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    An Empirical Approach to Evaluate Employee Performance Using Finger Print Attendance

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    Technological advances in an increasingly modern society makes work easier. To achieve good results, discipline should be manifested by complying with applicable regulations, and the level of attendance is one of its promoters. Attendance makes it possible to record the presence of employees, however manual presence cannot be dissociated from the risk of fraud, which is very susceptible to manipulation. Therefore, an electronic attendance system in the form of fingerprints is needed to create orderliness since it reduces fraud in recording employee presence. This study describes the relationship between variables and the influence of mediation using a quantitative approach with an explanatory study. The sample was 150 respondents using the proportional random sampling technique. Furthermore, primary and secondary data sources were collected using a questionnaire and documents respectively. SMART-PLS, a measurement and a structural equation model was used for data analysis and explaining the relationship between variables. The results showed that Fingerprint attendance has a direct influence on performance. Also, it has an indirect influence on performance through Work Discipline, which plays an important role in mediating the relationship between variables

    Storytelling for prosocial behavior in young children: a scoping review

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    Prosocial behavior is an important thing that must be developed as early as possible in order to create positive developments during adulthood. For one decade, data is obtained if digital storytelling is one method that can help children improve their prosocial behaviour. This research aims to explore forms of digital storytelling that can increase the behaviour of prosocial children at an early age. This article reviews a scoping approach taken from different national journal sites. The articles prioritized in the search are published in the last ten years, 2013-2023. There were 517 articles, which are included qualitative and quantitative journals. Findings were identified in various forms to develop children's prosocial behavior. The analysis shows that digital storytelling can be used as an intervention to improve children’s prosocial behaviour at early age, even though they need assistance from their parents

    Legal Capacity and Legal Authority of Adult Age in Indonesia: Medical, Psychological and Islamic Law Perspectives

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    The determination of the age of majority in civil law and Islamic law is an important and controversial issue. Adulthood is closely related to decisionmaking and responsibility for what they do, both in the eyes of law and socioculture. Legal capacity and legal authority are important considerations in regulating whether a person is considered to have the capacity to take legal decisions. This study aims to analyze or measure the concept of age of majority in civil regulations from medical, psychological and Islamic legal perspectives. This research uses empirical legal studies with civil law and Islamic law approaches. Researchers collected data in two ways: in-depth interviews and literature studies. The results showed that the government has set rules summarized in the law in accordance with the area of the legal case at hand. In the context of criminal law, it can refer to the Criminal Code (Criminal Code) while Islamic law can refer to the KHI (Compilation of Islamic Law). Although there is no alignment of age determination in it, so when legal problems arise, because there are indeed differences, including from a medical and psychological point of view. Therefore, it is necessary to standardize the age of maturity for a person to have certain rights and obligations within the state or in the face of law. The results of this study are expected to provide deeper insights into the view of adulthood from the perspective of law, fiqh, and psychology in the context of civil regulations. The implications of this research can be useful in developing legal policies that are more adaptive and inclusive to cultural differences and views in determining a person's legal capacity and legal authority in the realm of civil law

    Investigating pre-service teachers’ perceptions on readability tools: a case study in Indonesia

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    The readability tools allow us to measure the readability of a text. The previous studies have elaborated the use of readability tools to analyze reading materials, but it is relatively sparse regarding the teaching of readability tools especially involving the second language teaching education (SLTE) program as a context. Therefore, this study aimed to explore the acceptance of pre-service English as a foreign language (EFL) teacher upon readability text tools. It covers their acceptance towards the tools, the extent to how the pre-service teachers accept the Web-FX and Readability Analyzer as readability tools and seeks for participants’ concerns using the tools. The study was conducted at one English Language Education Study Program at in East Java, Indonesia, involving 33 third-year undergraduate students taking pre-teaching program. Having incorporated a qualitative data analysis approach on the students’ text analysis reports and interviews, the study revealed that the participants have positive acceptance of the tools for several reasons. Some final concerns from pre-service teachers after readability tools teachings are presented, including suggestions for future research related to readability tools

    Exploring Listening Relationship Pattern of Information Approval Process in Science Learning: A Qualitative Investigation Using TBLA (Transcript Based Lesson Analysis)

