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    Pseudorapidity dependence of anisotropic flow and its decorrelations using long-range multiparticle correlations in Pb-Pb and Xe-Xe collisions

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    International audienceThe pseudorapidity dependence of elliptic (v2v_2), triangular (v3v_3), and quadrangular (v4v_4) flow coefficients of charged particles measured in Pb-Pb collisions at a centre-of-mass energy per nucleon pair of sNN=5.02\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}}=5.02 TeV and in Xe-Xe collisions at sNN=5.44\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}}=5.44 TeV with ALICE at the LHC are presented. The measurements are performed in the pseudorapidity range 3.5<η<5-3.5 < \eta < 5 for various centrality intervals using two- and multi-particle cumulants with the subevent method. The flow probability density function (p.d.f.) is studied with the ratio of flow coefficient v2v_2 calculated with four- and two-particle cumulant, and suggests that the variance of flow p.d.f. is independent of pseudorapidity. The decorrelation of the flow vector in the longitudinal direction is probed using two-particle correlations. The results measured with respect to different reference regions in pseudorapidity exhibit differences, argued to be a result of saturating decorrelation effect above a certain pseudorapidity separation, in contrast to previous publications which assign this observation to non-flow effects. The results are compared to 3+13+1 dimensional hydrodynamic and the AMPT transport model calculations. Neither of the models is able to simultaneously describe the pseudorapidity dependence of measurements of anisotropic flow and its fluctuations. The results presented in this work highlight shortcomings in our current understanding of initial conditions and subsequent system expansion in the longitudinal direction. Therefore, they provide input for its improvement

    Helium identification with LHCb

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    International audienceThe identification of helium nuclei at LHCb is achieved using a method based on measurements of ionisation losses in the silicon sensors and timing measurements in the Outer Tracker drift tubes. The background from photon conversions is reduced using the RICH detectors and an isolation requirement. The method is developed using pppp collision data at s=13TeV\sqrt{s}=13\,{\rm TeV} recorded by the LHCb experiment in the years 2016 to 2018, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 5.5fb15.5\,{\rm fb}^{-1}. A total of around 10510^5 helium and antihelium candidates are identified with negligible background contamination. The helium identification efficiency is estimated to be approximately 50%50\% with a corresponding background rejection rate of up to O(1012)\mathcal O(10^{12}). These results demonstrate the feasibility of a rich programme of measurements of QCD and astrophysics interest involving light nuclei

    Jules Massenet : une vie au service du théâtre

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    International audienceAuteur de deux piliers du répertoire lyrique (Manon, Werther), Jules Massenet (1842-1912) reste un compositeur méconnu. S’il occupe une place éminente en son temps, ses œuvres, souvent adulées des chanteurs et des amateurs d’opéra, ne font pas l’unanimité et suscitent de vastes polémiques qui perdurent. Le présent ouvrage apporte un éclairage inédit sur sa vie et sa carrière à la lumière de nombreuses sources inédites. Alors que Wagner s’impose comme un modèle puissant, Massenet s’affranchit de cette figure tutélaire en se forgeant un style appelé à faire école jusqu’à Debussy, Puccini et Poulenc. Il fréquente les artistes majeurs de son époque, comme Maupassant ou Proust, qui façonnent certains de leurs personnages en s’inspirant de son caractère qui détonne dans un univers profondément masculin. À la fois mondain et solitaire, fragile et superstitieux, Massenet se réfugie dans son travail qui atteste d’une force de caractère peu commune et d’un artiste en quête de sa propre vérité. Figure emblématique d’une jeune République qui s’érige sur les décombres du Second Empire, il produit une œuvre kaléidoscopique, miroir d’une société en pleine mutation qui fait étrangement écho à la nôtre. Après la défaite de 1870, son œuvre exalte les valeurs et racines culturelles de la France, mais interroge aussi la place des femmes et de la religion dans la société

    "Le nouveau régime fiscal de la dette de restitution"

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    "Le mensonge en famille saisi par le droit pénal"

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    Study of CPCP violation in B(s)0DK(892)0B^0_{(s)} \to D K^{*}(892)^0 decays with DKπ(ππ)D \to K \pi ( \pi \pi), ππ(ππ) \pi \pi( \pi \pi), and KKKK final states

