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    Fertilisation with compost: effects on soil phosphorus sorption and on phosphorus availability in acid soils.

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    Phosphate mineral fertilisers are manufactured from non-renewable resources.Soil fertilisation with composts is considered a good source of reuse nutrients such as phosphorus (P). The aim of this work was to evaluate the effect of compost fertilisation on soil P sorption and consequently on P availability. It was done an incubation experiment followed by a sorption experiment in a low-P acid soil fertilised with compost (CP) or single superphosphate (SSP). The P application rates were: 0, 6.5, 13, 26 and 52 (kg∙P∙ha−1). In CP treatments, the rates 26 and 52 kg∙P∙ha−1 were achieved by adding SSP to CP since it was not allowed to incorporate into soil more than 170 kg∙N∙ha−1 from organic amendments. Although SSP has a higher proportion of easily available P than CP (86% vs 50%), the results showed that after 140 days of soil incubation, the available P was higher in CP treatments compared with SSP at the same rate of P application. The sorption experiment showed that after incubation of the fertilised soils, the P sorption maximum had lower values in treatments with CP in combination with SSP compared with only SSP fertilisation and the bonding energy had a deeper decrease in the same treatments. Also, the Standard Phosphate Requirement decreased in the CP in combination with SSP treatments. The reduction of soil P sorption capacity after compost addition to soil highlights the need of reducing P fertilisation rates to achieve similar levels of available P compared with only SSP fertilisation.info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersio

    Transcontextual model application in the prediction of veteran judo athletes’ life satisfaction

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    Background and Study Aim: Despite recognised benefits of regular physical activity for health, the percentage of individuals linking with a physical activity practice sufficient to confer health benefits is low. The aim of current work is knowledge about effects of an extension of the motivation trans-contextual model application, specifically in the prediction of life satisfaction by veteran judo athletes. Material and Methods: It was used a sample of 99 Portuguese veteran judo athletes of both genders, aged between 30 and 76 years (M = 42.61 ±9.75), where through questionnaires were measured: basic psychological needs satisfaction, motivation, planned behaviour variables and life satisfaction. Results: The structural equations model showed that autonomy perception positively and significantly predicts autonomous motivation. In its turn it positively and significantly predicts intentions. Conclusions: Life satisfaction is positively and significantly predicted by intentions. Results authorise to emphasise the importance of fostering autonomy, since this will favour autonomous motivation, promoting a higher behavioural control over the practitioners’ intentions, thus generating a higher life satisfaction.info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersio

    The estimation of genetic parameters for growth curve traits in Raeini Cashmere goat described by Gompertz model

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    The objectives of this study were to describe growth curve of Raeini Cashmere goat applying the Gompertz growth model and genetic evaluation of growth curve-related traits including model parameters of A, B and K, inflection age (IA) and inflection weight (IW) under animal model. The data used in this study, collected in Raeini Cashmere goat breeding station from 1997 to 2009 and were included 12,831 body weights records measured at birth, weaning, 6-months of age, 9-month of age and yearling of age. The Pearson’s correlation coefficient between observed and predicted body weights was 0.98, which means that Gompertz model adequately described the growth curve in Raeini Cashmere goat. The estimated value for growth curve parameters of A, B and K were 17.97, 1.97 and 0.017, respectively. The weight and age at point of inflection were 6.63 kg and 52.94 days, respectively. Direct heritability estimates for A, B, K, IA and IW were low values of 0.14, 0.10, 0.03, 0.14 and 0.14, respectively. Low estimated values for direct heritability of the studied growth curve traits in Raeini Cashmere goat indicated that direct selection for these traits may not be useful in terms of achieving genetic change. Direct genetic correlations ranged from −0.76 (K-IW) to 0.98 (A-IW). Phenotypic correlation estimates were generally lower than the direct genetic ones and ranged from −0.30 (K-IW) to 0.69 (A-B and B-IA). IA and IW had high positive phenotypic (0.86) and genetic (0.99) correlations, implying IA and IW were highly correlated in terms of phenotypic and genetic effects. The studied growth curve parameters of Raeini Cashmere goat have shown low levels of additive genetic variation.info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersio

