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    THE RIGHT TO ONE'S IMAGE, AS A RIGHT OF THE HUMAN PERSONALITY JURISPRUDENCE: Received: 17th October 2023; Revised: 25th October 2023, 07th November 2023; Accepted: 19th December 2023

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    Through a theoretical and practical approach, the study presents the main regulations of the right to image, as a personal non-patrimonial right: the Romanian Civil Code, the Romanian Constitution, and the new legislation in the field of personal data. The study presents practical issues such as jurisprudential solutions in Romania regarding the violation of the right to image in the online environment (Facebook, Instagram), television shows, and press articles. Also, the study deals with the much-disputed issues of using the person's image in the procedures for sanctioning the employees, analyzing how the National Authority for Supervision of Personal Data Processing (N.A.S.P.D.P.) from Romania sanctioned the abuses of the employers. The case studies and the analysis of European and Romanian legislation are also useful to students, theoreticians, and legal practitioners


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    Multinational corporations (MNCs) significantly contribute to globalizing research and development, particularly in emerging economies like Indonesia. As Indonesia aims to achieve the "Making Indonesia 4.0" vision, attracting foreign investment to bolster its medium-high and high technology industry becomes crucial. This study conducts an exploration within institutional theory concerning the influence of 'distance' measures on the level of control exerted by MNCs in a host country. Focusing on Indonesia's medium-high and high technology industry, the research investigates the relationships between formal and informal institutional distances and MNCs' strategic control decisions. Statistical analyses support the hypotheses, affirming the significance of both formal and informal institutional distance in shaping MNCs' inclination toward majority stake deals in the targeted industry. The findings contribute to a nuanced understanding of MNCs' strategic decision-making in an industry specific context. Which necessitates MNCs to balance managing partnerships to reduce strategic control in a formally distant host country, while at the same time maintaining a strong grip on technology-intensive activities to mitigate risks tied to reduce interdependence in an informally distant host country


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    The purpose of this study is to investigate the process of exploring criteria for observing childhood play to support early childhood teachers. This study was conducted using a convergent design among mixed methods. ‘Literature research’ and ‘Delphi survey technique’ were used as methods of quantitative data collection, and ‘participation observation’ was used as a method of qualitative data collection. As a result of the study, observation criteria for a total of 21 questions in 3 areas were derived, including 7 questions on ‘play flow’, 7 questions on ‘play motivation’, and 7 questions on ‘peer play behavior’. This criteria for observing childhood play helps early childhood teachers to understand childhood play in depth from the children's perspective. In addition, it is expected that this standard can be used as a standard for observing childhood play with increased objectivity by reducing cases where each early childhood teacher who uses this standard interprets it differently due to subjective opinions. Furthermore, It is expected that this criterion will help early childhood teachers in kindergartens accurately understand childhood play and support childhood play

    APPLYING VLADIMIR PROPP’S MORPHOLOGY OF THE FOLKTALE TO NICHOLAS SPARKS’ "THE LUCKY ONE": Received: 04th July 2023; Revised: 27th November 2023, 04th December 2023; Accepted: 06th December 2023

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    The novel as a literary genre appeared in the eighteenth century with the rise of the mid-class as a form of entertainment. Nickola Spark is one of the modern American novelists. He is a New York Times bestseller author with over eighty million international copies in forty-five languages. The researcher aims to examine Spark’s “The Lucky One” (2008) according to the Russian folklorist and scholar Vladimir Propp’s Morphology of the Folktale (1927). Even though Propp's theory used to apply to folktales, some researchers apply it to novels, such as Nursantia (2003), entitled "The Moral Aspect in Joseph Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness'" and Salmah (2004) in his thesis entitled "The Moral Forms in Charles Dickens's 'Our Mutual Friend'". Thus, the lack of applying Propp's theory on novels in general and modern text in specific encourages the researcher to fill this gap in the study by applying Propp's Morphology of the Folktale to a modern novel, “The Lucky One” (2008). Trying to answer the following research questions: 1) Is it possible to apply Vladimir Propp’s Morphology of the Folktale (1927) to Nicholas Spark’s novel “The Lucky One”? 2) What are the good and bad morals portrayed by the main characters in “The Lucky One”? 3)How many features of Propp’s thirty-one features can be found in Nickola Spark’s “The Lucky One”

    EXAMINE THE EFFECTS OF GOODS AND SERVICES TAX (GST) AND ITS COMPLIANCE: REFERENCE TO SIERRA LEONE : Received: 29th November 2023; Revised: 21st December 2023; Accepted: 22nd December 2023

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    This study analyzes the effects of (GST) and how it is being implemented in Sierra Leone. GST replaces previous taxes, including domestic sales tax, import sales tax, entertainment tax, hotel room tax, restaurant tax, food tax etc. The objectives of this study are to know the effect of GST on the Sierra Leone Economy, to know if GST implementation will lead to an increase in prices of goods and services; to assess GST compliance rate in Sierra Leone; and to know the reasons for GST implementation in Sierra Leone. The data collection method used both primary and secondary sources the study's participants were 89 employees of NRA and business owners in Sierra Leone 2021 to 2023. Questions were analyzed using SPSS in the form of descriptive analysis, chart, and correlation coefficient. The results showed that GST implementation has positive effects on Sierra Leone Economy. The introduction of GST is to boost revenue and promote economic growth in Sierra Leone. GST introduction in Sierra Leone has resulted in increased prices of goods and services. It is recommended that the NRA should provide tax education and awareness and provide availability and accessibility of technological infrastructure for GST implementation in the country


