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    City and Literature in the China Forest. The Novel by Jaime Cabrera

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    El referente geogr fico de esta novela es Barranquilla Desde las primeras p ginas la narraci n detalla la llegada de los inmigrantes chinos a esta ciudad Aunque su nombre no se menciona el texto describe los grupos de los nuevos hu spedes ubicados en espacios concretos y en una mezcla de historia y ficci n el narrador asegura que ven an buscando el barrio abajo y que para llegar tuvieron que hacer un agujero en el centro de la tierra Se dibujan los lugares ocupados y las construcciones de vegetales de colores La obra le sigue los pasos a los reci n llegados Se fueron con su cebolla cebollines perejil apio los tomates la acelga y con sus pipas de bamb con su vida de arroz y con sus grillos Dicen que cerca del r o dicen que camino a Juan Mina Que por el Prado que fundaron el barrio Lechuga que se instalaron en la Y de Puerto Colombia en el kil metro once El retrato no s lo es respetuoso con el mundo chino sino que hay una reverencia un deslumbramiento con la est tica y la laboriosidad de su cultur

    Émile Jaques-Dalcroze: Listening in Movement

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    This article presents the observations of mile Jaques-Dalcroze based on his pedagogical practice on the relationship between voice and body movement in the musical experience for the construction of attentive and creative listening not only capable of analyzing and reproducing music as an instrument of execution but remaining sensitive between repetitions weaving relationships with other experiences through rhythm bringing together different references expanding repertoires and deepening musical reception to interpret music in a meaningful way in the interpersonal space in which it takes place whether for the musical performer or for the listene

    Psychological Wellbeing, Help Seeking Behaviour on Coping Amongst Professional Psychologists

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    The study explored and examined effect of help seeking behaviours on psychological wellbeing and ways of coping among Professional Psychologists in Accra Ghana using a case study research design A total of 116 respondents were selected using purposive sampling Data was collected using standardized Likert type questionnaires which comprised the WHO Well- Being Index WHO-5 1998 version Africultural Coping Systems Inventory ACSI Utsey Adams Bolden 2000 and the Attitudes Towards Seeking Professional Psychological Help Scale ATSPPHS Fischer Farina 1995 Data was analyzed using Descriptive statistics Reliability and Normality tests Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient test Simple Linear Regression Analysis and Multivariate Analysis of Variance test Results revealed that a significant positive correlation exists between help seeking behaviour and psychological wellbeing Secondly Coping style i e cognitive and emotional debriefing and ritual centered coping significantly predicts help seeking behaviours Meanwhile only cognitive and emotional debriefing coping style predicts psychological wellbein

    Characterization of the Phenomenological Attitude and Facilitating Attitude between Husserl and Rogers

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    This work is a theoretical-narrative review and its objective was to point out the characteristics of Husserl s Phenomenological Attitude and Rogers Facilitating Attitudes proposing an approximation between the two concepts verifying their influences in the construction of a psychotherapeutic attitude The methodology used was a bibliographic review and the qualitative method This approximation pointed out convergences between the two concepts namely the refutation of the scientific model of psychology Finally we could reach the conclusion that the two concepts are not antagonistic and in many moments are close to each other in a psychotherapeutic practice that addresses the psychotherapist s posture and in this way may imply in his ethic

    Cirque du Soleil – «The Blue Ocean Theory»: Directions for Developing a Circus Product

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    Aim of the article The purpose of the article is to define and analyze in the context of circology a unique feature in the World Circus Art namely Cirque du Soleil its doctrine and concept about the idea of the Blue Ocean in the context of producing the circus industry The relevance of the article lies in the fact that there are virtually no specific studies on this issue and topic In contemporary circology and domestic art criticism today there are no serious and deep scientific works Results The contemporary Cirque du Soleil is a unique circus structure of its kind among other circus structures and companies the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo Monaco under the patronage of the Princely Grimaldi family dynastic circuses Krone in Munich Germany Knie in Zurich Switzerland Ronkalli traveling circus Germany as well as circus and performance show programs at the Friedrich Stadt Palace in Berlin Germany Capital Circus of Budapest F v rosi Nagycirkusz Hungary It is important to note that Cirque du Soleil is essentially a circus without the use of animals as well as its circus programs and shows which are held in different countries around the world and have a very large theatrical and acting component Cirque du Soleil is based in Montreal Canada Scientific novelty Uniqueness and novelty lies in identifying specific features and innovations in modern circus art in the context of its production and demonstratio

