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    Gerakan Dakwah Kyai Mardjan Melalui Nahdlatul Ulama Di Tambakrejo Bojonegoro

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    Nahdlatul ‘Ulama is a jam’iyya diniyah wal-ijtima’iyah based on the teachings of Ahlussunnah wa Jama’ah which has the aim of continuing to provide direction for better change to community by broadcasting Islamic religious teachings that are in accordance with the Shari’ah. Therefore, Nahdlatul ‘Ulama can be a bridge to convey the values and teachings of the Islamic religion that is rahmatan lil ‘alamin. To achieve this goal, the proselytizer has an important role in its implementation. The methode used in this research is descriptive qualitative research with the type of field research. The primary data source of this reserach is an interview with Kyai Mardjan. While the collection technique using observation and interviews. The results of the reserach found from interviews with Kyai Mardjan as a da’i or da’wah mover, namely the da’wah movements carried out through Nahdlatul ‘Ulama have covered various aspects of life and have had a large impact or social change on the community, esppecially the Tambakrejo sub-district. The methods he uses vary widely, including the Fardiah method, the bil-Lisan method, the bil-Hal method, the bil-Hikmah method


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    Da'wah is a form of religious communication whose main purpose is amar ma'ruf and nahi munkar with the object of preaching, mad'u, both in the form of individuals and groups. Da'i as the perpetrators of da'wah are required to master the da'wah material that will be conveyed to the mad'inya, including the issue of aqeedah, sharia, and morals. As for the sources of propaganda material, the Qur'an and Hadith which are the highest sources of teachings and sources of Islamic law. The existence of Arabic in preaching is so important because both sources of preaching material use Arabic, so that Arabic is the key to opening Islamic knowledge. To study and deepen it also requires mastery of various branches of science such as the Science of Interpretation, Nahwu Science, Bayan Science, Usul Fiqh, and others, which are not far from Arabic. In addition, the original literary books which are the result of thoughts, offerings to the Qur'an and hadith by the scholars of the past written in Arabic, all of which are part of the source of propaganda material that should be known by the preachers . All of this aims to deliver propaganda material from the Qur'an and Hadith in accordance with Islamic law and away from the understanding received by the mad'u in receiving messages delivered by a preacher

    Strategi Komunikasi Interpersonal Tour Leader Dalam Meningkatkan Loyalitas Wisatawan (Studi Kinerja Tour Leader Permata Tour Lubuklinggau)

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    This study aims to find out how the Interpersonal Communication Strategy of a Permata Tour Lubuklinggau Tour Leader with tourist group participants based on the Marketing mix including Product, Price, Place, Promotion to increase the sense of tourist loyalty. This study uses a qualitative approach, we explore information data in the field through in-depth interview techniques to 6 (six) informants based on their own perceptions, in addition to interviews we also conducted participant observations and other recorded documentation. The problem of this research is the extent to which the Interpersonal Communication Strategy of a Permata Tour Lubuklinggau Tour Leader regarding tourists who only use the services of a Permata Tour travel agency, and we found that there are Tour Leaders who do not master the interpersonal communication process well and their goals towards tourists. Based on these findings, we suggest efforts to optimize the performance of tour leaders to apply the basic concept of Hospitality/Excellent Service to tourists. In addition to these findings, we suggest that all Tour Leaders in leading a group of tourists should have carried out a competent test and have a Tour Leader certification from a tourism institution


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    Penelitian ini berkaitan dengan analisis penggunaan kata dan frasa dalam menulis surat lamaran dalam tugas paper subjek bahasa Inggris yang ditulis oleh semester ketiga dari mahasiswa program studi Pendidikan Islam (PAI) di STAI Bumi Silampari Lubuklinggau. Masalah penelitian ini terbatas pada kata kerja, kata benda, kata sifat, dan frasa dalam menulis surat lamaran. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk menggambarkan kata kerja, kata benda, kata sifat, dan frasa mana yang biasanya digunakan oleh mahasiswa semester ketiga dalam menulis surat lamaran. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah metode deskriptif. Teknik dokumentasi digunakan dalam pengumpulan data. Ketika data telah dikumpulkan, penulis mengkategorikan kata menjadi kata kerja, kata benda, kata sifat, dan frasa. Selanjutnya, dalam menganalisis data penulis mengklasifikasikan data yang dipilih secara umum, dan menginterpretasikan data tersebut. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa ada beberapa kata kerja, kata benda, kata sifat, dan frasa yang terdapat di surat lamaran. Selain itu, ada juga beberapa kata-kata tertentu yang mendominasi penggunaannya dalam menulis surat lamaran kerja dalam bahasa Inggris

