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    在宅で療養を行う障がい児の災害対策の課題に関する文献検討 ~今後の支援のあり方に焦点を当てて~

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    【要旨】本研究は,在宅で療養を行う障がい児における災害対策の課題について文献検討を行い,今後の支援のあり方への示唆を得ることを目的とする。医学中央雑誌 Web版(Ver.5)を用い,「在宅」「障がい児」「災害対策」をキーワードに11文献を抽出した。これらの文献から,障がい児の災害対策の課題を分析した結果,≪個々に応じた避難体制・システムの構築≫≪家族の災害への理解と準備≫≪障がい特性に配慮した避難所の整備≫≪災害に備えた関係者の知識と支援≫≪個別避難計画の早急で綿密な立案と実施≫の5つの課題に集約された。この内容から,関係者間での情報共有が速やかにできるような連携システム構築の必要性,家族が発災時をイメージしながら災害への準備を行うための支援の必要性,個別避難計画をもとに地域ぐるみで実施する避難訓練の必要性などが示唆された。Abstract: For this study, a literature review was conducted of issues associated with disaster-related measures for home-convalescent children with disabilities. The intention was to obtain suggestions for future support methods. Through use of the Japan Medical Abstracts Society (JMAS) Web (Ver. 5), 11 documents were retrieved with the keywords “home convalescence”, “disabled children”, and “disaster measures”. As a result of an analysis of documents associated with disaster-related measures for children with disabilities, five consolidated issues were identified: “evacuation system and system creation adapted to each individual,” “understanding and preparation in the family for a disaster,” “preparation of evacuation sites with consideration of disability characteristics,” “knowledge and support of parties involved in disaster preparedness,” and “detailed plans and implementation for urgent individual evaluation plans.” These results suggest the need for each of the following items: 1) creation of a collaborative, connected system for speedy sharing of information among concerned parties; 2) support for families in preparing for disasters with a concrete image of what could occur in a disaster; and 3) evacuation drills performed with community involvement on the basis of evacuation plans for specific individuals


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    看護教育における生命倫理トピックの過去50年間の文献レビュー -学生の死生観に関する調査に焦点を当てて-

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    【要旨】看護教育において学生が生命倫理にまつわる見識を養い,看護実践に臨むうえでの基準となる自らの死生観を確立させるための取り組みは,在宅医療の推進や国際化に伴い多様な価値観が尊重される近年において,さらに重要性を増していると言える。より効果的・効率的な生命倫理教育を検討していくためには,看護学生が死に対してどのようなイメージを抱き,どのような体験に影響を受けているのかを把握することが大前提となる。そこで,学生の死生観に関する研究論文に焦点を当てながら,生命倫理教育の動向を概説し,講義・演習の在り方について提言を試みた。 Abstract: Initiatives in nursing education aimed at helping students acquire insight into bioethics as well as develop their own principled views on life and death for approaching nursing practice can be said to have become even more important in recent years, during which diverse values have come to be respected following advancements in home-based medical care and internationalization. To consider more effective and efficient education on bioethics, having an understanding of what kinds of feelings nursing students have towards death and what types of experience they are influenced by is a major premise of the study. Therefore, while maintaining a focus on research papers into students’ views on life and death, we have attempted to outline trends in bioethics education and make recommendations regarding how best to provide lectures and practical exercises in such education

    オホーツクにおける農福連携の展開 -JAきたみらい管内の事例を中心に-

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