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    International audienceA measurement of CPCP-violating observables associated with the interference of B0D0K(892)0B^0\to D^0 K^{*}(892)^0 and B0Dˉ0K(892)0B^0\to \bar{D}^0 K^*(892)^0 decay amplitudes is performed in the D0Kπ±(π+π),D^0 \to K^{\mp}\pi^{\pm}(\pi^+\pi^-),D0π+π(π+π)D^0 \to \pi^+\pi^-(\pi^+\pi^-), and D0K+KD^0\to K^+K^- final states using data collected by the LHCb experiment corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 99fb1\text{fb}^{-1}. CPCP-violating observables related to the interference of Bs0D0Kˉ(892)0B^0_s\to D^0 \bar{K}^*(892)^0 and Bs0Dˉ0Kˉ(892)0B_s^0\to \bar{D}^0 \bar{K}^*(892)^0 are also measured, but no evidence for interference is found. The B0B^0 observables are used to constrain the parameter space of the CKM angle γ\gamma and the hadronic parameters rB0DKr_{B^0}^{DK^*} and δB0DK\delta_{B^0}^{DK^*} with inputs from other measurements. In a combined analysis, these measurements allow for four solutions in the parameter space, only one of which is consistent with the world average

    Coexistence of five domains at single propagating interface in single-crystal Ni-Mn-Ga shape memory alloy

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    International audienceCoexistence of both austenite and martensite during phase transformation is a common feature of all Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs). The martensite has different variants featuring characteristic deformations rotationally linked to each other due to the symmetries of the austenite parent phase, and can form twins by mixing pair of variants which lead to different mean characteristic deformations. Multiple-domain microstructures (consisting of austenite, martensite domain interface is not a perfectly compatible pattern like the basic habit plane (consisting of only one twin compatible with austenite). However, its level of non-compatibility is similar to that of the quite common X-interface (four-domain coexistence) which is observed in many SMAs. Further, the significant effects of the thermal loading path and the material initial state (the initial martensite variant) on the domain pattern formation are demonstrated and analyzed. The experimental observation and the theoretical analysis of the domain patterns can provide hints to better understand diffuse interface kinetics and phase transformation hysteresis

    Time-varying microplastic contributions of a large urban and industrial area to river sediments

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    International audienceThe quantification of microplastic (MP) pollution in rivers is often constrained by a lack of historical data on a multi-decadal scale, which hinders the evaluation of public policies. In this study, MP contents and trends were analyzed in dated sediment cores sampled upstream and downstream of a large metropolis, in environmental deposits that exhibited consistent sedimentation patterns from the 1980s to 2021. After a thorough sedimen- tological analysis, MPs were quantified in samples by micro Fourier Transform InfraRed spectroscopy (μFTIR imaging) and a density separation and organic matter digestion procedure. Microplastics recorded in the up- stream core are relatively ubiquitous all along the dated sequence. The results also confirmed a sever increase of microplastics levels in the downstream core, by one order of magnitude, and an increase of polymer types. Polypropylene, polyethylene, and polystyrene represent ubiquitous contamination and were predominant at the two stations, whereas polyvinyl chloride and polytetrafluoroethylene were suspected to be abundant at the downstream station, but were not detected at the upstream station. Their presence could be linked to local contamination from specific industrial sources that manufactured and utilized these polymers. Surprisingly, in the downstream station sediment has recorded a relative improvement in polymers associated with industrial sources since the 2000s and, to a lesser extent, for ubiquitous ones since the 2010s. This trend of mitigation diverges from that of global assessments, that assume uncontrolled MP pollution, and suggest that European Union wastewater policy and regulation on industrial discharges have positively influenced water quality, and certainly also on MPs. However, the accumulation of microplastics remains high in recent deposits and raises the emerging concern of the long-term management of these reservoirs

    "L’intérêt du droit et de la RSE dans la gestion des ressources humaines"

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    International audienceDans un monde de plus en plus concurrentiel, caractérisé par des mutations profondes, la prise en compte de la RSE et du droit par les entreprises est devenue un enjeu majeur. Comme la règle juridique, la RSE est en train de prendre une place centrale dans le domaine des ressources humaines. La RSE peut avoir un impact significatif sur l’engagement et le bien être des salariés. Elle peut également favoriser la cohésion au sein de l’entreprise en se fondant sur les valeurs partagées et en favorisant le dialogue.En ce qui concerne la réglementation juridique, elle souffre encore d’une mauvaise perception de la part des RH. Ces derniers ont tendance à ne percevoir la règle de droit que comme une contrainte « subie » qui vient à l’encontre de la maximisation du profit. Il peut donc être tentant de ne pas accepter la règle juridique (violation du droit) ou de la contourner.En effet, si le droit du travail est souvent présenté comme particulièrement protecteur, encore faut-il qu’il soit appliqué sur le terrain. Ce qui n’est pas le cas le plus souvent. Ce travail vise à démontrer comment l’effet coercitif de la RSE peut ou du moins participer à redonner à la réglementation de travail son effectivité


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