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    An Investigation into the Philosophical Differences between Pedagogical and Andragogical Approaches to Education

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    The aim of this research is to investigate the differences between pedagogical and andragogical approaches to education. Pedagogy is commonly used in schools and universities and assumes that learners are passive and require instruction. In contrast, andragogy, which was created by Malcolm Knowles, assumes that learners are self-directed and take an active role in their learning. The study will analyze the beliefs and values underlying these approaches and how they impact the educational experiences of both teachers and students. The ultimate goal is to gain a better understanding of the philosophical basis of these approaches and their potential impact on the future of education

    The Impact of Virtual Learning Environments on Student Achievement

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    The purpose of this research was to investigate whether or not there is a correlation between scholastic achievement, level of involvement, and level of satisfaction with Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) among undergraduate students. The participants (N = 200) filled out self-report questionnaires regarding their scholastic achievement, involvement, level of contentment with virtual learning environments (VLEs), and punctuality. According to the findings, a student's level of contentment with their virtual learning environments was substantially associated with both their scholastic achievement (r =.53, p .001) and their level of involvement (r =.47, p .001). On the other hand, there was only a moderately strong association between punctuality and scholastic achievement (r =.25, p .01). These findings indicate that virtual learning environments (VLEs) can have a beneficial influence on the learning outcomes of students when they are successfully developed and implemented. The findings shed light on how critical it is to effectively create and implement VLEs in order to foster student involvement, inspiration, and scholastic achievement. These findings have significant repercussions for instructors and instructional programmers who work toward the goal of improving the learning outcomes of students by utilizing various forms of technology

    Implementation of Waste Management Policy with 3R Principles (Reduse, Reuse, Recycle) in the Gorontalo City

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    This study aims to obtain information about the Effectiveness of Terminal Type A. Isimu in Gorontalo District, the research method uses qualitative type. Data collection techniques were carried out through interviews with a number of informants and observations and recording secondary data related to the research problem. The results of the study concluded that the achievement of the objectives showed that the existence of the Isimu Type A Terminal had not been effectively seen from the human resources owned and the infrastructure owned by the terminal was incomplete and not maintained. Whereas the other factor is the low awareness of the community in utilizing the terminal. So that the achievement of objectives has not been effective. While the Integration shows that communication between users and related parties is less than the maximum, it needs to be improved through socialization to increase understanding of service users. The Adaptation Indicator shows the benchmarks of the procurement and workforce filling process in supporting employee performance is not yet effective, seen from the lack of personnel and the lack of quality resources to support the effectiveness of the Isimu type A terminal

    The Politics of Conflict Resolution: Negotiating Public Policy Amidst Community Dissonance

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    The politics of conflict resolution are investigated in this study as they pertain to the process of negotiating public policy in the face of community dissonance. The study examines the strategies and approaches that are used to mediate conflicts and disputes that may emerge during the process of developing and implementing policy using qualitative approach as its research methodology. According to the findings of the research, the most important aspects of successfully negotiating public policy in communities where there is discord are participation, inclusive decision-making, confronting power inequalities, effective communication, and sufficient resources. The conclusions of the research have significant repercussions for the process of formulating and enacting policy, and they emphasize the necessity of taking into account the various points of view and interests of the stakeholders concerned. The research makes a contribution to the existing body of literature on the topic of negotiating public policy in the face of community disagreement and offers insights into the strategies and approaches that are necessary to achieve successful policy outcomes

    Empowerment and Conservation Action through the Planting of Million Tree Onthe Banks of Limboto Lake in Buhu Village, Telaga Biru Sub- District, Gorontalo Regency

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    The aim of this program is the action of Community Development through planting a million trees on the banks of Limboto lake in Buhu village, Telaga Biru sub-district, Gorontalo Regency. This program is carried out as an effort to conserve the damage of the Limboto lake ecosystem, collaboration with the Universitas Muhammadiyah Gorontalo, the government of Buhu village and the community of Buhu village. The method used in this activity is the method of socialization and the implementation of planting a million trees on the banks of Limboto lake. The flow of this activity includes the preparation of field observations and implementation of planting a million trees on the banks of Limboto lake. The results and discussion show that the empowerment action and the planting of a million trees on the banks of Limboto lake going well. It was concluded that the community empowerment action and conservation efforts through the program of planting a million trees on the banks of the Limboto lake have not been able to attract sympathy from the coastal communities of Limboto Lake. It is suggested to the government of village that empowerment actions and conservation efforts for Limboto lake like this need to be cultivated to a broader level of community understanding, about the need for action and actions to preserve Limboto lake through community empowerment programs

