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    Letter from R.B. LeCocq to B. de Jonge, March 9, 1925

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    Letter to Ralph\u27s attorney friend in the Netherlands requesting a copy of the verdict on the van der Hulst inheritance and possibility of continuing to claim being legal heirs.https://nwcommons.nwciowa.edu/vanderhulst/1009/thumbnail.jp

    Letter from W. Howard Baker to Mary M. Stephens, Orange City, Iowa, September 27, 1876

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    Baker traveled to Orange City, Iowa to conduct business with the Peirce & Lewis Land Agents. He provided descriptions of the small town, the Dutch windmill, and the prairie.https://nwcommons.nwciowa.edu/bakerletters/1001/thumbnail.jp

    LeCocq Brothers, n.d.

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    Text on photo: LeCocq Bros.https://nwcommons.nwciowa.edu/harrisonphotos/1013/thumbnail.jp

    Corn Palace, n.d.

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    Text on photo: Corn Palace Mitchell So Dak. Still goinghttps://nwcommons.nwciowa.edu/harrisonphotos/1005/thumbnail.jp

    Arta and Jean Kuyper

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    Woman holding baby, identified on back of photo as Arta and Jean Kuyper.https://nwcommons.nwciowa.edu/harrisonphotos/1004/thumbnail.jp

    Closing Exercises, SD Classical Academy, June 30, 1903

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    Pamphlet with the order of closing exercises of the South Dakota Classical Academy of Harrison. Frank LeCocq performed The Burial of Moses and Ralph LeCocq The Railroad Crossing.https://nwcommons.nwciowa.edu/lecocqmiscellaneous/1016/thumbnail.jp

    Photo of R.B. LeCocq\u27s Brahma bull, n.d.

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    Photograph of Ralph LeCocq with his Brahma bull from India.https://nwcommons.nwciowa.edu/lecocqfarm/1016/thumbnail.jp

    Gift of the Orient on Studio Air-Flo, n.d.

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    Short program about what will be on the air: Rhoda LeCocq\u27s Gift of the Orient , a Christmas story she wrote about the three Wise Men on their way to Bethlehem.https://nwcommons.nwciowa.edu/lecocqnewspaper/1018/thumbnail.jp

    Prayer of Chief Yellow Lark, n.d.

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    Prayer of the Sioux Indian. Chief Yellow Lark. Presented to Ralph LeCocq of Harrison, South Dakota by Chief Red Cloud of the Andes Reservation of the Sioux Tribe.https://nwcommons.nwciowa.edu/lecocqmiscellaneous/1029/thumbnail.jp

    European Tour Brochure 1972

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    A brochure advertising for the 1972 European Theatre Tour directed by Dr. Theora England including all the destinations, expenses and details of the trip.https://nwcommons.nwciowa.edu/theorabrochures/1001/thumbnail.jp
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