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    Crustal structure of the Western Azuero Peninsula, Panama: insights into the structure of accretionary complexes and forearc ophiolites.

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    International audienceDetailed geologic mapping (639 field stations in ~700 km2) and a ~50 km-long gravity survey (142 stations) in the western Azuero Peninsula revealed two faulted and folded slivers of oceanic crust attached to the trailing edge of the Caribbean Large Igneous Plateau (CLIP). Our new data, along with published geochronology, allowed us to reconstruct the Cretaceous forearc configuration of the trailing edge of the CLIP prior to seamount collision, ophiolite accretion, and whole-margin deformation. The ophiolite in western Azuero is composed of two tectonic slivers arranged in south-verging, imbricated thrust faults that stack a ~73 Ma pillow, flow, and picritic basalt and black chert, together with a ~ 89–93 Ma and older basalt flows and capping red chert sequences. Accretion of these slivers to form a supra-subduction zone ophiolite resulted from the middle Eocene collision and accretion of Galapagos seamounts against the trailing edge of the CLIP. Accreted seamounts are arranged in a north-verging antiformal stack duplex, and below the thrust sheets. Change in kinematics after fission of the Cocos-Nazca Plate during early Miocene times prompted the propagation of the Azuero-Sona fault zone flower structure, favouring the preservation of these slivers of oceanic crust

    Willingness for more vegetarian meals in school canteens: Associations with family characteristics and parents’ food choice motives in a French community

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    International audienceThe school meal system could contribute to the transition towards more sustainable food system by promoting plant-based meals. Knowing whether parents want more vegetarian school meals for their children is a prerequisite for a successful implementation. The present study aimed to estimate the proportion of parents who would opt for more vegetarian school meals for their children and to study associations of willingness with family characteristics and food choice motives. An online survey was sent to parents whose children are registered for school canteen in Dijon (France). We collected child-level information, data on family sociodemographic characteristics, and data on dietary habits and food choice motives of the family. We examined family characteristics associated with the willingness to increase the frequency of vegetarian school meals from one meal per week to two or daily. Generalized linear models were performed. In total, 49% of parents were willing to opt for a second weekly vegetarian meal and 26% for a daily vegetarian meal for their children (n = 1261). Parents willing to opt for more vegetarian meal were more likely to have higher education, be flexitarian or vegetarian and to currently opt for pork-free meals for their children, and their children attended the school canteen less frequently. Environmental motives were positively associated with the willing to opt for a second weekly vegetarian meal; familiarity and sensory appeal motives were negatively associated. Health and animal welfare motives were positively associated with the willing to opt for a daily vegetarian meal and sensory appeal was negatively associated. Increasing the frequency of vegetarian school meals would satisfy a demand expressed by parents but must be accompanied by interventions enhancing pleasure of eating vegetarian meals

    Integrating Blockchain Technology with PKI for Secure and Interoperable Communication in 5G and Beyond Vehicular Networks

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    International audienceSecurity and privacy are crucial in V2X networks due to sensitive user information. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is widely used in C-ITS to ensure security and privacy. However, the practical implementation of PKI faces challenges in achieving seamless communication across diverse ITS projects worldwide. The absence of interoperability between PKI systems and unresolved issues in existing PKI standards hinder global adoption. Despite available security standardizations using centralized PKI technology for V2X, a universally adopted PKI-based security architecture is necessary. Furthermore, the progress made in 5G V2X technology has demonstrated significant potential for revolutionizing V2X communication in the future. Enhancing the level of trust through integration of the 5G Core Network (5GC) into the PKI security mechanism can lead to more secure and efficient V2X communication. To address these challenges, we propose a blockchain-based architecture that integrates the 5GC network with the PKI infrastructure, aiming to enhance privacy and security in 5G V2X communication. Our solution is designed to be distributed and interoperable, aligned with existing ETSI ITS PKI standard. By utilizing Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) platform, a permissioned blockchain framework, we present the architecture and conduct a comprehensive security analysis to ensure compliance with security and privacy requirements of V2X communications

    Multiple molecular diagnoses in the field of intellectual disability and congenital anomalies: 3.5% of all positive cases

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    International audiencePurpose Wide access to clinical exome/genome sequencing (ES/GS) enables the identification of multiple molecular diagnoses (MMDs), being a long-standing but underestimated concept, defined by two or more causal loci implicated in the phenotype of an individual with a rare disease. Only few series report MMDs rates (1.8% to 7.1%). This study highlights the increasing role of MMDs in a large cohort of individuals addressed for congenital anomalies/intellectual disability (CA/ID). Methods From 2014 to 2021, our diagnostic laboratory rendered 880/2658 positive ES diagnoses for CA/ID aetiology. Exhaustive search on MMDs from ES data was performed prospectively (January 2019 to December 2021) and retrospectively (March 2014 to December 2018). Results MMDs were identified in 31/880 individuals (3.5%), responsible for distinct (9/31) or overlapping (22/31) phenotypes, and potential MMDs in 39/880 additional individuals (4.4%). Conclusion MMDs are frequent in CA/ID and remain a strong challenge. Reanalysis of positive ES data appears essential when phenotypes are partially explained by the initial diagnosis or atypically enriched overtime. Up-to-date clinical data, clinical expertise from the referring physician, strong interactions between clinicians and biologists, and increasing gene discoveries and improved ES bioinformatics tools appear all the more fundamental to enhance chances of identifying MMDs. It is essential to provide appropriate patient care and genetic counselling

