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    “Unframing” as a Pedagogical Philosophy

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    What does “unframing the visual” mean, and why was it chosen as the title for an anthology on visual literacy pedagogy inspired by the 2022 Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Framework for Visual Literacy in Higher Education: Companion Document to the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education (VL Framework)?1 Spoiler alert: The phrase refers to a certain philosophy for visual literacy teaching and learning. In this introduction, I will start by defining what visual literacy is, then explain how my definition relates to this pedagogical philosophy, eventually arriving at “unframing the visual” as an active praxis for academic librarians and information practitioners to embrace in their work with visual literacy learners

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    Use of A Decision Support Guide to Assist CRNAs in Preventing Surgical Fires: A Quality Improvement Project

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    Surgical fires are significant events that can result in severe injury or even death for patients and healthcare staff. Despite many initiatives led by the FDA, Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation, and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, surgical fires still occur. The purpose of this quality improvement project was to assess anesthesia providers’ perceptions of adequacy of a newly developed Perioperative Fire Prevention Guide. Implementation took place at a rural community hospital affiliated with a large academic medical center in a southeastern state. Two participants received a Qualtrics pre-intervention questionnaire, a newly developed Perioperative Fire Prevention Guide, and a presentation of the guide. The participants implemented the use of the guide into their practice over a two-week period. They then completed a Qualtrics post-implementation questionnaire that assessed their perceptions of the adequacy of the guide regarding completeness, accuracy, efficiency, and relevance to their practice. Overall, both participants were confident in their ability to identify high-risk procedures but less confident in their knowledge regarding case specific perioperative fire prevention strategies and felt an easily accessible reference guide would be supportive. The best way for healthcare systems to align with the initiative to decrease perioperative fires is to offer continuing education to staff, provide resource material that is efficiently obtained, implement policy regarding fire risk assessments, and integrate surgical fire prevention into educational simulation. Limitations of this project include small sample size (n=2), convenience sampling, and time constraints due to a busy work environment and limited staffing

    Vegetation change analysis from 2010-2018 using aerial photography and RTK-GNSS to assist Lake Mattamuskeet Restoration Efforts in North Carolina, USA

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    Mapping vegetation species and documenting their changes is critical to achieving the Lake Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge restoration and habitat management efforts of controlling the spread of invasive species. This study maps the dominant vegetation species and inventories their changes in the Lake Mattamuskeet waterfowl impoundment 4 using time series aerial images collected 2010 - 2018. RTK-GNSS surveys were conducted in the field to record the locations of dominant species used as reference data. The reference data were matched to their respective vegetation patch delineated by object-based image analysis. The Random Forest machine learning classification algorithm was used to accurately predict the unknown locations of the dominant species. The algorithm had an overall accuracy [less-than-or-equal-to]76 and Kappa statistic [less-than-or-equal-to]66. Phragmites australis (phragmites) expanded in 2016 but was constrained in 2018 by Echinochloa walteri (Walter's millet). The Refuge's goal of achieving 50% good waterfowl species was not met during the time series investigated, as the largest cover of good waterfowl habitat was only 25% in 2018. The results of this research provide insights about the effectiveness of current vegetation management techniques implemented at the Refuge for waterfowl impoundment 4 and have implications for global wetland mapping and change analysis

    Breaking barriers : examining the experiences and perceptions of Black female high school principals

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    The high school principalship today requires a complex skill set steeped in relationship building, strategic oversight, and systemic approaches. Female principals of color not only have to develop this skill set, but also deal with the societal structures that inherently contain professional and personal obstacles that inhibit their abilities to create learning environments that are equitable, inclusive, and designed to support the success of all students (Lomotey, 2019). In this qualitative research study, I explored the experiences and perceptions of five Black women high school principals. I was especially interested in the impact that race and gender had on their roles. The research questions guiding this study were: “How do Black female high school principals describe and understand their work?” and “How do they perceive that race and gender influence their work as high school principals?” I investigated these questions by conducting two interviews with each participant. During my study, I found that the participants described the role of the high school principal as tiring and multi-interactional, as well as requiring high visibility. In addition, participants shared images representing their perception of the high school principalship. I also found that faith and spirituality are a common component of the high school principalship for these African American women leaders. The participants also reported encountering challenges that resulted from or were exacerbated by their identities as Black women. However, most participants explained that their identity was sometimes an advantage in building relationships with stakeholders. Finally, the participants reported needing mentoring and trusted thought partners to function effectively. In analyzing my findings, I considered the importance of the concept of intersectionality in helping us understand the experiences of Black women who serve as high school principals. I concluded my study by offering recommendations for research and practice. Keywords: Black women, high school principal, leadershi

