 1954) (Bosnia and Hercegovina, Turkey), Periacineta buckei (Kent, 1881) (Montenegro, Greece), Discophrya lichtensteinii (Claparede & Lachmann, 1859) (Turkey, Iran). The characteristics of the suctorians as epibionts of stream-dwelling arthropods are briefly outlined

    Ecological spectrums of heterotrophic flagellates (protista) in water bodies of ukrainian polissya area

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    Dependence of 26 heterotrophic flagellate species development in central part of Ukrainian Polissya area from operating pH and concentrations of dissolved organic matter and oxygen in the waters is considered. Narrowing of existence spectrums in certain types of water body characteristic for some species of heterotrophic flagellates is stated; this peculiarity is strongly expressed in the bogs where specific complex of hydrochemical conditions to have a place


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    The study of the ways in which new complex words are built on the basis of other words or morphemes is known as word-formation. The search for appropriate alternatives that may be found in morphological variants or in case of usage phrase structures is the task of word-formation modeling

    Synonymic Representation of “Islamic World” in American Mass Media

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    У статті представлено аналіз синонімічного ряду «Ісламської картини світу» у сучасній американській публіцистиц

    Exciton in quantum tube with hexagon cross

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    It is established the theory of exciton spectrum in semiconductor quantum nanotube with hexagon cross in the framework of the effective mass approximation and rectangular potentials model. The electron-hole interaction is taken into account within Bethe method together with the approximating potential providing the bound state of exciton at its internal movement along the axial axis of nanosystem. The dependences of exciton energy on the geometrical parameters of quantum nanotube are analyzed
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