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    May 24, 1934

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    November 22, 1934

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    A Rite of Passage

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    The theme of the quest in which a young protagonist ventures out into the world to pursue his dream through myriad adventures dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. Sometime in the 27th century BC The Epic of Gilgamesh appeared in an oral tradition and was eventually inscribed (in cuneiform) on clay tablets and is believed to be the alpha of this literary genre, a genre that eventually made its way to Phoenicia, Egypt, the Greeks Isles, Rome, and Europe to the West, and as far as the ancient Middle Kingdom to the Far East. Voluminous rich oral and written traditions focusing on this theme have been disseminated from one culture to another and from one generation to the other. While graduating from high school is a May/June rite of passage for millions of young Americans, August and September are the months associated with yet another post high school coast to coast rite of passage for tens of thousands of college-bound freshmen. For the past 41 years I have witnessed this rite of passage first hand

    In A Certain Place, A Long, Long Time Ago

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    In the early 1980’s the late Lavell Cole, my esteemed colleague in the history department, told me the following: “Halaby, stop writing about politics. The average American doesn’t know much about foreign policy and doesn’t give a damn about the U.N. and Resolutions 242 and 338. When you write about Palestine and Palestinians, you must put a face to them and tell it like it is.” How right Lavell was. Therese and Asad, thank you for inviting me to be a part of the 2014 Olympia Arab Festival, Shuruq II (Dawn/Sunrise), a much-needed celebration that puts a bright face on Arab culture in conjunction with the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice. In spite of the ongoing political turmoil and tragic bloodletting that affects every Arab in every region of the world, we do have rich cultural traditions that bind us, and it is thus fitting that we celebrate these traditions in Olympia, Washington, concurrent with Olympia’s Fall Arts Walk. To Rachel Corrie, a long-time hero of mine, even though I’ve never met you, Rachel, I feel as though I have known you all my life. Plucked too soon from our midst, your brief life and the legacy you left are an affirmation and testimony to everything that is perennially decent, perennially uplifting, perennially inspiring, and perennially upright, moral, and good. What an honor and humbling experience it is to stand in the shadow of a giant such as you to pay homage both, to you, and to the culture for which you so heroically gave your life

    November 27, 1958

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    Ouachita hosts Beverly Buys’ “Traces That Remain” exhibit through Nov. 16

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    Ouachita Baptist University’s Department of Visual Arts is hosting a photography exhibit by guest artist Beverly Buys through Nov. 16. Buys’ exhibit, “Traces That Remain,” is free and open to the public. It will be on display in the Rosemary Gossett Adams Gallery on the first floor of Moses-Provine Hall

    You Can Never Go Home Again

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    On January 10, 2013, snow fell in abundance in Jerusalem, Palestine. The six inches of snow that fell in Jerusalem and environs was the heaviest snowfall in thirty years, and some parts of the Galilee and the West Bank had as much as twelve inches of snow. Several people in the West Bank and Gaza were killed as a result of subsequent flooding caused by heavy rains. Israelis and Palestinians enjoyed this blanket of white by throwing snowballs (certainly not at each other) and making snow sculptures. Images of snow-covered landscapes, historic landmarks, snowmen and a first, a Palestinian snowwoman, were posted on blogs and printed on the front pages of newspapers around the world. One of the most iconic images was the image of the radiant gilded cupola of the Dome of the Rock mosque with its brilliant ochroid golden hues boldly juxtaposed against a placid blanket of fluffy eiderdown white of repose on the Temple Mount plaza surrounding Islam’s oldest monument, and in close proximity to Judaism’s Wailing Wall

    January 16, 1969

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    The Ouachitonian 1925

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    The 1925 Ouachita Baptist University yearbook, The Ouachitonian, records the events of this college year. Its goal is to remind readers of Those Sweet Old Days No story is so interesting as the story of life; and the most beautiful scenes are those we have acted together. This is a story of college memories.https://scholarlycommons.obu.edu/yearbooks/1031/thumbnail.jp

    Saunders to present senior recital at Ouachita Feb. 20

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    Ouachita Baptist University’s Division of Music will host Hannah Saunders in her senior recital on Wednesday, Feb. 20, at 8 p.m. in McBeth Recital Hall. The recital is free and open to the public


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