    Uma comparação das interações sensoriais entre Espanha e Portugal. Os resultados de um workshop de design sinestésico

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    ABSTRACT : Synaesthesia is the result of automatic processes of human perception that combine sensations of different sensory modalities. Throughout this paper, we are going to present the results of a Synaesthetic Design Workshop, made with design students of IADE, Universidade Europeia (Lisbon, Portugal) and University of Extremadura (Mérida, Spain) with the purpose of identifying different types of crosssensory interactions between participants living in the two countries, that might be influenced by cultural and personal information. On this purpose the choise of Spain as country to have a comparison was driven by the fact that 13,95% of the Spanish population experiences some kind of synaesthesia (Melero, Peña-Melián, & Ríos-Lago, 2015) while in the rest of the world the percentage is around the 4,16% (Simner & Carmichael, 2015). Results suggest probable interactions between modalities with no obvious differences between genders from both the universities.A sinestesia é o resultado de processos automáticos da perceção humana que combinam sensações de diferentes modalidades sensoriais. Ao longo deste artigo, apresentaremos os resultados de um Workshop de Design Sinestésico, realizado com estudantes de design do IADE, Universidade Europeia (Lisboa, Portugal) e da Universidade de Extremadura (Mérida, Espanha), com o objetivo de identificar diferentes tipos de interações sensoriais que podem ser influenciadas para aspetos culturais e pessoais, entre participantes residentes nos dois países. Nesse sentido, a escolha da Espanha como país para fazer uma comparação foi motivada pelo fato que 13,95% da população espanhola experimenta algum tipo de sinestesia (Melero, Peña-Melián e Ríos-Lago, 2015) enquanto no resto do mundo, a percentagem é de cerca de 4,16% (Simner & Carmichael, 2015). Os resultados sugerem interações prováveis entre modalidades, sem diferenças óbvias entre os sexos dos participantes das duas universidades.info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersio

    Psychometric validation of Atest-EF and attention profile of students during physical education classes

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    The present study aimed for the adaptation and validation of the Questionnaire Atest-EF, with the use of a confirmatory factorial analysis (CFA) of the measurement model, applied to students of the 3rd cycle of Basic Education. A total of 156 students of both genders, aged between 12 and 16 years (M = 14.7 ± SD = 1.3) were included in the study, with 84 female and 71 males, from the 7th, 8th and 9th grade. The main results reveal that the psychometric qualities confirm the adequacy of this model, demonstrating that the Atest-EF factorial structure: 1 factor/4 items, has very acceptable indexes of Atest - EF validity: (χ2 = 6.141, p = .000, χ2/gl = 3.07, NFI = 0.90 CFI = .925, IFI = .930, MFI = .9997, GFI = .995, AGFI = .975, RMR = .042, RMSEA = .08, SRMR = .028). With these results, the structural model reveals a satisfactory factorial assessment. This led to conclude that the Portuguese version of Atest-EF can be used, with high confidence in the evaluation of the student’s attention profiles in Physical Education classes. Compared with the moments of the class, there were only significant differences in students’ attention in the approach to sports in the first and fourth moments of the class, as well as in the general profile of attention, with significantly higher values in the approach to team sports.info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersio

    La atención de los estudiantes durante la clase de educación física basada en el rendimiento académico