    Student-athlete transition program with a health-related focus : a feasibility study for one NCAA Division II institution

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    Health-related transitional programs can provide strategies for student-athletes to help them navigate the challenges they may face as they transition away from competitive athletics. However, few evidence-based transitional programs with a health-related physical activity (PA) focus exist, and even less research addresses the feasibility of implementation within specific institutional contexts. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of implementing transitional programming with a health-related PA focus at one NCAA Division II institution. Student-athlete alumni (n = 85) from the past five years were surveyed to gather information about their current PA and health-related quality of life. Additionally, survey questions related to programming feasibility were asked of the same former student-athletes as well as current athletic department personnel (n = 28). Data analysis revealed that over 90% of participants from both groups agreed that more should be done to support student-athletes’ transition out of sport and their health beyond athletics. Key resources that participants found most important to include in programming were career guidance, PA/exercise guidance, and mental health resources. While participants perceived that the university was adequately providing career guidance resources, they felt health-related resources such as PA/exercise guidance were missing. These results, coupled with findings that 60% of this former-student athlete sample were classified as falling below recommended PA guidelines, support the need for developing health-related transitional programing at this university. Responses from athletic personnel indicated that opportunities exist to feasibly integrate holistic transition programming within existing pathways through collaboration with other key stakeholders on campus

    Sustainable Apparel: A Perspective from Bangladesh’s Young Consumers

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    Purpose – This study aims to understand Bangladeshi young consumers’ perceptions of sustainable apparel. Specifically, through the lens of the theory of reasoned action (TRA), this study investigates the impacts of man–nature orientation (MNO) and social influences on Bangladeshi young consumers’ intention to purchase sustainable apparel.Design/methodology/approach – Empirical survey-based research was conducted, and data were collected from 387 Bangladeshi college students.Findings – The findings of the study show that MNO significantly influences Bangladeshi young consumers’ attitudes toward purchasing sustainable apparel, which, together with social influences, impacts young Bangladeshi consumers’ intention of making efforts to purchase sustainable apparel.Originality/value – This study incorporates the specific cultural value– MNO with the traditional TRA model to understand young Bangladeshi consumers’ sustainable apparel purchase intention. The results of this study demonstrate the applicability of the TRA framework in understanding young consumers’ sustainable apparel consumer behavior in the context of Bangladesh, which is a developing country with a collectivistic culture. This study provides insights into how apparel brands and retailers should design their sustainability strategies in developing countries such as Bangladesh

    The effect of acute exercise on the cortisol awakening response

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    The effects of acute exercise on the cortisol awakening response (CAR), characterized by the rapid increase in cortisol concentrations within the 30–45 min following sleep offset has yet to be fully elucidated. Thus, our study investigated the effects of late-evening acute exercise on the CAR the following morning. We hypothesized that exercise would have a significant effect on the CAR the following morning. Twelve participants (mean (SD): age = 23 (4) years; mass = 76.8 (8.7) kg; height = 175.6 (5.0) cm; V?O2max = 48.9 (7.5) reported to the laboratory in the evening (1800 h) on two occasions and were randomly assigned to either exercise for one hour (70–75% of maximal power output) or rest condition. Blood and saliva samples were assayed for cortisol. Mixed-effects models determined the effect of exercise on the cortisol response post-waking in both blood and saliva. Participants demonstrated an average exercise-induced increase in circulating cortisol of 477.3%, with actual mean (SD) heart rate relative to maximum of 87.04% (6.14%). Model results demonstrated a negative effect for exercise condition when modeling the serum and salivary cortisol responses to awakening via a quadratic growth model (serum, ßCondition = - 42.26 [95% CI - 64.52 to - 20.01], p < 0.001; saliva, ßCondition = - 11.55 [95% CI - 15.52 to - 7.57], p < 0.001). These results suggest that cortisol concentrations in saliva and blood are significantly lower the morning following a prior evening exercise session. Therefore, the CAR may serve as a useful biomarker to monitor responses to exercise training, although the underlying mechanism for these decreases in the CAR should be investigated further


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