    Hashtag Endsars as Political Activism in Nigeria: On Doing Christian Theology in an Age of Anxiety and Terror

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    This article reflects the serious agony of Nigerians which was demonstrated from the year 2020 as the Endsars protest Three years now yet the surging problems of systemic injustices against the poor people of Nigeria have not been solved or adjusted to the right sense of justice In the midst of the Endsars protests in Nigeria I wrote a short sentence to friends on face book showing my optimism even in the midst of the chaos we see around us that this Endsars protest for me is the birth pangs of Nigeria in the process of giving birth to a new Nigeria with a human face a new nation that would rise to the needs and voices of its citizens Now using an advocacy method of voicing the frustration and agonies of the voiceless within liberation theology discourse I present this article as an advocacy for justice as key to human dignity which will be made possible only in the living hope for true justice in and through Jesus Christ Thus in this essay I present my argument of the sociopolical struggles of Nigeria among many other nations of the world for the birth of a new social and political order of human rights and dignity for all In this essay the idea of political theology has been discussed in the midst of the social history of the rise and use of social media for political activism It recognizes the dangers and terrors of our time and also articulates the hope that we have in the person of Jesus Christ in this world Thus Nigeria is open to new face of hope and political theology that hears the voices of those who mourn and cry for justice and for the coming of God to heal and restor

    Politological View on the Free of Primary Education in the DRC

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    As most of the developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa the Democratic Republic of the Congo is known as singular about the delay in the field of education on the one hand and the free primary education on the other hand whence the levels of education and training of its people are getting retrogressed day by day The daily voices to decry not only the steep drop in the level of education but also the cost of quality and effective teaching which falls over the heads of the parents in schools with the consequence that we are seeing the rise of illiteracy compared with the rate of population increase For this purpose it is not enough that the constitutional and legal provisions are of the free primary education a shot principle of international and regional legal instruments we need to clear the State of affairs and the relationship between these provisions and the effectiveness of this free issue itself of the right to education The notion certainly concern to the State public authorities private actors companies and civilians NGO nongovernmental organizations but between them the issue related to its implementation some State public authorities prefer to leave it obsolete letter or at least to find a formula that can be a great burden on them so that others private and civilian actors claim the immediate effective and absolute principle applicatio

    EPHEMERAL WINDOWS: Limits and Possibilities in the Brazil- USA, Regarding the South Atlantic

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    The South Atlantic is a region that has been receiving growing attention due to the possibilities of changing its geopolitical balance mainly due to the increase in presence of China and to a lesser extent Russia Having Given the changing trend of the international configuration exemplified by real Inter- and Intra-state conflicts Ukraine Middle East African regions and potential South Sea China Central Asia Caucasus what would be the possibility of the Brazil increases its capacity to project power in region if by chance this clashed with the interests of the naval hegemonic power USA From the historical approach of two situations in which Brazil achieved positive arrangements with the USA in amid changing international configurations sought to establish an analytical standard from which some conclusions were established about the Current and future South Atlantic In summary the article points out that Negotiations between the USA and Brazil should only produce structural gains for both the parties when the fear of US regarding a Chinese enlargement becoming significant other than that eventual US concessions will be cosmetic and will not serve the interests strategies in Brazi

    Oral History: The “Unspoken” and the Importance of Hearing Those Who Have Been Silenced

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    This article intends to understand the meanings and representations of silences A demonstration of the importance of giving voice to those who have been silenced by state imposition fear or shame will be discussed Listening to those who have always been silenced enables them to build a new story or a story with otherness Words are not always extracted from those who do not or cannot speak In this case being silenced brings as well as says clear messages Consequently the interpretation of these silences is fundamenta

    Learning Strategies of Francophone Learners in Selected English Medium of Instruction Schools in Cameroon

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    This study focuses on the learning strategies of learners from Francophone homes who are immersed in English Medium of Instruction schools EMI as well as the challenges faced in using these strategies Seven English Medium of Instruction schools were selected in the capital city of Yaound to carry out this study 400 learners from Francophone homes immersed in these seven EMI schools were selected for the study Class observation and questionnaire distribution were used in carrying out this research endeavour The research showed that these learners used Cognitive Metacognitive Affective Social and Authority- oriented strategie


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