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    Attention is an important variable that can dictate the success and failure of an activity or task. This variable is characterized by the ability to direct cognitive resources to a given situation. The purpose of this research was to find patterns in the students’ attention profiles, according to their academic achievement, during the physical education class and in different sports. We used the ATEST-EF questionnaire (Petrica, 2010) in which students had to answer the question «What were you thinking the moment you heard the signal?» The study involved 156 students from the 3th cycle of basic education, aged between 12 and 16 years old ( = 14,7 ± 1,3) evaluated in four different sports taught in the discipline of physical education (athletics, gymnastics, basketball and football), and in four moments of the class. Considering our variables, we used Chi-Square and Kruskal-Wallis statistical tests. The results show that task attendance holdsthehighestpercentagevalues throughouttheclassinrelationtotheremainingcategories,regardlessoftheiracademicperformance and sport, but we observed that students with satisfactory and good academic performance have more stable values of attention regarding the students with less academic performance. We found statistical significance at the end of the class between students with good academic performance and affective attention, and among students with lower academic performance and attention to other things. Subsequently, we used the same classification to compare the profiles of attention among the four mentioned sports. We observed some patterns between team and individual sports, but did not find statistically differences, however the results suggest a positive relationship between attention and academic performance.La atención es una variable importante que puede dictar el éxito y el fracaso de una actividad o tarea. Esta variable se caracteriza por la capacidad de dirigir recursos cognitivos a una situación dada. El propósito de esta investigación fue encontrar patrones en los perfiles de atención de los estudiantes, de acuerdo con sus logros académicos, durante la clase de educación física y en diferentes deportes. Utilizamos el cuestionario ATEST-EF (Petrica, 2010) en el que los estudiantes tenían que responder la pregunta «Qué estaba pensando en el momento en que escuchó la señal?» En el estudio participaron 156 estudiantes del tercer ciclo de educación básica, con edades comprendidas entre 12 y 16 años (= 14,7 ± 1,3) evaluados en cuatro deportes diferentes que se imparten en la disciplina de educación física (atletismo, gimnasia, baloncesto y fútbol), y en cuatro momentos de la clase. Considerando nuestras variables, utilizamos las pruebas estadísticas Chi-Square y Kruskal-Wallis. Los resultados muestran que la asistencia a las tareas tiene los valores porcentuales más altos en toda la clase en relación con las categorías restantes, independientemente de su rendimiento académico y deporte, pero observamos que los estudiantes con un rendimiento académico satisfactorio y bueno tienen valores de atención más estables con respecto a los estudiantes con Menos rendimiento académico. Encontramos significación estadística al final de la clase entre estudiantes con buen rendimiento académico y atención afectiva, y entre estudiantes con bajo rendimiento académico y atención a otras cosas. Posteriormente, utilizamos la misma clasificación para comparar los perfiles de atención entre los cuatro deportes mencionados. Observamos algunos patrones entre el equipo y los deportes individuales, pero no encontramos diferencias estadísticas, sin embargo, los resultados sugieren una relación positiva entre la atención y el rendimiento académico.info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersio

    A relevância da metáfora visual para a memorização de um logótipo

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    ABSTRACT : We investigate visual metaphor (visual symbolism) in logotypes, its perception and its effect on memory. Henceforth, a visual standard experiment was developed for that effect. This model can be adapted to other logotypes (fig.4 and fig.6). Our research aims to evaluate the value of the perception of visual metaphor within a logo and its mnemonic consequence on the observer. In general metaphor, or symbolism, is an action, person, place, word or object that represents another to give a different meaning. On our study we evaluate visual metaphors, therefore metaphors that are perceived through visual representation, such as is the case in logos, symbols, logo marks, marks and all derivative paraphernalia of nomenclatures associated to any kind of Visual Identity; be it Visual Corporate Identity or Visual non-Corporate Identity such as services, products and persons. Many designers incorporate universality to symbols in the conception of “logos”. For example: Linden Leader (1994) for FedEx incorporates an arrow, symbolizing to move switily and directly. It is the designer’s exertion and experience that will complement symbolism into a new graphic form, until then unknown. We evaluate the condition of adding a universal graphic form to a graphic creation and its communicative reach.A nossa investigação centra-se na metáfora visual que um logótipo pode conter, e a consequência do encontro dessa metáfora visual na memorização de um logótipo. Um teste modelo foi desenvolvido para esse efeito. Este modelo pode ser adaptado a outros logótipos (fig.4 e fig.6) Em termos gerais uma metáfora, ou símbolo, é uma ação, pessoa, lugar, palavra ou objeto que representa outro para lhe atribuir um significado diferente. No nosso estudo, analisamos metáforas visuais, portanto metáforas codificadas através da representação visual, nomeadamente em logótipos, símbolos, logo-marcas, marcas e/ou toda a parafernália de nomenclatura associada a qualquer tipo de identidade visual; seja identidade visual corporativa ou identidade visual não corporativa, como por exemplo em serviços, produtos e pessoas. Muitos designers incorporam símbolos universais na concepção de logótipos. Linden Leader em 1994 para o logótipo da FedEx incorporou uma seta, que simboliza o movimento rápido e direto. É o esforço e a experiência do designer que complementarão este simbolismo numa nova marca gráfica, até então desconhecida. Avaliaremos a condição de adicionar uma metáfora visual a um logótipo e o resultado do seu alcance comunicativo na memorização do mesmo.info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersio

