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    Educator Perceptions of Self-Efficacy and Preparedness to Work in High Poverty Schools

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    This study examined the perceptions of educators to determine if they felt that they were adequately prepared to teach in a high poverty school setting. The participants, educators from four school districts, completed a survey based on their perceptions of their own level of self-efficacy and preparedness to work in high poverty schools. The analyses indicated that, overall, educators felt well-prepared with limited supporting evidence to work in high poverty schools in the areas of student learning and engagement, which included curriculum and pedagogy, differentiation, and assessment. Findings further indicated a need for professional learning so educators can best support students in the high poverty setting in terms of problem solving when issues arise in the classroom. The implications for practice suggest that educators need support to ensure a high level of preparedness to work in high-poverty schools, as educators need to have a high level of self-efficacy to positively impact student success. Future research could help pinpoint specific areas of need within student learning and engagement to determine how to best develop professional learning opportunities that are purposeful, collaborative, and sustainable. Additional research should be conducted to determine if teachers\u27 levels of self-efficacy and perceptions of preparedness are correlated to leadership style

    Adjustments to Social Work Practice during the COVID-19 Pandemic in North Carolina: Effects on Burnout and Commitment

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    Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for social workers in the U.S. and abroad has increased. There is demand for more social workers in North Carolina due to ongoing and increasing mental health, substance use disorder, and child welfare needs. COVID-19 has taken a toll on the personal and professional lives of social workers, and research is needed to understand the pandemic’s effects on burnout and commitment among social workers. The present study sought to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the personal and professional lives of social workers practicing in North Carolina and to determine how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted social worker burnout and organizational and occupational commitment. An online survey was distributed to social workers practicing in North Carolina between February and June of 2022. Social work students recruited 120 eligible participants. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, correlations, and multiple regressions. Adjustments to COVID-19 were predictive of work-related burnout and affective commitment when controlling for other factors. Years of practice experience, racial identity, caregiver status, satisfaction with organizational environment, educational attainment, and urbanicity of practice location were also salient predictors across the regression models. North Carolina social workers experienced major adjustments to their personal and professional lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to negative consequences including increased work-related burnout and less organizational commitment. Additional research – particularly qualitative investigations – is needed to better understand the lived experiences of social workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Testing Multiple Index Models to Predict the Returns of Fixed Income ETFs

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    Objectives: Models of different complexities can explain asset return. This study: a) examines how variants of index models predict results in 6-month and 12-month periods out of sample b) examines how variants of index models whether their predictions are biase

    Examining Volatility Spikes in the Financial Sector ETF

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    I used the GARCH to detect if the financial sector ETF, XLF, exhibits return volatility spikes following Federal Reserve interest rate announcements

    Utilization of the Hunt Trap Method to Investigate a Small Mammal Community in an Upland Pine Stand

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    Small mammals are strong and informative biological indicators of forest ecosystems. Populations are responsible for shaping successional patterns through their diets, behaviors, and contributions to other ecological communities. Knowledge of community metrics within southern yellow pine forests under varying production and disturbance regimes can be valuable in understanding pine production impacts on biodiversity. The objective of this study was to investigate species richness, time to detection, and activity patterns of the small mammal community in an upland pine stand utilizing the Hunt Trap Method

    2023 TCPEA Outstanding Dissertation of the Year Research Summary

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    This phenomenological study explored perceived first-generation college student retention at a Texas four-year higher education institution post-vertical transfer. The participants in this study consisted of 12 full-time and part- time students who identified as first-generation college students and had vertically transferred from a two-year higher education institution. In addition, participants transferred between 35 and 120 academic credit hours from a two-year higher education institution and had been enrolled for at least one academic semester at their four-year higher education institution. On-campus and virtual semi-structured interviews were conducted and analyzed, which resulted in major themes. This study revealed academic and social integration were crucial to retaining first-generation college students post-vertical transfer. In addition, this study identified key support services that the population perceived as the most beneficial in aiding their retention. As a result, this study’s implications can aid four-year higher education institutions in developing effective practices and programs to retain and support first-generation vertical transfer students

    Does Perceived University Support Moderate Health Living and Job Satisfaction?

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    The present study examines the relationships between and the moderating effects of perceived university support (PUS) on engagement in health promotion (HP) behaviors and job satisfaction (JS) in a sample of university professors in Texas (n=70, 71% female). Consenting participants provided their responses to three scales measuring these constructs and then completed several demographic questions. Regression analysis revealed that PUS was the only factor in predicting JS. Adding the interaction term did not explain any further predictions for the model. However, correlations suggest that greater JS was associated with higher reports of PUS. PUS was also associated with reports of engagement in more HP behaviors. Lastly, engagement in more HP behaviors was correlated with greater JS. Professors’ perceived levels of university support may still be a key factor in maintaining professors’ satisfaction within their position. This suggests people may need to feel supported by their organization (and engage in routine HP behaviors), to attribute positive outcomes, like increased JS, to the organization

    Pet Diet Changes While Taking an Animal Nutrition Course

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    This study investigates the impact of an animal nutrition course on pet owners during the Fall of 2023. The primary objective is to determine how a pet owner\u27s perception of their pet\u27s diet changes and to identify any corresponding alterations made to the pet\u27s diet before and while taking an animal nutrition course. Two surveys were conducted to collect responses: the pre-survey received 18 responses from animal nutrition students regarding their pets\u27 diets before taking the course, and the post-survey received 18 responses from animal nutrition students regarding any changes in their pets\u27 diets while taking the course

    The Importance of Endrew: Analyzing the Influence of A New Legal Precedent in Pennsylvania Due Process Hearing Officer Decisions Before and After COVID-19 Closures

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    In 2017, a new standard for determining substantive violations of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was established with the ruling for Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District. Recently, the United States Department of Education and State Education Agencies have cited the Endrew decision as being important in defining what constitutes a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) under the IDEA, in light of mandated school closures due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Despite its noted importance, there has been limited analysis into how this new legal precedent has influenced special education due process hearing officer decisions. To address this research gap, the author of this study analyzed special education hearing officer decisions in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to establish if relationships of significance could be established between Endrew, hearing officer ruling outcomes, and the COVID-19 Pandemic. Findings indicate relationships between the citing of Endrew and these two variables in Pennsylvania based hearing decisions

    Beverage Effect on Events

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    The intent of this project is to research and analyze how an event and the beliefs systems of an individual can affect what type of beverages are served. For this research, I analyzed information of two different religions and investigated what goes into planning an event. The event chosen was a wedding. To accomplish this task, I had done research over popular beverages served, Catholic and Islamic diets and wedding traditions, as well as, interviewed six people that fell into the Catholic and Islamic beliefs who had weddings


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