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    Theoretical issues construction and operation of agricultural mission robotic system

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    Theoretical issues construction and operation of agricultural mission robotic system. Theoretical issues and approach to the construction and operation of robotic systems for agricultural purposes were presented. To solve scientific problem of optimal design and use of intelligent mobile robots detailed considerations were undertaken on the base some equations

    The parameters of cardiac rhythm in individuals of different age under the influence of physical activity

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    The research of the regularities of the adaptation's process of the organism associated with environment change is one of the most important problems of modern physiology and medicine. The given theme is actual nowadays, as it promotes the development of sports, helps to reach or improve sports achievements. The obtained results are used for the prevention and treatment of many diseases; allow us to identify opportunities for physiological mechanisms

    Effects of plasminogen, streptokinase and their equimolar complexes with pyruvate kinase on the human neuroblastoma IMR-32 cells

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    The system of extracellular proteolysis consisted of plasminogen (PGn), its active protease, plasmin, and PGn activators and their inhibitors affect the growth, differentiation, and proliferation of nervous cells both under normal and pathological conditions. The purpose of our investigation was to study the effects of exogenous PGn, its activator, streptokinase (SK), pyruvate kinase (PK), and their equimolar complexes on morphological and functional properties of IMR-32 neuroblastoma cells. It has been found that PGn, SK, PK, and their complexes stimulate cell proliferation during 1–3 days of incubation. We also observed increased DNA, RNA, and protein content. The low-lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) efflux indicated that the addition of the proteins we assayed to the culture medium prevented the development of degenerative processes caused by serum deprivation. The levels of extracellular PGn-activator activity, as measured by the fibrinolytic method, increased in the presence of SK. The SK effect vanished if SK was in the complex with PK on the 3rd day of cultivation. New original facts were obtained to testify the probability of initiation of neoplastic transformation and tumor growth potentiation

    Intelligent effective management system of biotechnical objects based on natural disturbances prediction

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    This article analyses Biotechnical objects as complex processes and external disturbances on them; promising areas of management systems of biotechnical objects development are identified; methodological bases for specialized algorithmic-mathematical software construction based on the methods of game theory and statistical solutions, neural networks (including genetic algorithm), filtering the noise components of information signals are synthesized and tested; variety of architectures of intelligent effective management systems of biotechnical objects are developed and tested

    The impact of the tourism industry on the national economy of Belarus

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    Modern financial and economic tools of environment protection

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