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    Statistical consulting in academia: A review

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    This paper reviews the state of statistical consulting in academia by performing a literature review on this topic in chapters 1 and 2. Chapter 1 overviews general aspects of statistical consulting and types of centers that conduct such services in academia. In Chapter 2 we summarise the literature about the common logistics and processes for conducting statistical consulting in academia. In Chapters 3 and 4, we analyze data on statistical consulting centers for the largest 100 universities in the USA. We also review the literature on the future of statistical consulting in academia in the era of big data and data science. The paper aims to define what statistical consulting in academia means, how it is conducted, and what its benefits are. The data analysis tries to figure out the factors that may influence the existence of statistical consulting centers, specifically in the USA

    “For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People”?: The Imperial Nature of the United States National Park System

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    As the founders of national parks, the National Parks and National Park Service of the United States are monoliths on the global stage, inspiring all other national parks worldwide. Ever since the first park was created in 1872 at Yellowstone, Wyoming, people have been captivated by the idea of going into a land that is supposedly unspoiled by man. In a world where fossil fuels and industry are having extremely adverse effects on the global environment, the existence of land that has been set aside and protected is essential for global health. Yet, viewing national parks as institutions that are solely ecological neglects an important and foundational fact about them: they exist on Indigenous lands and benefit from the exploitation of Indigenous culture and practices. The land that American settlers viewed as undeveloped and unused has been used for millennia by various Indigenous groups, long before the English colonized the East Coast. Human hands have shaped the land that early conservationists sought to protect from industrialization for centuries, and the pursuit of creating an untouched wilderness has led to the expulsion and extermination of Indigenous peoples. The parks are inspired by and rooted in colonialism, and it is a fact that must be reckoned with. At a time when environmental protection is so critical, understanding that the very institutions designed to protect them are not pristine but also, in some instances, have contributed to destroying both land and people is an important step for not only reforming the park system but also initiating a process of reconciliation and return to the land of those people expelled from the areas they once called home

    Advocacy Coalitions and Canadian Energy Policy Decision: Navigating Four Pipeline Projects

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    The conflicting goals of sustaining the Canadian economy through energy and prioritizing climate action lead to diverse interest groups with varying views on policies advocating their positions to government. Despite energy\u27s economic importance, climate change remains central for the Liberal government under Justin Trudeau. The management of pipeline proposals such as Transmountain, Northern Gateway, Energy East, Keystone Xl under this government showcased its balancing act between economic interests and environmental commitments. Applying the Advocacy Coalition Framework, this paper examines how governments and regulatory authorities modify the process for accepting or rejecting pipeline proposals, the evolution of interest groups in shaping their proposals, and the influence of this process on shaping their belief systems. The intersection involving the government, First Nations, environmentalists, provincial decisions, courts, media scrutiny, and the regulatory board\u27s decision-making process explores the complex and contentious nature of approving major energy infrastructure projects, such as the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion


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    Although more difficult to articulate than implement, educating the multi-ethnic populace about municipal by-laws is among the most difficult tasks for any Canadian administrative institution, whether provincial, federal, municipal, or even grassroots. When considering such circumstances, the present state of the Corporation of the City of Windsor, or the City of Windsor as a whole, offers both a challenge and an opportunity. In terms of challenges, Windsor is home to a vibrant, multi-ethnic community comprised of local, diaspora and minority populations, which often encounters various socio-cultural obstacles concerning the understanding and upholding of municipal by-laws. From an opportunity standpoint, the City of Windsor has the capacity to reverse the current situation by enacting policies and by-law education initiatives that are linguistically and culturally sensitive, as well as by demonstrating respect for the diverse local and diaspora communities it serves. By applying the cultural competency and diversity theory proposed by Ginossar and Nelson (2010) and Betancourt et al. (2016), the purpose of this internship paper is to analyze and confront the socio-cultural obstacles encountered by the multi-ethnic population in Windsor in relation to understanding municipal by-laws. It will also look at the current state of the by-law enforcement division of the City of Windsor and identify its challenges towards implementing culturally competent municipal by-law educational initiatives. In the end, this internship paper aims to demonstrate and recommend both short-term and long-term culturally competent educational strategies for municipal by-laws that could potentially help the City of Windsor by drawing inspiration from the culturally competent educational initiatives that other municipalities have taken to educate its growing multi-ethnic population

