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    A Comprehensive Study on Utility of Carrier Transportation Layer for Efficiency Improvement of Organic Photovoltaic Devices using GPVDM Modeling

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    A comparative study on the electrical parameters of organic photovoltaic device has been taken into consideration for unified realization about the need of carrier transportation layer in organic photovoltaic devices. The parameters have been measured by modeling the devices using simulation technique. Device efficiency of transportation layer P3HT:PCBM incorporated device has been obtained increasing comparatively. Possible reason of such improvement in device efficiency has been demonstrated on the basis of theoretical point of view. Series resistance and ideality factor has been estimated from IdV/dI-I plot. About three times reduction of the following has been encountered with addition of P3HT:PCBM compound. Such significant reduction of series resistance (Rs) and trap energy (Et) are found to be responsible for the probable reason of improvement of device efficiency which are calculated by analyzing Current-Voltage (I-V) characteristics. Differential technique of current voltage relationship has also been implemented to explain the trapping distribution for both devices. It has been found that trap factor increases for P3HT:PCBM compound device comparatively which concludes better conduction into the device. &nbsp

    Detection of Retinal Disease Using Image Processing

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    India is one of the countries which is emerging in the field of telemedicine in recent years. We are still far away from our desired goal. To add to that the patients with eye diseases are also increasing rapidly. To provide them with a better treatment at a lower price is the main goal. The people in urban areas still manage an eye checkup but for the people in rural areas it becomes difficult. Mobile phones are reaching to every nook and corner of the country with the help of that telemedicine becomes possible. We want to come up with a solution in which this becomes possible. It is applied on image processing and machine learning. Image processing is having significance for disease detection on medical images. With help of image processing and machine learning techniques it is possible to automate and/or assist physicians in clinical diagnosis. This project synopsis describes the application of various image processing and machine learning techniques for detection of eye diseases. Data is the future of technology. With the technological revolution the amount of data is increasing rapidly in any field. Thus using this data to distinguish between two images becomes our primary goal. The preprocessing technique leads to enhance the boundaries and feature extraction process and along with conversion of image type and then by combining the image processing part with the machine learning part we are able to design the algorithm. For this we are using concept of Template Matching template is nothing but a sub image which is small. The goal is to find similarities in template and input image. Due to this idea process will be done easily at faster rat

    Numerical solution of a piezoelectric contact problem

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    We consider a mathematical model, which describes a contact problem between a piezoelectric body and a conductive foundation. The linear electro-elastic constitutive law is employed to model the piezoelectric material. The process is static, the contact is frictionless and described with the normal compliance condition and an electric contact condition. Our aim is to present a detailed description of the numerical modelling of the problem. To this end, we introduce a discrete scheme, based on the finite element method to approximate the spatial variable. Then we treat the contact conditions by using a penalized approach and a version of Newton's method.  Finally, we provide numerical simulations in the study of a two-dimensional example and compare the regularized problem with the original one

    Pentagon Patch Antenna for WLAN at 2.6 GHz

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    In this paper an antenna with a pentagonal patch design is being prototype on FR-4 epoxy material fed by a microstrip line with a hexagonal parasitic element for bandwidth enhancement. A pentagon microstrip antenna with hexagonal  parasitic elements is designed and analyzed its properties for WLAN application at 2.52 GHz. The pentagon microstrip antenna with hexagonal parasitic element is being analyzed in terms of return loss, gain in dB and VSWR, etc. The experimental result shows a patch antenna is operating frequency at 2.52 GHz, with the return loss parameter is observed as -9.84 dB, and the VSWR ratio is < 2 respectively

    Cardio Vascular Ailments Prediction and Analysis Based On Deep Learning Techniques

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    The process of data analyzing from various perspectives and combining it into useful information is called Data mining . It is  used  for effective prediction of heart  ailment.  It will be based  on  risk factor the heart ailments that can be defined very easily. The main objective of this project is to evaluate different classification techniques in heart diagnosis. Firstly, the heart numeric dataset is extracted and preprocessed. Then, using extraction the features that are conditioned, are found to be classified by machine learning. Compared to existing system; machine learning provides better results and efficiency. Post steps like data classification, data precision, performance criteria involving accuracy F-measure is to be calculated. Machine learning provides better results and performance of the system. The comparison measure signify that Random Forest is the best classifier that can be used for the diagnosis of heart ailment on the existing sample dataset

