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    Investigating the Role of NF-kB Inhibition on Müller Glia Proliferation Following Injury in the Zebrafish Retina

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    Book Review The Hundred-Year Marathon

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    Where Do I Start? A Pathway for Personal Growth for Faculty Committed to Creating Inclusive Classrooms

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    This commentary offers insights into how accounting faculty can begin to create more inclusive, equitable experiences for students. Many faculty are well intentioned and desire to improve the student experience but may not know where to start. We introduce a pathway of reflection, education, and action that we believe can help faculty get started on this process. Reflection is the process of assessing one’s own identity, influences, biases, and personal experiences with diversity and privilege. Education involves seeking out information and experiences that can enhance cultural competence, particularly around gaps identified through reflection. Action refers to practical steps taken to make classrooms more inclusive, including classroom management and curricular changes. We draw upon professional experiences in academia and personal knowledge as authors with diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds to guide faculty interested in beginning to develop more inclusive classrooms

    The Methodology of Multiple Regressions for GDP per Capita for Nations in the World Between 0 CE and 1940

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    A reduced-form model of GDP per capita is estimated using the classical econometric method and two Bayesian techniques, Extreme Bounds Analysis (EBA) and Bayesian Analysis of Classical Estimation (BACE) for the two millenniums. For several variables, such as the impact of colonialism, the Goldstone hypothesis of efflorescence increasing economic growth, and the impact of technology, this paper lends support, especially when the Bayesian methods are applied. Other results are mixed. Generally, the results support use of Bayesian methods by eliminating hypotheses that are not consistently supported over all models

    Guidebook for The Logic of Happiness

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    The Logic of Happiness guidebook, for both instructors and the students themselves, explores the logic concepts introduced in the novel through original readings and probing questions, enabling students to delve deeply and critically into the theories of an array of philosophers who explored the problem of how to find happiness in a complicated world filled with complicated people. Students who work through it will find themselves more thoughtful and discerning—and more prepared to work toward establishing for themselves a life that will bring them their own happiness

    The U.S. cable televisions\u27 framing of mass shooting: a grounded discovery of competing narratives

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    News frames play a vital role in shaping the audience\u27s interpretation of the news, their participation in policy discussions, and their engagement in public discourse. This study uses the Analysis of Topic Model Networks (ANTMA) frame analysis grounded approach and examines the 2017 Sutherland Springs, Texas, mass shooting coverage in a house of worship by three U.S. cable television networks—CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. News reports for the first seven days following the shooting were collected from the cable networks\u27 Twitter, YouTube, and website accounts. A total of 290 news reports were analyzed and 760 aggregate units for frames were coded. The results demonstrate that ANTMA grounded approach is an effective method for frame analysis and support research about the news media\u27s emphasis on victims, community, and individual frames in cases of mass shootings. They identify differences in the issue-based frame of gun vs. mental health debates. Additional new frames of empathy, interventions, reactions, and security were discovered. Results also show differences in frames used and their frequency between the digital platforms of Twitter, YouTube, and websites and cable organizations. These differences show each media network\u27s ideological perspectives or competing news narratives. The findings raise relevant questions to news coverage, policy debates about mental health and gun violence, and cultural awareness of the problem of mass shootings and public safety as the world becomes more global

    NSF SSTEM MIRRORS Data 2018-2021

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    With five years of funding from the National Science Foundation\u27s Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S-STEM) program, John Carroll University (JCU) will provide scholarships to 32 students with demonstrated financial need and academic promise. The scholarships will be awarded to first-year and transfer students who are pursuing bachelor\u27s degrees in STEM in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics. The Scholars in the program will receive academic support that includes a STEM-specific orientation, a summer bridge program, cohort advising, and curricula introducing scientific thinking and research.The project goals are to improve one-year retention and four-year graduation rates, and to train and graduate scholars who will meet local, regional, and national demands for a STEM-educated workforce. This project will provide evidence-based academic and student support services designed to support the transition and success of JCU transfer student cohorts. These services include a STEM living-learning community (LLC), peer-led team learning, career development, summer research fellowships, and travel to scientific meetings. This project will contribute to education research by investigating the role of reflection (i.e., conscientious evaluation of new knowledge or experiences) in the development of student-scientists, and the influence of STEM LLCs on student persistence and sense of well-being. The ongoing process of reflection is critical for academic success, social well-being, and vocational self-efficacy. However, the importance of reflection as a tool for success in STEM disciplines is unknown. This project will assess reflection as a tool to increase retention and performance in STEM experimentally, by monitoring performance indicators for S-STEM Scholars compared to the pool of S-STEM-eligible students who were not selected for a scholarship and therefore did not participate in the program\u27s reflection activities. Finally, this project will help provide S-STEM students the opportunity to be successful in high-demand STEM disciplines


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