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    What’s in a NAM?

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    Interest in and support for non-animal methods (NAMs) in biomedical research and testing continues to grow

    Animals and Healthy Ecosystems: It’s Complicated!

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    Wild animals, especially large animals, increase the biodiversity of ecosystems

    Addressing the Veterinarian and Veterinary Technician Shortage: Innovations in Animal Healthcare Access

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    The United States is experiencing a shortage of veterinary care providers. A new group proposes innovative solutions

    The Latest Australian \u27Threat Abatement Plan\u27 for Cats

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    Australia continues to explore ways to save its unique fauna from predation by domestic cats

    Farmed Animals and Food Systems: Global Developments

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    Last year brought some losses but also some wins for farmed animal advocacy

    The Blue Zones, Well-being and Feeling Better

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    The Blue Zone concept has emerged from studies of communities with large numbers of healthy centenarians

    Roadkill: Citizen Science at Work

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    Wildlife roadkill data began to be collected in the 1990s by citizen scientists and is now a global enterprise

    Children Observing Violence and Public Health Outcomes

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    Children observing violence is a public health threat that deserves increased global awareness

    Birds, Bats and Minds. Tales of a Revolutionary Scientist: Donald R. Griffin. Volume Two

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    In this three-volume biography, we revisit the life and accomplishments of the revolutionary scientist, Donald R. Griffin. He encountered a lifetime of initial hostile resistance to his ideas and studies; now they are largely accepted. He and a colleague discovered the phenomenon of echolocation used by bats to navigate and capture insects, proposed that birds navigate guided by such cues as the sun and stars, and suggested that animals are likely aware, thinking and feeling beings. Forty interviews with his colleagues and friends help us understand the young emerging scientist and the mature researcher. We learn about his and others’ research up to the present times. We gain insights into his thinking and the rigors and delights of fieldwork. Efforts to promote animal well-being intrinsically depend upon the insights from his groundbreaking ideas. In Volume two, Griffin leaves the hostile environment at Harvard to accept an invitation to establish a new institute of animal behavior studies at the Rockefeller University (RU), and helps establish a field station. He entices the ornithologist Peter Marler to join him. During his studies of puzzling fishing bats at the tropical research station in Trinidad, Griffin meets and later marries the noted marine scientist Jocelyn Crane, who manages the station with famed naturalist William Beebe. Griffin pursues ground-breaking research with bats and, using radar tracking, of migrating birds across the sea. Detailed descriptions are provided of the findings regarding bats and their use of echolocating signals. The innovative work of numerous RU animal behavior researchers is described as is the harsh and strenuous work of field research and the thrill and joy in the scientists’ discoveries.https://www.wellbeingintlstudiesrepository.org/ebooks/1032/thumbnail.jp

    Pet Demographics: Evolving Numbers and Insights

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    Producing accurate estimates of dog and cat populations around the world is much more challenging than one might expect


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