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    This study deals with revealing listening relationship patterns in the information approval process used as a basis for improving the quality of learning dialogue, especially in science learning. A qualitative method with a case study approach used to analyze listening relationship patterns in science learning during one semester. A total of 3 science teachers, 31 students, 2 academics involved in lesson study for learning communities were selected to capture a mutual listening relationship pattern in receiving information with a natural performance and not tense when observing. Observation, documentation, and clinical interviews used as data collection techniques. Video and audio recorders were involved as documentation tools for this study. Transcript-based lesson analysis (TBLA) was included in conducting data analysis. The results of the listening relationship patterns analysis in classical discussion sessions in cycles 1–3 tend to have semiequal listening relationship patterns. Meanwhile, the listening relationship pattern in group discussion sessions in cycles 1 to 3 tends to be the isolated listening relationship group pattern. The shift in the pattern of listening relationships in group discussion sessions is caused by several factors, including student collaboration awareness, heterogeneous composition of students, tasks and questions that challenge students, and appropriate interruptions of teacher direction. The research results provide a reference for reflection on developing teacher professionalism to improve more effective and meaningful learning

    Dynamic Analysis of a Mathematical Model of the Anti-Tumor Immune Response

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    This study discusses the dynamic analysis, the Hopf bifurcation, and numerical simulations. The mathematical model of the anti-tumor immune response consists of three compartments namely Immature T Lymphocytes (L1), Mature T Lymphocytes (L2) and Tumor Cells (T). This research was conducted to represent the behavior between immune cells and tumor cells in the body with five γ conditions. Where γ is the intrinsic growth rate of mature T lymphocytes. This study produces R0 > 1 in conditions 1 to 4 while in condition 5 produces R0 < 1. The disease-free equilibrium point is stable only in condition 5, while the endemic equilibrium point is stable only in conditions 2 and 4. Hopf bifurcation occurs at the endemic equilibrium point. Numerical simulation graph in condition 1 shows that tumor cells will increase uncontrollably. In condition 2 the graph show that the endemic equilibrium point for large tumors is stable. In condition 3 the graph show that there will be a bifurcation from the endemic equilibrium point by the disturbance of the parameter value γ. In condition 4 the graph show the small tumor endemic equilibrium point is stable. Finally, in condition 5, the graph show a stable disease-free equilibrium point

    Potensi Fitoplankton sebagai Bioindikator Kualitas Perairan dalam upaya Konservasi di Ekosistem Danau Kawasan Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru (sertifikat hak cipta)

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    Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru (TNBTS) adalah Unit Pelaksana Teknis (UPT) dari Direktorat Jenderal Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam dan Ekosistem yang memiliki luas 50.276,20 ha, terdiri atas daratan seluas 50.265,95 ha dan perairan berupa danau seluar 10,25 ha. Di dalam kawasan TNBTS tersebut terdapat enam danau yakni diantaranya Danau Ranu Pani, Ranu Regulo, Ranu Kumbolo, Ranu Darungan atau Ranu Lingga Rekis, Ranu Tompe, dan Ranu Kuning. Ranu Pani dan Ranu Regulo merupakan objek wisata berupa danau di desa Ranu Pani di Kecamatan Senduro, Kabupaten Lumajang, Jawa Timur yang merupakan bagian dari TNBTS. Pemanfaatan lahan di sekitar danau-danau di TNBTS yang semakin intensif untuk pemukiman, areal pertanian, dan kegiatan pariwisata alam telah berdampak pada akumulasi zat pencemar ke dalam danau yang menyebabkan eutrofikasi sehingga menyebabkan pendangkalan serta menurunkan kualitas air dan mengancam kelestarian fungsi danau. Perubahan ekosistem telah terjadi pada kedua danau tersebut yang disebabkan pencemaran dari aktivitas manusia sehingga fungsi danau menurun. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengamati kelimpahan dan keanekaragaman fitoplankton di Ranu Pani dan Ranu Regulo dalam rangka sebagai salah satu langkah monitoring kualitas perairan dalam upaya konservasi yang dilakukan di kawasan Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru. Penelitian dilakukan pada bulan Maret-Oktober 2023. Pengambilan sampel air dilakukan pada empat titik stasiun di masing-masing kawasan Ranu menggunakan alat bantu berupa plankton net dan ember. Sampel fitoplankton diidentifikasi di Laboratorium Optik UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang. Hasil pengamatan menunjukkan bahwa Fitoplankton yang ditemukan di perairan Ranu Pani sebanyak 14 genus, yaitu Chlorella, Euglena, Phacus, Microcystis, Oscillatoria, Gloeocystis, Aulacoseira, Scenedesmus, Melosira, Lyngbya, Closterium, Chlamydomonas, Nitzschia, dan Eremosphaera dengan kelimpahan total sebesar 15430 ind/L. Sedangkan fitoplankton yang ditemukan di perairan Ranu Regulo sebanyak 23 genus, yaitu Navicula, Staurastrum, Chlamydomonas, Chlorella, Ulothrix, Oedogonium, Oocystis, Spirogyra, Euglena, Rhizosolenia, Dictyosphaerium, Aulacoseira, Aphanizomenon, Protoceratium, Rhodomonas, Cosmarium, Anabaena, Closterium, Ankistrodesmus, Volvox, Cyclotella, Stigeoclonium, Pinnularia dengan kelimpahan total sebesar 45162 ind/L. Indeks Keanekaragaman dan Indeks Dominansi Fitoplankton di Ranu Pani, masing-masing sebesar 1,74 (sedang) dan 0,44 (rendah). Sedangkan Indeks Keanekaragaman dan Indeks Dominansi Fitoplankton di Ranu Regulo, masing-masing sebesar 1,54 (sedang) dan 0,43 (rendah)