    « Nous ne plierons pas ». Marie Guillot : une institutrice féministe syndicaliste-révolutionnaire (1880-1934)

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    National audienceInstitutrice, féministe, pionnière du syndicalisme enseignant, pacifiste durant la Première Guerre mondiale, première femme à accéder en 1922 à la direction d’une centrale syndicale confédérée en tant que trésorière et responsable du « travail féminin » de la CGTU, Marie Guillot connut une ascension militante exceptionnelle au regard de la condition féminine de son époque. À l’occasion du 90e anniversaire de sa mort, ce livre propose de raviverla mémoire de cette figure oubliée de l’histoire sociale française et de rendre compte du parcours de cette institutrice bourguignonne, devenue la « Grande Marie », qui sut conjuguer engagements féministe, syndicaliste et pédagogique. Par un retour aux sources (presse, archives syndicales, archives publiques, correspondance privée), l’ouvrage retrace les combats de Marie Guillot et les replace dans leur contexte, de la France de la Belle Époque à celle de l’entre-deux-guerres, en passant par le choc du premier conflit mondial

    Zermelo navigation on the sphere with revolution metrics

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    In this article motivated by physical applications, the Zermelo navigation problem on the two-dimensional sphere with a revolution metric is analyzed within the framework of minimal time optimal control. The Pontryagin maximum principle is used to compute extremal curves and a neat geometric frame is introduced using the Carathéodory-Zermelo-Goh transformation. Assuming that the current is of revolution, the geodesics are sorted according to a Morse-Reeb classification. We then illustrate the relevance of this classification using various examples from physics: the Lindblad equation in quantum control, the averaged Kepler case in space mechanics and the Landau-Lifshitz equation in ferromagnetism

    Attitudes towards natural wines among Spanish winemakers: Relationship with environmental awareness

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    International audienceThere is an important movement in the wine industry towards the production of alternative and more sustainable wines. Natural wine (NW) is a controversial category of alternative wines, which needs to be further explored. Given the role of technical experts as opinion leaders, the present work aims to explore the attitudes of Spanish winemakers towards NW and their relationship with their overall environmental awareness. Therefore, 307 Spanish winemakers completed a questionnaire to evaluate: (1) their attitudes towards NW by scoring their agreement with 31 statements, (2) their ecological awareness by evaluating 11 items, (3) their frequency of consumption and interest towards NW, and (4) their sociodemographic profile and general information about wine production. PCA with varimax rotation calculated on 28 of the 31 statements related to their attitudes showed six independent dimensions. Further hierarchical cluster analysis calculated with the six dimensions showed five clusters of wine experts with different attitudes towards NW. Results show that there is a major negative attitude towards the flavour of NW, their ageing capacity and their quality-price ratio, but a positive one in terms of economic impact for the wine industry. Aspects related to the role of NW in tradition, social identity, ecology, health, artisanal production and economic feasibility mark differential attitudes. Interestingly, the dimension related to winemakerś attitude towards tradition, social identity, and ecology of NW was positively correlated with their overall ecological awareness and thus their life style. This paper sheds light in the understanding of the behaviour of Spanish winemakers regarding ecological transition and provides tools for policymaking regarding NW certification

    What makes a change agent in environmental conflict transformation? Evidence from rural France

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    International audienceAbstract Transformation of agriculture towards increased sustainability is needed to meet the challenge of declining biodiversity. Nevertheless, stakeholders’ differing perceptions of what sustainability should be, and the multiplicity of possible ways to achieve it can lead to conflictual situations, highlighting the importance of conflict transformation as part of the broader sustainability transformation. If conflict transformation needs to be addressed to prevent the status quo persisting, such processes also reveal the state of social relations and allow us to analyze how collective actions could lead to broader transformations. Using three case studies involving conflicts around pesticide use in the region Bourgogne Franche-Comté (France), we investigate the hypothesis that transformation processes require the engagement of change agents who are motivated and able to overcome barriers to change. Results from 55 in-depth interviews with stakeholders highlight that transformational change depends less on the capacities of a single individual, and more on the mobilization of a plurality of heterogeneous actors (especially farmers, local authorities, and the general public). These actors need to carry out a range of activities that occur with and for others and have an influence on others. According to interviewees, the actors need to engage others, encourage new initiatives, create spaces for knowledge exchanges, and go beyond boundaries. The effectiveness of change agents also depends on the existence of participatory and proactive processes to bring individuals together to create or capitalize on windows of opportunity


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