    Influence of River Water and Treated Industrial Sewage Water Quality on Compressive Strength of Concrete with Sawdust Ash as Partial Replacement of Cement

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    The study centered on the effect of different qualities of water on concrete compressive strength. The concrete mix of M25 grade with a water-cement ratio of 0.45 was investigated. Water samples, such as portable water, river water, and treated industrial sewage water were collected from Hassan city and were used to cast 150x150x150mm concrete cubes. The cured cubes were crushed on 7, 14, 21 & 28 days for compressive strength estimation. The results showed that the compressive strength of the concrete cubes made with portable water, river water, and treated industrial sewage water increased with days & not have many variations in their compressive strength The optimum replacement ratio was about 12%. This may be considered a solution not only to the problem of the environment but also to the problem of economics in the design of buildings. the combination of treated wastewater and saw dust ash greatly influences the compression strength of the concrete. The aim of the present study was to know the effect of chemical impurities in mixing different types of water on the compressive strength of concrete

    Harmonic Minimization in Multilevel Converter Using an Adaptive Learning Algorithm

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    There is a wide use of multilevel converters as they can be used with high power and high voltage applications. A multilevel converter consists of large number of voltage levels in load  voltage and load current. A multilevel converter has number of various advantages like good quality of output voltage waveform, smaller values of  inductor and capacitor in passive filters. The output consists of less harmonics. Reduction in total harmonic distortion can be obtained  with the help of multilevel converter. Using learning algorithm like neural network, output voltage is controlled. Error in the reference voltage and output voltage is reduced. Neural network replaces the PI controller completely. A reduction in THD in output voltage and output current can be obtained by neural network by large margin as compared to PI controller. This increases the wide application of AC motor as load as it reduces torque pulsation and RF/EMI effect. It increases the efficiency by reducing power losses.    &nbsp

    Experimental and FEM Vibration Analysis of Impellers used for Water Pump

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    The impeller is an essential component of the water pump. Vibrations of the impeller have a significant effect on the pump's performance, as well as posing some damaging effects. In this study, the vibration of three different types of impellers for water pumps (brass, bronze, and plastic) was evaluated experimentally and compared with computational finite element method (FEM). A number of variables includes temperature, flow rate, impeller material composition, and the chemical composition of water been studied. The findings indicated that vibration issues increased as flow rate increased. The plastic impeller has the highest vibration rate compared to brass and bronze impellers under the identical testing conditions. The vibration rate of impellers tested in seawater is higher than that them tested in tap water. Increasing the temperature of the water accelerates the vibration process. Cavitation occurs in seawater at a lesser Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) than in tap water

    Analysis fluid sloshing when road tanker experience sudden breaking - A computational approach

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    Sloshing can occur as an outcome of a disturbance to a partly filled fluid road tanker. As an effect, the vibrant behavior of fluid is observed when subjected to the sudden breaking of a roadway tanker, because it significantly affects the stability leading to rollover of the tank structure. So to avoid the instability and rollover condition. The baffle is used as suppression media to suppress the vibrant behavior of the fluid. This research work is carried out with aid of a computational approach using the ALE technique. The ALE approach is tested with different configurations of tanks mainly clean bore tanks, single baffle tanks, two baffle tanks,s, and three baffle tanks with 50%,60%, and 80% filling ratios respectively. The outcome of this research paper to examine several factors for preventing accidents of road tankers when experiencing sudden breaking conditions

    Image Segmentation Techniques: A Survey

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    Segmenting an image utilizing diverse strategies is the primary technique of Image Processing. The technique is broadly utilized in clinical image handling, face acknowledgment, walker location, and so on. Various objects in an image can be recognized using image segmentation methods. Researchers have come up with various image segmentation methods for effective analysis. This paper presents a survey and sums up the designs process of essential image segmentation methods broadly utilized with their advantages and weaknesses


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