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    QoS of VOIP Over Broadband Network

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    The paper discussed the implementation of the use of Voice over Internet Protocol services, which is resulting in theenormous growth of broadband network. The main objective of this paper is to evaluate the QoS of VOIP for differentbroad band networks. Wired, Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access(WiMAX) and Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS) networks were implemented in OPNET Modeler Thequality is compared using different QoS parameters such as end-to-end delay, Mean Opion Score (MOS), throughput andjitter. The VoIP codes used in the measurements of QoS is G.729A with sampling rate of 8 kbps .The results analyzed andthe performance evaluated will give network operators an opportunity to select the codec for better services of VoIP forcustomer satisfaction

    Saving of Power in Wireless Power Transmission System using IR Sensor and Relay

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    As all we know that today’s live is not possible for a moment if we think without electricity after our basic needs that are air, water, food, cloth and shelter. Because without it we can not think about our mobility, But it has also many disadvantages because of the transmission of electricity through wire which cause many time sock due to which living thing may get injured or many time they get unexpected death.                 Hence for establishing the transmission of electricity without hazards today’s world started working on the removal of the net of the wires over the world and this is possible only by transmitting electricity wirelessly.                 This principle was early given by a charming and mysterious inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla(1891-1898) by inventing Tesla coil. But in wireless electricity transmission, there is a lot of wastage of energy when power is transferred to the load. If there is no loads are available around the receiving antenna(coil), power will be wasted and this is a one of the major disadvantage of this principle.                 So by using IR Sensor we can save this power from being waste which will allow the antenna to transmit the power only when the objects are available to receive this transmitted power

    Entrepreneurial Orientation and Business Performance: An Assessment of Start-up Companies

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    The purpose of the present research is to analyse from the core constructive influence of entrepreneurial orientation (EO) (risk taking, innovativeness, and pro-activeness) on the business performance (BP) of start - up enterprises. Various related literature aspects discussed for to embrace entrepreneurial orientation to increase business performance.  Profitability index, size, age, return on sales, technological advancement, profit and sales among others used to relate EO with BP. Linear regression models, descriptive statistics, Pearson’s correlation, Cronbach's Alpha for reliability test etc., among many used to relate statistically EO with BP. Sample of 53 start-up firms from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, chosen for data interpretation. It is found out that there is a positive relationship exists between Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO) and Business performance (BP). This study wants to create awareness and knowledge among startup entrepreneurs to adopt entrepreneurship. In the global competitive and dynamic environment to outperform rivals, start-up companies expected to become entrepreneurial to meet long-term goals of superior performance by discovering new and better entrepreneurial opportunities. To focus more on entrepreneurial opportunity, attention be given on knowledge creation and understanding towards EO process, practices, and decisions making, which will help to have more competitive advantage for higher performances and as a whole develop countries economy

    Analysis of Current Infrastructure and Emerging Trends of Information and Communication Technology in the Indian Himalayan Region

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    In this era of growing technologies, the internet and the information and communication technologies are not only the precursor of communication architecture but it is also the technology of production and social organisation, which has a pivot role in redesigning the social, economical, public and political aspects. Today, the term information technology incorporates many aspects of computing and technology like software applications, computer networks and information databases. When the computer and the communication are combined then it becomes the ICT. Presently, ICT infrastructure in the IHR is not in a good condition but nowadays, various new ICT technologies are emerging day by day through which ICT infrastructure could be upgraded in the remote areas of the IHR. ICT can play a significant role in development of the IHR and its peoples trough communication and internet technologies

    Factors Influencing the E-Shoppers Perception towards E-Shopping (A Study with Special Reference to Wardha City)

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    Purpose: The study focuses on identifying and exploring the various factors influencing the e-shoppers perception towards e-shopping. Design / methodology / approach: A research model is developed based on the literature. For the purpose of study data collected from 100 e-shoppers belonged to Wardha City of Maharashtra. By using in structured questionnaire, descriptive statistical measure like mean has been used for analyzing the data. Findings: The results reveal that the seven key factors like convenience, time saving, home delivery, price advantage, more choice, reliability and security significantly influenced the e-shoppers perception on e-shopping. Contribution of the study: The result of this study provides a valuable reference to the e-marketers to understand the factors influencing e-shoppers perception. They can further sharpen their marketing strategies to attract and retain their customers