    Sedentary behaviors and psychological outcomes among older adults: a systematic review

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    This systematic review aimed to synthesize the scientific evidence about the relationship between sedentary behaviours and various psychological outcomes in older adults. The study searches were conducted in the following databases: PubMed, PsycINFO, ISI Web of Knowledge and ScienceDirect. We selected 15 observational quantitative studies according to specific eligibility criteria. The data extraction was performed independently by different authors, including the evaluation of the risk of bias of the studies and the classification of the force of evidence. The results showed a tendency of showing no associations between the sedentary behaviours, the well-being and quality of life of the elderly. Concerning life satisfaction and perceived stress, it seems that active sedentary activities have positive effects on these indicators. Evidence has also suggested that some sedentary behaviours may help maintain some cognitive functions in the elderly population, namely in different types of memory. In other studies, it has been demonstrated a tendency that too much time in passive sedentary activities has been associated with depressive symptomatology. However, this review suggested that the evidence is not yet consistent in the relationship between the sedentary behaviours of the elderly and the indicators analysed, and more research is needed.info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersio

    Cognitive and motivational constructs in portuguese and chinese students: an exploratory case study

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    Considering ever-increasing globalization and the context of multicultural societies the need of crosscultural studies is vital for understanding the changes in cultural phenomena and to introduce adaptations in multicultural educational contexts. The culture has an intrinsic relation with the way we think and has also an important function in collective programming of the mind. In this sense, it is important to analyze their relationship with cognitive and motivational constructs, namely the concepts “projects of future”, “subjective happiness”, “satisfaction with life” and “locus of control”. These constructs are essential to psychology since they have significant implications in the adaptation process and behavioral regulation. Based on these assumptions, the present study is organized as an exploratory case study with a convenience sample limited to a small number of Portuguese and Chinese young people attending a degree in education at the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, Portugal. The findings suggest the existence of coincident aspects in the profiles of the Portuguese and Chinese students in the motivational and cognitive variables analyzed that seems to corroborate the convergence perspective that suggests that the recent socioeconomics changes in Chinese society and ever-increasing globalization contribute to a gradual convergence of concepts and perspectives with the western culture.info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersio

    FT-RAMAN methodology for the monitoring of honeys' spirit distillation process

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    Honey spirit is an alcoholic beverage produced by fermentation followed by distillation of the honey must, which has distinct organoleptic characteristics derived mostly from the raw material used. In order to accurately monitor the quality of the product throughout the distillation process (head, heart and tail stages), FT-RAMAN spectroscopy was applied. Dark honey, light honey and honey obtained following waxes' wash was used to produce honey spirit. The pH, alcoholic strength, methanol content, acetaldehyde content, ethyl acetate content and higher alcohols content were evaluated during the distillation process. The FT-RAMAN technique was used to obtain spectral information for all fractions collected during beverage production. The results suggest that the honey spirit had good quality concerning the volatile composition and methanol was not detected in any sample. FT-RAMAN is promising for the online monitoring of the distillation process in order to improve the final quality of this beverage.info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersio


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