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    Does Testing Help Learning? Mindset and Testing’s Impact on Memory and Accuracy of Judgments

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    To conduct a replication of a previous experiment (Kornell & Son, 2009) to measure the accuracy and judgement of learning between two ways of studying and if receiving feedback after testing altered their learning. Participants were tasked with learning 4 lists of Indonesian words, half of the participants learned by re-exposure to the words while the other half learned by test-taking. The test-taking group was further divided into feedback or no-feedback conditions. Contrary to the previous study we found that testing did not impact memory. However, self-testing did make learners more accurate in their judgments of what they knew. Students with a more malleable view of intelligence were also more accurate in their judgments of learning

    A New Horizon on Knee Osteoarthritis: A Review of Alternative Treatment Modalities

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    Purpose: The purpose of this review is to determine the effectiveness and utility of alternative knee osteoarthritis treatments in order to assess their clinical applications compared to traditional NSAID and corticosteroid injection therapy. Methods: We analyzed 23 randomized control trials, systematic reviews, and meta analyses to compare the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid (HA), plasma rich protein (PRP) injections, and mesenchymal stem (MSC) cell injections. The individuals used in this study were over 18 years old, had moderate to severe knee osteoarthritis, and had failed at least 1 form of conservative treatment. Quantitative (imaging studies and ROM testing) and qualitative results (pain and quality of life surveys) were analyzed in order to determine the effectiveness of treatment in these individuals. Results: PRP and MSC injections displayed minor improvement in knee cartilage and patient pain questionnaires, while HA was found to only provide benefit when combined with other therapies. Conclusion: Although each method is safe and has been shown to provide benefits in certain circumstances, it is still unclear how much of a benefit these alternative treatments can provide due to the inconsistencies in formulation and timelines between treatments in the studies. More research is needed to understand the efficacy of these alternative treatments. Keywords: plasma rich protein, PRP, hyaluronic acid, HA, mesenchymal stem cell, MSC, knee osteoarthritis treatmen

    0626 Nuer Dance

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    Nuer wedding dance. Boy’s school teachers dressed for dancing – Pol Gak Deang. 1955.

    0192 Kuac and the Nasir Church

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    The banyan tree near the church. Nasir. (dev. October 1963)

    0202 Kuac and the Nasir Church

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    Vandy and Arlene spend Christmas in Reet and Nya Kota’s village. 1956.

    0207 Kuac and the Nasir Church

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    Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Vandevort (Vande’s brother and sister-in-law) and others. Sayo.

    0303 Nasir Clinic

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    Patients at clinic. Nasir. (dev. October 1961)

    0197 Kuac and the Nasir Church

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    Schoolboys leaving after daily chapel service. 1955.

    0327 Nasir Clinic

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    Bidong Nyuot, clinic dresser and brother of Moses Kuac. Nasir. (dev. July 1958)

    0314 Nasir Clinic

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    Gac Rik, clinic worker. Nasir.


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