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    Purpose - The usefulness of sustainability reports in meeting the information needs of stakeholders is questionable due to information asymmetry resulting from the proliferation of sustainability reporting frameworks. Despite this, arguments have surfaced that intra-industry firms, due to shared characteristics, might achieve a semblance of comparability. This study endeavors to analyse the comparability of sustainability information of organisations in the oil and gas industry of a developing economy. Design/methodology/approach - To achieve the study purpose, a content analysis of sustainability information was performed by identifying the framework, structure, and content used to disclose sustainability information, using GRI reporting standards as a reference for comparability. Findings - The analysis revealed that at a framework level, most organisations do not use any international sustainability reporting frameworks, opting for discretion. Regarding structural aspects, sustainability information lacks comparability owing to disparate sections. At a content level, the economic indicators have the highest compliance than social and environmental indicators, highlighting inconsistent reporting to different groups of stakeholders. Originality – The novelty of this research lies in its comprehensive exploration of comparability of sustainability reports across multiple levels with specific emphasis on the environmentally sensitive oil and gas industry within the framework of a developing economy


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    This research explores the integration of aesthetic experience and technology acceptance in virtual cultural activities. Aimed at enhancing user engagement, the study utilizes a structured questionnaire to evaluate participants' aesthetic cognition, flow experiences, and technology acceptance. Methods include data collection from virtual cultural activities and subsequent analytical comparisons. Results indicate a preference for immersive and user-friendly technological interfaces, highlighting the significance of aesthetic cognition in cultural activities' success. The study suggests that improving interactive features could significantly enhance participation in virtual cultural settings


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    This study aims to explore the representation and news coverage of an Islamist political party- Islami Andolon Bangladesh (IAB) in three Bangladeshi mainstream and ‘quality’ daily newspapers- the Daily Star (DS), the Daily Janakantha (DJ) and the New Age (NA). In the context of the city corporation election- the 2023 Barishal City Corporation (BCC), the study has been conducted. It examines if the dailies either sidelined, ignored or favored this Islamist party. It observes where they pay more or less news value about IAB and its electoral campaign. Additionally, it argues that the candidate of IAB used myth through speeches to encourage voters. The myth— if you vote for hand-fan (electoral symbol of IAB), Allah and his messenger (prophet Hazrat Muhammad) will have the votes —was unchallenged and unquestioned and the advice not to use misinformation and misguide the voters found absent in the dailies. Though the IAB could not win the election, it was expected that mass media as social institutions would come forward with accurate information to inform people wisely and so that ordinary people would not be misguided. Through quantitative and qualitative content analysis, this study leads to the outcomes that these newspapers were silent to uphold the activities of IAB. The DS and DJ had a propensity to sideline and ignore the IAB and its electioneering despite receiving the second highest vote in the election. They prioritized ruling party Awami League (AL) and Jatiya Party (JaPa) while the NA prioritized IAB through providing a better representation and emphasizing on different allegations made by this party. In future, this research can be a basement or pioneer for the researchers who will intend to look into the perspective of newspapers on political partie


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    There are 164 survived manuscripts of the masterpiece of the Georgian and world literary heritage The Man in the Panther Skin by Shota Rustaveli (12th century), rewritten in the 17th century and after. The oldest record belongs to the edge of the 16th-17th centuries and the oldest manuscript dates back to 1646. Before the appearance of the 1st printed version, that is, until 1712, the epic reached in one editorial version, which is clearly not from Rustveli’s hands. All manuscripts containing this edition are preceded by the pseudo-Rustavelian introductory stanza that presents the poem as a secular work differing from the church ideology and writings; which teaches and advises the reader to distance themselves from the secular ideology of Persian origin represented in the epic, and says that monks and nuns are forbidden to pay attention to this ideology, so they mustn't read this text. It is interesting, that only those manuscripts of the epic have survived, which represented this one and only redaction where the text was preceded by a pseudo-Rustavelian stanza. The detailed information on the manuscripts of The Man in the Panther Skin and the reality which made the pseudo-Rustavelian stanza to be useful in survival of “The Man in the Panther Skin” will be discussed in the current pape


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    This research focuses on predicting the profitability of the Bank of Albania, specifically measured by Return on Assets (ROA), by employing advanced time series analysis techniques. ROA is a fundamental financial metric reflecting the bank's ability to efficiently utilize its assets to generate profit, and it holds crucial implications for the stability and sustainability of the central bank. In this research, we have obtained a monthly dataset regarding the profitability of Albanian banks (Roa), covering the period from January 2016 to March 2023. Following an extensive data analysis, we have determined that the SARIMAX(0, 0, 1)x(2, 0, [1, 2], 12) model is the most suitable option for modeling our dataset. The SARIMAX(0, 0, 1) element signifies a non-seasonal moving average component, addressing short-term fluctuations and irregularities in the data. The seasonal component, (2, 0, [1, 2], 12), takes into account both annual and semi-annual patterns, aligning with the observed seasonal trends in the data. The results are expected to be instrumental for policymakers, financial analysts, and stakeholders concerned with the Bank of Albania's financial health. By applying time series analysis to ROA prediction, this research not only aims to enhance the central bank's financial decision-making capabilities but also contributes to the broader understanding of financial stability within the context of Albania's economic landscap


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