    Investigation of Calcium Carbonate Porogen on Methylene Blue Adsorption in Alginate Cellulose Xanthate Beads from Corn Stalks

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    Corn stalk can be used as a potential adsorbent because of its abundance, cost-effectiveness, and accessible functional groups that allow chemical modifications. This study aims to synthesize cellulose xanthate alginate beads (ACX beads) from corn stalks to remove methylene blue from aqueous solutions. ACX beads with various doses of porogen CaCO3 were printed using the ionic gelation method, and then characterized using FTIR, optical microscopy, and SEM-EDX. The results of the FTIR analysis reported changes in the C-S, C=S, and S-C-S vibrations that indicated the xanthate formation. Furthermore, as the porogen dose increased, the OH intensity decreased. The high intensity of the OH group results in a high swelling process. The results of the optical microscopy analysis showed that the porogen made the ACX beads spherical. SEM-EDX analysis showed that the higher the porogen dose, the rougher the surface morphology of the ACX beads and the larger the pore diameter. The maximum adsorption capacity was obtained on ACX beads without porogen with a contact time of 360 hours. The study reveals that the kinetic adsorption followed a pseudo-second-order kinetic model proposed chemical adsorption. The larger the porogen, the more crosslinks between the divalent cations and alginate or cellulose that are formed, inhibiting the bond between the ACX beads and water and methylene blue, thereby reducing the swelling process and the adsorption capacity of the ACX beads. In addition, the pore size that is too large does not match the size of the methylene blue molecule

    Diqqatu Tarjamat Nushush al-Akhbaar al-'Arabiyyat Ilaa al-Induuniisiyyat Bistikhdaami Bing Translator

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    Nowadays, sophisticated technology makes it easier for humans to do their work. Like Bing Translator, it is a translation machine that is popular with many people. Makes it easy for humans to translate documents into any language. However, we need to know that the accuracy of machine translation results and human translation results are very different. Therefore, the aims of this research are to analyze the results of accurate, less accurate and inaccurate translations of Arabic news texts on the Arabiya News site using Bing Translator. Data comes from 3 paragraphs of Arabic news text with the themes of health, politics and economics. This research is a qualitative descriptive research. Data collection techniques use reading and note-taking techniques. Meanwhile, the data analysis technique uses the Miles and Huberman model, namely data reduction, data display, and drawing conclusions. Based on 16 data obtained from 4 health news text data, 10 political news text data, and 4 economic news text data, it can be concluded that there are 5 accurate data, 9 less accurate data, and 4 inaccurate data

    Anti-Semitisme Di Nusantara: Analisis Ayat-Ayat Yahudi Perspektif Mufassir Indonesia (sertifikat hak cipta)

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    This article examines more deeply about the interpretation of the verses of the Qur'an about Judaism from the perspective of Nusantara interpreters. Seeing the growing movement of Jews in Indonesia and the emergence of a survey from the Wahid Foundation that Indonesian Muslims do not like Judaism, it is necessary to have an in-depth study of the interpretation of Indonesian figures on the Jewish verses in the Qur'an. This study examines intellectual figures in Indonesia who have 30 chapters of complete commentary. The interpretation of Indonesian commentators against Jews needs to be explored to find out whether there is an element of anti-Semitism in their interpretation. To reveal the interpretation of the Nusantara mufasir, the descriptive-analytical method is the guideline in this article. If it is concluded from the interpretation of the Nusantara commentators, it can be understood that they still have a strong impression of anti-Semitism, even though they are not evenly distributed to all adherents of the Jewish religion. Regarding the characteristics expressed by the Nusantara interpreters in describing the Jews, namely: they often fight against each other, are jealous, and often lie, and aspire for Muslims to embrace Judaism


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