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    Self-Defense, Collateral Damage and Terrorism: The War in Gaza

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    Dr. Peter Tramel (Philosophy) discusses how Just War Theory applies to the facts we know so far about the war in Gaza, without a partisan pro-Israel or pro-Palestinian agenda. Discussion follows

    Are State Comprehensive Institutions Prepared for AI? Not yet.

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    The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has profound implications for higher education and teaching and learning. The present study, conducted at a state, comprehensive university (SCU) is the US Midwest, evaluated how effective faculty in a leadership focused program are at differentiating between human or AI-generated content. Participants reviewed 12 “student assignments” representing short answer essays, and completed the following tasks: 1) evaluated the assignment on three dimensions of the grading rubric; 2) assigned a percent grade; 3) indicated whether it was human or AI-generated; and 4) provided a rationale for their selection. Evolving technologies like ChatGPT and other LLMS are forcing educators to reconsider how they will interact with students as well as redefine what will constitute scholarly work in the future. Based on the study, we offer short- and long-term implications regarding AI for both the field of leadership and, more broadly, for faculty in many social science disciplines at SCUs. An exercise at the end of the article allows readers to complete a brief interactive to provide them with a similar revelatory experience as our study participants (see Interactive Reader Activity) before reading the remainder of this article. The Interactive Reader Activity contains three samples from the study—each of which was either human written or AI-generated. Answers are provided

    Empowering Your Students’ Agency Through Ungrading Practices

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    Ungrading emphasizes formative feedback over summative judgment, promoting intrinsic motivation and student agency. While implementing ungrading requires effort, the benefit to students and teachers is significant

    Understanding the Prevelance of stalking on campus: policy and action

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    My poster includes and describes stalking statistics, stalking on campus, policy recommendations, facts about stalking, and a summary

    The Lasting Effects of Childhood Trauma

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    Objective: Analyze long-term effects of childhood trauma/maltreatment Design: Mixed methods, quasi-experimental, comparative Setting: Larned State Hospital Psychiatric Facility Participants: Larned State Hospital inpatient PSP patients Results: Pending results and data collectio

    Mental Health Stigma and Social-Cognitive Factors Influence Behavioral Intentions to Seek Psychological Help

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    Recent estimates suggest that one in five adults in the United States of America experience mental health issues each year; this is estimated to be approximately 51.5 million adults. Despite many individuals who might suffer from mental health issues, and perhaps be diagnosed with a mental health disorder, these same individuals may not seek psychological services when needed. The current study examined mental health stigma (i.e., public and self-stigma of mental health) and social-cognitive factors (i.e., attitudes, subjective norms, and perceived control) that might influence a person’s willingness to seek out psychological help. The Theory of Planned Behavior was used as a theoretical guide. The current study included 355 participants between the ages of 18 and 75. Results indicated that mental health stigma did not overall predict participants’ willingness to seek help; however, two of the social cognitive factors (subjective norms and perceived control) did predict willingness to seek help. We also analyzed these variables in relation to their order of effect. Findings suggest that public and self-stigma indirectly impacted the willingness to seek help through subjective norms and perceived control. This finding is important because it indicates that through this pathway, each of the variables does impact the willingness to seek help either directly or indirectly

    High Blue Halls by Robert E. Howard as read by Morgan Chalfant

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    English Department faculty member Morgan Chalfant reads High Blue Halls by Robert E. Howard

    The Effects of Oral Contraceptives use in Relation to Depression

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    Objective: Evaluate the potential correlation between developing depression and taking hormonal birth control Design: Mixed methods, Quasi- experimental, Comparative Setting: Hays Med outpatient clinic Participants: Women who are menstruating between the ages of 15-30 from Western Kansas. Methods: These participants will be meeting weekly with doctors and taking subjective surveys to determine their perception of their psychosocial state. Results/ Conclusion: Pending results and data collection

    Habitat associations and fine-scale movements of the Red-Spotted Toad (Anaxyrus punctatus) in Kansas and the efficacy of remote telemetry for monitoring small-scale movements

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    As climate change progresses, arid-adapted anurans might be particularly susceptible to population declines because of their reliance on ephemeral pools for successful reproduction. Because arid-adapted anurans are difficult to study due to short active seasons and cryptic lifestyles, little is known about their habitat preferences. One such arid-adapted species is the Red-Spotted Toad (Anaxyrus punctatus; RST), a Kansas Species in Need of Conservation. Since this designation in 1987, little research has been conducted to understand their conservation needs. During the summers of 2021 and 2022, RST surveys were conducted both near areas where the species has historically been observed in Clark, Comanche, and Barber counties, Kansas, as well as in areas just outside the border of their known range, including Kiowa County, Kansas. Automatic recording devices were deployed to detect signs of breeding activity. To understand finer-scale movement patterns, unmanned aerial sensing and developing telemetry techniques were combined to map RST movements. Excluding the RST observations at the telemetry site, 96 RST were observed across both summers. The majority of these observations were after sunset. Active toads were observed on gypsum outcrops. Calling RST were detected at five locations. The results of this study increase our understanding of the habitat associations of RST in Kansas and provide insights and recommendations for their conservation

    Understanding the Value of Friendships: Exploring the Different Characteristics of Virtual World Friendships Compared to Real World Friendships

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    Research on video games, social media, and computer games has focused on specific social characteristics such as violence, communication, and social isolation. Most aspects of virtual world gaming and online relationships are considered inferior, if not damaging, to those who spend time on these platforms. Virtual relationships are often considered secondary to traditional relationships. Such relationships are seen as replacements for traditional friendships, leading to research focusing on replacement rather than value. Little research focuses on how a virtual world friendship compares to a traditional friendship and the value it may serve to individuals in the relationship. The present study uses an Aristotelian definition of friendship to explore the differences in characteristics between virtual world friendships and traditional friendships to determine if virtual world relationships can have the same value as traditional ones. Friendship characteristics of mutual well-being, self-expression, and shared experiences were measured via an online survey that included 223 participants from a midwestern university and Amazon Mechanical Turk. Participants reporting for traditional friendships indicated higher levels of ego support, self-affirmation, mutual well-being, satisfaction, and self-disclosure demonstrating deeper levels of friendship, however, personalized interest and concern was not found to differ between friendship types. Furthermore, duration of friendships was found to be positively related to self-disclosure and negatively related to measures of tension. These findings demonstrate that although traditional friendships and virtual friendships share common characteristics, traditional friendships reach a deeper level of friendship than virtual world friendships


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