    Technical Feasibility of Flat Plate Collector Water Heating System with Auto Tilting Mechanism

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    Solar energy is the basic source of all the energy needs of the human kind. Solar energy, in its various forms is used by human civilization for fulfilling its needs. Water heating system is one of them. Conventionally, Flat Plate Collector (FPC) solar water heating system was used for this purpose. However, with technological development, new and more advanced systems, which are much more efficient and cost effective, replaced the FPC market. The developed pilot scale system in the current paper tries to evaluate the performance of the FPC by inclusion of an auto tilting mechanism for utilizing maximum incident solar radiation throughout the day. Changes in the temperature with respect to time, and comparison of the temperature variations of the tilting panel and a fixed panel were recorded, and further, a suitable mathematical correlation was developed for prediction of theoretical temperatures

    A Proposed Reading Program for Secondary School Students

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    This proposed program presents a background of reading competencies, application of consistent methodological standards and technology-assisted programs. Several researches have quoted the arising complication in the education of high school students, especially in the learning of reading as part of the English subject because of the advancement of technology. Clearly, well-educated programs established a decade ago are no longer effective nowadays. Moreover, it focuses specifically on teaching reading to fourth year high school students with the assistance of multimedia. Some researches on the use of multimedia digital technologies to enhance reading instruction are in its infancy. This reflects the fact that the technological capabilities that appear to have the most potential in aiding children learn how to read, such as computer speech recognition, have only recently become sufficiently affordable and available for widespread use. In addition, this reading program is intended to provide background information that will encourage reading specialists, education technology specialists, classroom teachers, and special education teachers to work together to understand, evaluate and implement effective uses of technology in teaching reading to students. It brings together the research-based guidelines for teaching students to read with information about the potential uses of multimedia digital technology to enhance reading instruction

    Factors Affecting the Preference for Living Arrangement of the Overseas Filipino Workers in Bahrain

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    This study aimed to determine the factors affecting the preference for living arrangement of the Overseas Filipino Workers in Bahrain as they age. Data were from 35 respondents using descriptive, self-administered questionnaire. They were chosen using a non-probabilistic sampling. The study found out that respondents agree to live independently and they prefer to live independently rather than to live with the children. Further, they agree that they need in-home care when incapable of independent living but disagree on both variables; “don’t want to leave the assets behind” and “willing to give up my properties to the children”. Moreover, data suggests that income is highly significant in making decision on to live independently. It can be viewed that respondents have average monthly income of Php123,571.00 ($2,360.39) and majority of them have pension plan. The respondents’ average age and civil status have significant relationship to live independently. Most of them are still young couples with an average age of 40. The study then concludes that income, age and civil status are the compelling factors to decide to live independently. Pre-retirees strive to for a more financially secure retirement by planning and preparing for it. The findings conform to the U-shaped pattern of life movement wherein parents are living with the children, then become independent, and in later, in their late life, co-reside back with the children or relatives for in-home care

    Solving the Pose Ambiguity via a Simple Concentric Circle Constraint

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    Estimating the pose of objects with circle feature from images is a basic and important question in computer vision community. This paper is focused on the ambiguity problem in pose estimation of circle feature, and a new method is proposed based on the concentric circle constraint. The pose of a single circle feature, in general, can be determined from its projection in the image plane with a pre-calibrated camera. However, there are generally two possible sets of pose parameters. By introducing the concentric circle constraint, interference from the false solution can be excluded. On the basis of element at infinity in projective geometry and the Euclidean distance invariant, cases that concentric circles are coplanar and non-coplanar are discussed respectively. Experiments on these two cases are performed to validate the proposed method

    Bridging the Communication Gap Using DISC Theory of Leadership in the Hybrid Work Environment

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    The recent changes in work environment owing to the COVID 19 pandemic has made us rethink the utility of office space at a time when an exponential growth in the use of online platforms has been observed. With the flexibility of working space and timing, employees and the organizational heads have redefined work culture and the old adage of strict 9 to 5 job seems to have been completed changed. The current paper attempts to understand the four behavioral patterns of DISC exhibited by leaders in any work environment. It explains what are the four behavioral traits and how they influence communication. And in a hybrid work environment, with lot of flexibility in time and space, what steps are to be taken in order to make communication effective and avert miscommunication as half of the employees work offline while the other half works online


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