    Literature Review: The Effect of Audio Hypnobirthing on Anxiety Levels in First Childbirth Mothers

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    Anxiety in childbirth is a response to certain threatening situations, often anxiety can be characterized by feelings of irritability, anxiety, nervousness, excessive vigilance, and feelings of tension when facing the labor process. Maternal mothers who cannot control their anxiety and fear before giving birth will release high amounts of catecholamine hormones. Stress hormones that are produced in excess in pregnant women can interfere with the blood supply to the fetus and can make the fetus hyperactive. This literature study aims to determine the effect of audio hypnobirthing on maternal anxiety levels. This study uses a descriptive narrative method in the form of a literature study, literature searches are carried out through Google Scholar, Indonesia One Search (IOS), Digital Reference Garba (GARUDA) and text books. The literature used is published in 2011-2020 both nationally and internationally and is relevant to the topic taken. The results of the study of literature in 6 journals and 3 books found that there was an effect of audio hypnobirthing on the anxiety level of maternity mothers. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that hypnobirthing can prevent anxiety in maternity

    Improving Social Studies Learning Outcomes Using PBL-Based Animated Videos in Elementary Schools

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    The purpose of this study was to improve student learning outcomes in social studies using animated video moves based on the Problem Based Learning Model in Class V SDN 3 Mootilango, Gorontalo District. With the formulation of the problem whether the use of Problem Based Learning-based animated video can improve student learning outcomes in class V social studies subjects at SDN 3 Mootilango, Gorontalo District. Research subjects in Classroom Action Research (PTK) were students of class V with a total of 13 students consisting of 10 male students and 3 female students. And the main target in this study is to improve student learning outcomes in social studies subjects. The results of this study indicate an increase in the ability of students in completing assignments and evaluation questions both at each meeting and each cycle. This is shown in the learning outcomes of students who achieved learning completeness in the first cycle of learning completeness reached 62%, and at the second meeting it reached 77% and at the third meeting it increased to 93%. And it has exceeded the expected performance indicators

    Service of Trading Business License (SIUP) through Online Single Submission (OSS) System at the Department of Investment and One Door Integrated Services (DPMPTSP) Gorontalo Regency

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    This study aims to determine the service of trading business permits through the Online Single Submission (OSS) system at the Investment Service and One Stop Services, Gorontalo District. The focus in this research is socialization, internet networking, and human resource capabilities. The research method uses a descriptive qualitative approach. The results of the study concluded that the socialization of Trade Business License services through the Online Single Submission (OSS) system has been carried out but has not been optimal because the socialization process is not followed up with assistance to business actors so that there are still many business actors, especially business actors in the MSME cluster who cannot operate the system. OSS. The internet network for Trading Business License services through the Online Single Submission (OSS) system is inadequate. This can be seen from the registration process or operation of the Online Single Submission (OSS) system which is considered complicated and has to be done repeatedly due to frequent network problems. The ability of officers in the service of Trading Business Permits through the Online Single Submission (OSS) system is good enough but not evenly distributed. This can be seen from the licensing service through the Online Single Submission (OSS) system which can only be operated by certain officers

    Challenges of Digital Literacy Education in Pandemic Period

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    The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world has had an impact in various fields including education. The application of teaching and learning from home forces educational institutions to switch to digital in implementing learning. The application of learning methods online provides new experiences in current learning methods. Various community responses are present. in response to this relatively new learning system. Rapid digital development and the current emergency situation demands that all stakeholders and all walks of life must adjust to developments. This is of course a common concern in providing solutions to existing problems, so that even in a pademi situation the teaching and learning process can still run smoothly. Digital literacy needs to be carried out extensively (starting from family, school and society), so that all these elements can not only use technology but can also make good and efficient use of it. This research uses a descriptive analysis method. The purpose of this research is to describe related media use. digital, in this case digital literacy, which can be used as an important key in the successful implementation of learning online during a pandemic

    Educators Strategies: Overcoming Students’ Speaking Difficulties

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    The purpose of the study to know how teachers actually put their "strategies in teaching speaking class" into practice. This study employed a descriptive qualitative methodology. The result of the study show that The teacher at SMA Negeri 1 Selayar employs a number of methods to help her students overcome their speech impairments, including role playing as a means of encouraging students to express and expand upon their own ideas in relation to a given theme, group discussions to increase students' fluency in English and comprehension of assigned material, and the use of games to expand students' vocabularies in the language. Role playing is the most popular tactic, and The positive reaction from pupils at SMA Negeri 1 Selayar suggests that the methods being used to help them are effective


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