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    The Influence of Knowledge Aspects of The Multicultural on The Implementation of Multicultural Education in Elementary Schools

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    This study examines the knowledge level of Multicultural Education among national school teachers in Negeri Sembilan. This study was conducted on 927 teachers who teach in national-type schools in Negeri Sembilan. This study aims to identify the influence of knowledge about multicultural education from content integration knowledge, knowledge construction, equity pedagogy, prejudice reduction and knowledge of school cultural empowerment and social structure on implementing multicultural education in primary schools. It is quantitative survey research. The questionnaire was distributed to 927 respondents consisting of teachers who teach in national-type schools in Negeri Sembilan. The data of this study was analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software version 26.0. Two types of statistics are used, namely descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics using frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation are used to describe the profile of the respondents and answer the research questions. The data of this study was analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software version 26.0. Multiple Regression Statistics are used to identify the influence of multicultural education knowledge from knowledge of content integration, knowledge construction, equity pedagogy, prejudice reduction and knowledge of school cultural empowerment and social structure on implementing multicultural education in primary schools

    Accounts of Culled Out Students from Board Programs: A Phenomenological Inquiry

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    The Culling System in every higher education institution ensures that only students who meet specific academic or performance standards remain in the program, which helps uphold the program's standards and effectiveness. Thus, this study aims to delve into the lived experiences of the students who were culled out from the board programs offered by the Kapalong College of Agriculture, Sciences and Technology in which qualitative research utilizing a phenomenological approach was utilized. The participants were the 14 students who were culled out from the board programs being offered by Kapalong College of Agriculture, Sciences and Technology who were purposively selected. Further, there were five (5) participants for the in-depth interview and another five (5) for the focus group discussion. The data gathered were analyzed through the use of coding and thematic analysis. The study is deemed beneficial since it can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of culling practices in board programs wherein higher authorities can use this information to evaluate existing policies and programs related to student retention and support. It may lead to identifying potential flaws or areas for improvement in the current system

    Storybook as a Preventive Measure Against the "Sexual Harassment" of Children in the Elementary School

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    The three great sins of education, bullying, sexual violence and intolerance - still occur in schools. Cases of sexual harassment were found to occur in primary schools. Guidance and counseling are considered the most important parts in this case, where class teachers implement counseling services in primary schools. Sex education can be provided through interesting media. This research aims to produce a learning medium: a storybook about sexual harassment. This research method uses the ASSURE research and development model (Analyze learners, State objectives, select methods, media and materials, utilize media and materials, require learner participation, Evaluate and revise). The research was conducted on students of Grade VI of SDN Sungai Miai 7 Banjarmasin. Material experts, media experts and students as users validated the storybook media. The results showed that the storybook materials met the criteria of being very feasible regarding media and materials and that students' understanding of sexual harassment increased after reading the storybook

    Enhancing Assertiveness Through Traditional Turkish Folk Dance

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    The present study investigates the effects of assertiveness training programs through folk dances on high school students’ assertiveness levels. Pre-test post-test with control group design has been used to examine. Furthermore, a questionnaire including one open-ended question asked students to learn their opinion on training and its effects on themselves. Experiment and control group participants were administered the Rathus Assertiveness Inventory, and experiment group participants received a two–hour assertiveness training program through folk dances per week over eight weeks. The study sample included 203 students who were in first grade in the same school. Results revealed that students in the experiment group had significantly higher assertiveness levels than those in the control group (P<0.05), and experiment group students defined that this assertiveness training program positively affected them and increased their awareness about themselves

    Transition to Academic Probation: A Phenomenological Inquiry

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    Academic probation implementation in higher education institutions aims to ensure that students are meeting academic standards and making satisfactory progress toward their degree or program requirements. It serves as a warning to students not meeting these standards that their academic performance needs improvement. Hence, the purpose of this study was to unveil the lived experiences of board program students who have undergone probation period. The study is qualitative research utilizing the phenomenological approach. This research used purposive sampling. The participating ten board program students were identified and divided equally for in-depth interviews and focus group discussion. The data gathered were analyzed through the use of coding and thematic analysis. Results revealed from responses regarding their experiences: (1) the feeling of self-doubt, (2) gained focus due to limited units, (3) fear of judgment, (4) being challenged to strive more, and (5) kept on blaming the self. In response to the challenges they have encountered, they emphasized the following coping mechanisms as essential: (6) gaining motivation from significant others, (7) managing time properly, (8) becoming optimistic, and (9) having an attitude of acceptance. Also, upon reflecting on their overall experiences, they highlighted the following insights: (10) never giving up, taking full responsibility amidst results, (11) challenging policy with a purpose, (12) making self-realizations, and (13) avoiding taking advantage. The results implied that there are certain interventions to be made within the institution to extend assistance to the students’ situations, such as tutorial sessions, and enhance the guidelines of the academic probation policy to strengthen collaboration with its stakeholders. This study is therefore deemed significant as this highly contributes to the body of knowledge related to academic probation policy implementation by higher education institutions

