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    Disability, Civil Rights, and Equity 2030

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    Learn about the history of disability legislation, parallels between the disability and civil rights movements, and how disability accessibility supports Equity 2030

    Structured Literacy is Really Controlled Literacy: Units of Study is Not a Balanced Approach

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    Negotiation: One Library Spills the Beans

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    Nat Gustafson-Sundell describes 7 factors contributing to his practice of license negotiation, including examples from actual negotiations

    Increased Student Employment is Associated with Inferior Biology Exam and Course Performance

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    Rising tuition rates are detailed as a driver of increased student employment, potentially leading to reduced time and academic performance. We observed this relationship across 3 cohorts of Genetics (BIOL-211), totaling 238 students. Students working 20+ hours scored significantly fewer total points (p=0.0089), exam points (p=0.0255), and were more likely to incur a failed assignment (p=0.0025). These data represent an important metric for identifying and treating underlying factors associated with reduced STEM performance and retention

    Lucy Calkins, Units of Study, Balanced Literacy, and the Art of Not Being Silly

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    Addressing Aggressive Behaviors in Long Term Care Settings: How Do Caregivers Feel Supported?

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    Caregivers are faced with great challenges when it comes to handling aggressive behaviors among long term care residents and, therefore, need support in managing resident aggression. Qualitative in depth interviews will be cond ucted with a convenience sample of caregivers on the occurrence and management of aggressive behaviors in long term care settings. The findings of the research will show that caregivers have difficulties handling aggressive situations which sometimes leads to caregiver stress and high turnover. Long term care facilities give inadequate support in managing aggressive behaviors leading to challenges in staffing. Findings will help fill the gap in the published research on what makes caregivers feel supported and provide evidence based recommendations to help facilities support and train caregivers on effective interventions in managing aggressive behavior

    The Five-Step Writing Process

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    This is an excerpt from my book, Johnson, A. (2024). Being and becoming teachers of writing: A meaning-based approach. Routledge. It should be out in March.April of 2024. https://www.routledge.com/Being-and-Becoming-Teachers-of-Writing-A-Meaning-Based-Approach-to-Authentic/Johnson/p/book/978103235572

    The Sociology of Families Reader: Issues, Perspectives, and Debates

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    Through a carefully curated selection of readings highlighting important empirical research on family life in the U.S., The Sociology of Families Reader: Issues, Perspectives, and Debates introduces students to the major questions, influential findings, and contested interpretations that animate the sociology of families today.The volume is organized into nine units, each dedicated to a unique aspect of family life. Units begin with a brief introduction, which situates the readings for that unit within broader patterns and trends playing out in both the institution of family and in society at large. Units I and II examine culturally dominant conceptions of family life and the dramatic ways in which the institution of family has changed over time. The remaining units are arranged in step with the life course, from dating and cohabitation to marriage and divorce. Students read about sexuality, reproduction, parenting, as well as violence and abuse within the family context. Additional topics include women’s conformity or resistance to traditional weddings, family diversity and gender convergence, college hookup culture, marriage equality, how divorce affects children, childfree adults, corporal punishment, and more.Insightful and engaging, The Sociology of Families Reader is an ideal resource for courses and programs in family studies and sociology.https://cornerstone.lib.mnsu.edu/university-archives-msu-authors/1453/thumbnail.jp

    Fundamentals of Engineering Dianostic Test (FEDT)

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    This paper presents a D2L module is prepared for ME/CIVE Department to provide a custom design Fundamental Engineering Diagnostic Test (FEDT) to juniors of both programs that only had questions from 1XX and 2XX level courses. FEDT will be used as both an assessment tool for programs on the teaching efficiency of 1XX and 2XX courses. It will also act as an early alert to students who have essential knowledge deficiency in fundamental courses

    February 2024 Library & Learning Newsletter

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    PDF version of the February 2024 (Volume 2, Issue 7) Library & Learning Newsletter


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