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    Tall Tales and True: Journeys of the Mind

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    Journeys of the Mind is the second part of the Tall Tales and True exhibition. In part one, Journeys Real and Imagined, we endeavoured to show tales of exploration and the imaginary journeys that they inspired. In part two, the journeys are of an altogether different character. The mind is a versatile tool capable of transporting us out into the universe, deep into the core of the earth, and within the unseen world of molecules and atoms. In disciplinary terms, this is the history of science. Throughout human history, people have put forth philosophical arguments and tested theories that would explain our existence and make sense of the world around us. Yet the milestones in the history of science, from Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, to Newton’s Laws of Motion, to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, are in many ways inaccessible to the average reader. This leads to a great irony in the world of books, as the great works of scientific endeavour are largely unread by the majority of people. We know of these books rather than having read them ourselves. Instead, the great works are distilled and related to us. May 2018 to June 2018 The Gallery, Ground Level, Sir Louis Matheson Library, Clayton Campus, Monash Universit

    Indigenous Rights : Protest in Print

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    Australia’s historical and political records regularly omit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives on the ongoing struggle for Indigenous rights. Their experiences are often framed solely from the viewpoint of relations between Indigenous Australians and Europeans, or as a modern phenomenon that came into being as a result of the Civil Rights movements of the mid-twentieth century.Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a long history of resisting colonialism, fighting for their rights, and protesting injustice. Stories of these struggles for rights are well known within communities, having been passed on through oral traditions since 1788. They are recorded in Indigenous journalism, art, literature, academia, and now in the online landscape. These voices of protest have always been imaginative and resourceful, combining Federal advocacy with regional leadership, and engaging in direct action, community programs, consultation, and promoting cultural diversity.This exhibition from Monash University Library Special Collections showcases some of the creativity of Indigenous communities in print.November 2018 to June 2019The Gallery, Ground Level,Sir Louis Matheson Library, Clayton Campu

    Tall Tales and True: Journeys Real and Imagined

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    Since the beginning of time, tales of travel, both real and imagined, have been created in order to make sense of the world. Upon each new geographic discovery, imaginations have been sparked and have given rise to stories of the weird and wonderful. From the Age of Discovery to today, travellers have published their accounts for eager audiences of scientists and ‘armchair travellers’, and writers have used these as springboards for fictional works. In Australia, many of the books we hold dear recount journeys throughout the land in order to gain understandings of nation and self. This exhibition takes viewers on a journey through a range of historical accounts, travel books and literary works from the Rare Books Collection of Monash University Library. The collection began with the purchase, in the 1960s, of David Woolley’s valuable collection of books by Jonathan Swift. Since then, it has grown to be large and varied, but has maintained a collecting emphasis on Swift’s works and those of his contemporaries such as Daniel Defoe and Alexander Pope. In recent years these have been joined by works of science fiction, artists’ books, children’s literature and poetry, many of which offer new ways of exploring physical worlds as well as those of the mind. June 2017 to December 2017 The Gallery, Ground Level, Sir Louis Matheson Library, Clayton Campus, Monash Universit

    Unstable edge.

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    "A collaboration between artist Marian Crawford and writer Francesca Jurate Sasnaitis to coincide with the exhibition 'The Unstable Image' SASA Gallery, Adelaide, South Australia, 20.3.16-22.4.16 "-- back cover. Monash copy is no. 5/30.[Limited edition

    Retromoments 2 : Colin Suggett.

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    Catalogue of an exhibition published to accompany the exhibition held at Latrobe Regional Gallery from 3 October 2015 - 14 February 201


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    Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition held at Northart, Auckland, 21 September-4 October, 2015.Artists: Julie Collis and Peter Collis

    Judging a book by its cover: dust jackets in the Monash University Library Rare Books Collection 26 June - 30 September 2014

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    The exhibition was held in the Rare Books Exhibition space, Sir Louis Matheson Library, Monash University from 26 June - 30 september 2014. Opening address given by Des Cowley, Rare Printed Collections Manager, State Library of Victoria. This exhibition of dust jackets in the Rare Books Collection shows how these covers have changed from being a simple cover for protection to the main vehicle for advertising a book. From the Edwardian period onwards publishers began to lavish their design effort on the jacket rather than the book cover and we see jacket design start to reflect trends in commercial art. This exhibition includes dust jackets from 1860 to the recent deluxe limited edition Penguin Designer Classics series, and those designed by well-known artists and engravers Salvador Dali, Edward Bawden, John Farleigh, Robert Gibbings, Barnett Freedman, Eric Gill, E. McKnight Kauffer, Sidney Nolan and many more

    Synthetica : a Blindside and NETS Victoria touring exhibition : Boe-lin Bastian, Simon Finn, Bonnie Lane, Kristin McIver, Kate Shaw, Alice Wormald, Paul Yore.

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    Catalogue of exhibition "Synthetica" touring Victoria between February 2015 and March 2016.Curated by Claire Anna Watson Edition 70

    Men of Stamina, women who Dare: an exhibition of advertising material from the Rare Books Collection 27 March - 5 June 2014

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    The exhibition was held in the Rare Books Exhibition space, Sir Louis Matheson Library, Monash University from 27 March - 5 June 2014. Opening address given by Gene Bawden, Deputy Head, Design (Communication Design), Faculty of Art Design and Architecture, Monash University. This Rare Books collection exhibition of advertisements and advertising ephemera surprises us as it reveals signs of changing social values in Australia and internationally over time. Thus, each item is an important cultural artefact and social document. The items on display are but a fraction of such material held in Rare Books. The library has been collecting advertising materials and other ephemera since the early 1990's in support of research by social historians

    In every grain of sand there is a world : an exhibition by Angie Seah

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    Exhibition catalogue : 08 October - 17 October 2014, Victoria College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia. Essay: Kyla McFarlane. "This Asialinks Arts Residency Project is a collaboration between Asialink, the Art Incubator and Victorian College of the Arts and is supported by Arts Victoria.


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