    Learning Space Transformation: An Innovation Design in the Computer Laboratory

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    This research aims to develop an interior design plan for the computer laboratory at SMKN 1 North Luwu. The research methodology employed in this study is research and development (R&D). The research process consists of several steps, including analyzing potential issues and challenges, accomplished through an extensive review of existing literature and on-site field studies. Data is collected through methods, including observations, interviews, and documentation. The content of the design development encompasses several crucial aspects. First, it involves the creation of a design concept for the laboratory, which is then translated into detailed 2D working drawings and 3D perspective drawings. These design proposals are rigorously assessed and validated by experts and practitioners. The outcomes of this research effort include a comprehensive interior design plan tailored specifically for the computer laboratory at SMKN 1 North Luwu. This design plan is presented through detailed 2D drawings and 3D modeling using V-ray SketchUp 2020. The validation process of the design resulted in a score of 141 with a percentage of 97.9%, indicating that the product design is highly suitable as an exemplary model for managing the computer laboratory at SMKN 1 North Luwu, with a classification of "excellent.

    Academic Supervision Practices Integrated into the School Supervisor Support Programs: Teachers’ Point of View

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    Academic supervision stands out as a commendable initiative designed to aid and bolster teachers in executing their responsibilities within the school setting. Moreover, numerous challenges and hindrances faced by educators are tackled through the implementation of academic supervision activities. This research aims to explore teachers' experiences undergoing academic supervision and the supervisors' support to overcome teacher problems and improve their performance. Researchers used qualitative research methods with an exploratory case study approach. Data was obtained from semi-structured interviews. The informants were four teachers at two integrated Islamic elementary schools in Bekasi, Indonesia, who were selected based on their extensive experience in carrying out school academic supervision. The resulting data was analyzed thematically using Atlas.ti software. The findings reveal that academic supervision is incredibly beneficial for teachers. It does not only assess teacher performance but also helps teachers solve problems to improve teacher performance. Teachers also received many support programs to improve the quality of learning in their schools

    Expanding Demand for Master’s Degree Programs in Interdisciplinary Studies in Education in Mongolia

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    The fourth revolution of industrialization has enormously influenced the education sector and needs to be dynamic and sensible in light of the changeable requirements of employers. Specifically, higher education institutions (HEIs) must focus on the global labor market to offer an innovative curriculum and attract prospective students. One of the current trends in the higher education sector is to design interdisciplinary degree programs. The interdisciplinary master's degree program is relatively new in Mongolian tertiary education. Therefore, we aimed to identify the need for a master’s degree program in interdisciplinary studies in education from the perspective of prospective students and also determine the areas of studies that have been preferred in the field of education. In this study, two online surveys and a focused-group interview were conducted. Three hundred ten educators were involved in the online surveys and focused-group interviews. The research questions were created on Google form, data was collected electronically, and focused group interviews were conducted simultaneously. The findings indicated that 52% of the prospective students preferred a master’s degree program in interdisciplinary studies in education, and a diverse combination of areas has been demanded, in particular, education and modern teaching methodology (26.4%); teaching and linguistics (25.5%); education and international studies (23%) and, teaching and psychology (19.4%). The other important finding was that interdisciplinary studies would be able to provide the necessary knowledge and skills that make graduates competitive in the labor market

    The Impacts of Task-Based Activities on Learners’ Grammatical Acquisition and Motivation at Dong Nai Technology University

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    The study aims to measure the effect of Task-based language teaching on grammatical achievement and the motivation of EFL learners at Dong Nai Technology University. The research will conduct a quick grammar test to administer 48 students at the school to achieve this goal. After sitting the test, the learners will undergo a 6-week course applying task-based language teaching. Before the treatment, one certified instructor-made grammar test about the learning units will be encompassed as the pre-test. Furthermore, a motivation questionnaire will be carried out in this group at the research's beginning and end. Afterward, the learners will learn through the treatment, which is learning through the implementation of Task-based language teaching. After six weeks of treatment, the group will take the same teacher-made grammar test as the post-test. After that, the writer will analyze the data through paired sample t-test. The results demonstrated a significant difference between the pre-test and post-test in the student’s performance on grammar acquisition and the enhancement in learners’ motivation. Based on the findings of this research, it is believed that task-based language teaching can be used in English classes to enhance learners’ grammar achievements and motivation among Vietnamese university learners

    Breaking Barriers in Academic Writing: The Uses of Chat AI Models in Empowering International TESOL Students

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    This study explores Chat AI, specifically Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT), among international TESOL students to enhance academic writing. The research addresses the complexity of academic writing for TESOL students and the potential of Chat AI as a promising tool by investigating perceptions, experiences, and impacts. Previous studies note positive outcomes like increased motivation and creativity but also identify limitations, including occasional inaccuracies. Using purposive sampling, this qualitative study involves five international TESOL students with Chat AI experience. Semi-structured interviews, lasting 15-30 minutes, are conducted in person or through video conferencing, recorded, transcribed, and anonymized for thematic analysis. Findings reveal positive perceptions of Chat AI, highlighting convenience, accessibility, and prompt feedback. Despite benefits in idea generation, vocabulary improvement, and template provision, limitations include occasional inaccuracies and plagiarism concerns. Despite drawbacks, Chat AI is seen as valuable for writing proficiency. International TESOL students view Chat AI positively, appreciating its functionalities. Suggestions include incorporating correct references to address plagiarism concerns and establishing responsible usage guidelines. Continued research is recommended for a comprehensive understanding and broader insights from teachers


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