    Navigating Regulatory Waters: The Impact of Policy in the case of Adderall

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    Health Canada has shown an inability to evaluate, monitor, and control the unanticipated events associated with the drug Adderall. This has been due to the intersection of a flawed drug regulatory process and the monetary incentives of pharmaceutical companies that profit from a flawed screening process. The unanticipated issues experienced by many users of Adderall are further complicated by the misdiagnosis of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, in cases where the drug is prescribed. This has exacerbated comorbid causations experienced by persons with a previous mental health disorder. Research underscores the urgent need for a comprehensive policy reform to mitigate these systemic failures. This paper provides two policy recommendations for the TCPS2 focused on bolstering screening practices during clinical trials under the purview of Health Canada. The first involves better monitoring of psychostimulant medications and unanticipated issues, associated with their use, over a larger period of time than is currently required. Second, more thorough testing of psychostimulant medications for persons with a pre-existing mental health disorder would reduce the likelihood of drugs such as Adderall being wrongfully prescribed. These recommendations are grounded in the thorough analysis of Health Canada’s existing drug regulatory landscape that is shaped by the TCPS2

    Civil Engineering History Overshadowed by Politics

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    Windsor, Ontario, boasts the busiest border crossing between Canada and the United States of America with over 40,000 people and $323 million worth of goods crossing the border daily. The vast majority of this traffic is facilitated by the Ambassador Bridge. Completed in 1929, the Ambassador Bridge for a short time had the longest span of any bridge in the world. While it is common for large infrastructure to become iconic symbols of cities and tourist destinations (e.g., Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Brooklyn Bridge in New York), most residents of the Windsor area would shy away from selecting the bridge as a defining icon. In this paper, the history of the Ambassador Bridge is discussed ending with the current construction of the Gordie Howe International Bridge. The relationship between the owners and local community will be discussed. It is proposed that the political issues with the bridge have diminished the significance and engineering history of the bridge

    Robust Fault Isolation of Gas Turbines via Nonlinear Intelligent Observer and Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Inference System

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    Effective fault diagnosis approach in gas turbines is crucial for ensuring reliable and efficient operations, minimizing downtime, and mitigating safety risks. In this article, a robust fault detection and isolation (FDI) method for an industrial gas turbine is developed. First, the system is modeled through a nonlinear feedforward network, which consists of finite impulse response (FIR) filters, and radial basis function neural networks. Following that, appropriate thresholds are estimated for the residuals. Finally, a Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy inference system is designed for isolating the faults. The fuzzy rules are developed not only for healthy and faulty conditions but also for the condition that is supposedly healthy, but the residuals exceed their thresholds due to some reasons such as severe environmental conditions. The main advantage of this work is that the proposed nonlinear structure efficiently deals with nonlinearity and uncertainty. Another contribution is to enhance isolation phase using the proposed fuzzy inference system. Experimental test results indicate that the proposed structure is very accurate and leads to less miss and false alarm rates (FARs)

    Nicolas Copernic (1473-1543) L’astronome et mathématicien qui « freina le Soleil et mit la Terre en mouvement.

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    French version of the exhibit commemorating the 550th birth anniversary of Polish astronomer and mathematician.

    Analysing the Impact of Immigration Policies on Remittance Behavior and Its Effects on the Financial Stability and Poverty Levels of Sending Communities in the United States

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    This research paper sheds light on describing the concept of remittance behavior in a broader context. It aims to explore the impact of immigration policies on remittance behavior of United States along with highlighting receiving and sending communities. Here, as developing countries, evidence of Bangladesh, Pakistan and India have been included. This research paper critically evaluates the significant value of remittance behavior on economic conditions of a country. Additionally, it describes the connection between migrants’ condition and remittance behavior for determining their values. Besides this, it sincerely detects the reasons of increasing migrant labors in United States and its impact on the country. It concludes the research by stating that remittance behavior, economy and migration policies of a country are interconnected

    A Literature Review and Data Analysis of Willingness to Communicate in a Second Language among International Students

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    The present research paper employs a document analysis method to investigate the multifaceted dynamics that underlie the willingness to communicate (WTC) in a second language among international students. This paper reviewed and analyzed more than 65 studies in the past two decades on international students’ WTC in a second language in the country where they study. Utilizing a comprehensive review of these existing studies, this paper elucidates the pivotal role of various motivational, emotional, social, and belongingness factors in shaping international students\u27 WTC experiences. Motivation is a key determinant of WTC in a second language, with findings indicating higher levels of motivation positively affect international students’ readiness to engage in second-language communication. Emotions, both positive and negative, are essential in the context of WTC in a second language among international students. Furthermore, the sense of belonging plays a significant role in fostering WTC in a second language in different ways. Finally, the findings reveal that supportive social networks, a culturally diverse environment, and engaging communication patterns can enhance WTC in a second language among international students. Recognizing these influences can aid educators, institutions, policymakers, and other stakeholders in fostering an academic and social environment conducive to the development of international students\u27 language proficiency and cross-cultural communication skills


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