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    INAN 320 (Strategic Intelligence)

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    This course introduces the students the main themes and elements of intelligence. Specifically, the students will identify the intelligence community, intelligence cycle, policy making process, and critical issues about intelligence discipline. According to Clark (2016, p.294) “strategic intelligence is about the production of intelligence that is required for forming policy, strategy and plans in government, the military, law enforcement, and industry. Strategic Intelligence is typically a product of intelligence research.” This course is divided into three parallel tracks covering strategic theory, the practice of strategic intelligence, and the application of those principles to “real life” problems. Students will participate throughout the course as a member of a group in a large-scale estimative project

    PA 605-Organizational Behavior in PA

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    This class will examine the behavior of public and non-profit agencies, and how various internal and external factors affect the performance of these organizations. The course will consider such factors as they are discussed in classic and current scholarship in the field of organizational behavior, as well as examples from the media

    PSCI 415/515-Public Policy

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    This course will examine modern public policymaking in the United States. We will examine the different forms that policy can take and how each branch of government can leave a lasting impact on policy. The course will investigate the environment in which policy in the U.S. is shaped and the key official and unofficial actors involved. The course will investigate how public policy issues are defined and earn a place on the policy agenda. The remainder of the course will focus on various criteria for evaluating policy: effectiveness, efficiency, equity, liberty, security, and resilience. The manner in which policy often requires trade-offs between these values will be discussed, as will the tension between evidence-based and value-based policy analysis. These issues will be addressed through a combination of guided class discussion and an on-going in-class simulation covering policy development and implementation

    CD 615: Research in Speech, Language, and Hearing

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    Purpose: The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship of phonological awareness in the spelling and reading skills in bilingual language development to improve speech and language services. This study sought out to reach the research goal of understanding whether or not phonological awareness skills improve reading and spelling abilities in bilingual children. Method: Nine universities with speech and language programs were chosen. Three of which were from the Midwest, three from the East, and the remaining three from the South. In total, eight speech language pathologists who have worked with bilingual children completed an online survey regarding their demographics, opinions, and experiences in working with this population. Results: Overall, the speech language pathologists that have integrated phonological awareness intervention in therapy with bilingual children have noticed an improvement in spelling and reading skills. The speech language pathologists noticed these improvements in both of the child’s languages rather than in only one language. Many respondents, including those who did not target phonological awareness for reading and spelling deficits, recommended using this method with bilingual children. Conclusion: The limited sample size created the challenge to generalize the information found to the overall population. A correlation between increased phonological awareness and improvements in spelling and reading was still found, however. Using phonological awareness intervention may be an important first step for speech language pathologists in working with bilingual children. It may be important that teachers stay informed on this intervention as well and possibly use more phonological awareness tasks in the classroom. Rhyming, segmenting, and blending are tasks that participating speech language pathologists recommend

    SPM 440, Sport Facility Planning

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    This course has been developed to introduce students to the principles and practice of planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, and managing various spaces and venues throughout the sport industry. NOTE: SPM 340 course builds the foundation of facility management. This course is an extension into this field for students wanting to potentially build a career in this field

    ECON 398

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    The problem of domestic violence has unique characteristics depending on the social, religious, and political environments in which it takes place, however, it is also an issue that disregards borders and impacts both developing and developed nations. One pattern that is present among cases across the world is that domestic violence disproportionately affects women. The United Nations defines violence against women as "any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual, or mental harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life.". This definition includes intimate partner violence or domestic violence – any behaviour that is used to gain or maintain power and control over a partner through the means of physical, sexual, or psychological violence. While the problem is still persistent in the western world, a special focus should be dedicated to domestic violence in developing nations due to their deep-rooted nature, environmental factors and larger economic impact. This paper will be focusing on domestic violence in Iran and Kazakhstan because of the absence of laws criminalising it, as well as both countries having similar cultural patterns such as the shared religion of Islam and colonial pasts. An analysis of reasons and risk factors specific to these societies is included, as well as discussions on the development’s and globalisation’s impact on the problem. This paper will be focusing on domestic violence among heterosexual couples due to the place where the abuse happens – as Iran has laws criminalizing homosexuality and Kazakhstan maintains a huge stigma surrounding such relationships, it is almost impossible to analyse violence within homosexual couples due to the lack of data and high secrecy within LGBTQ+ community in those countries. It also focuses specifically on violence inflicted on women by men due to highly patriarchal societal structures and general trends

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    ATTR 639 | Public Health in Athletic Training

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    In an initial planning meeting with Marshall Mayor John Hasten, the mayor identified the potential need for an athletic trainer to serve as a community-facing health professional within the Marshall community in order to provide access to highquality injury prevention, evaluation, and care. The agreed-upon objectives for this project were to: ● Perform a needs assessment to determine the potential costs and resources necessary to provide a community-facing athletic trainer within the Marshall community. ● Share perspectives on how athletic trainers can provide services to serve the health needs in the Marshall community. ● Determine the best strategies for providing access to athletic trainers in the Marshall community. Students collaborated with Nora Swalls, Executive Director of the Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce, and with Dr. Denise Pine-Mattas, local family medicine physician at Cork Medical, to perform the initial needs assessment before researching and developing the rest of this report

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