    Efektifitas Media Whatsapp Group Dalam Pembelajaran Pendidikan Agama Islam (PAI) di SMA Kabupaten Batang Pada Masa Pandemi Covid-19

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    This study aims to determine the effectiveness of using Whatsapp group media in learning Islamic religious education carried out in SMA. This study uses descriptive qualitative research where the data obtained are described in the form of descriptive sentences. This study uses the method of observation, interviews and documentation. The results of interviews conducted using Google Forms show that learning Islamic religious education using WhatsApp group media during the COVID-19 pandemic is effective. Islamic religious education learning using whatsapp group media has a weakness where students are not active in the teaching and learning process and learning using this media has advantages such as easy to send files, easy to use and others

    Pendidikan dan Masa Depan: Tingkat Kesadaran Masyarakat Tentang Pendidikan di Kelurahan Rahma

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    This study aims to describe the development of education in Lubuklinggau City, especially Rahmah Village. To describe the factors that cause the lack of awareness of the Rahmah village community about education. This research use desciptive qualitative approach. In obtaining the data, the writer uses observation, interview, and documentation techniques. From the results of this study, it was found that: education in Rahmah Village has progressed where several educational institutions such as PAUD, TK, and SD. The education in the Rahmah Village is quite good but there is still little public awareness about education where only those who receive education up to basic education are still few at the top level. There are several factors that cause a lack of public awareness of higher education such as: economy, work, lack of family attention, and being influenced by relationships


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    This study aims to find out how Ijarah in Islamic finance. This research is a type of library research (libraty research) which focuses on qualitative data management with data analysis methods using descriptive-analysis method. The results of this study are: In Banking, two types of Ijarah. The first ijarah is done in cash between the bank as a renter and the one who rents out services. The second ijarah is made in installments between banks as tenants to customers. The bank also takes advantage of this ijarah transaction. Islamic banks that operate ijarah products do leasing, both in the form of operating leases or financial leases. But in general, more Islamic banks use ijarah vomiting tamlik bit (IMBT) because it is simpler in terms of bookkeeping. Ijarah contract development is also known as ijarah muntia bi at-tamlik (IMBT)

    Efektifitas Pembelajaran Kitab Akhlak Lil Banin Dalam Membentuk Akhlak Santri Pondok Pesantren Miftahul Jannah Karang Jaya

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    Researcher Conducted research on Diniyah madrasah education which consisted of two classes for volume one and two consisting of 65 students and for volume three and four consisting of 32 students. In this study, the objectives are first to determine the effectiveness in the learning process of lilbanin morals, second to determine the effectiveness in shaping the morals of students in learning lil banin morals. descriptive qualitative research type. The conclusion is that the effectiveness of lil banin moral learning is quite good and has been very effective even though learning the lil banin book is a yellow book learning, so that the delivery of material is easy to understand by using attractive and appropriate methods such as exemplary methods, refraction, sorogan, wetonan, bandungan and memorization so that achieved in the formation of santri morals

    Wali Nikah Anak Perempuan Yang Lahir dari Perempuan Hamil Luar Nikah Tinjauan Analisis Normatif dan Sosiologis (Studi di Kecamatan Sukakarya)

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    This study aims to determine the normative law of marriage guardians for children born to pregnant women out of wedlock (this study focuses on the opinion of Imam Syafi'i) and to find out the views of the Sukakarya District community regarding guardianship of children born to pregnant women out of wedlock. This research is field research and library research. This study concludes that according to Imam Syafi'i the guardianship of a child resulting from adultery where there is no right for the biological father to marry off a child resulting from adultery the Prophet cancels the nasab relationship by way of adultery in Islam, does not recognize the nasab relationship with him after the arrival of Islam, then guardianship of the child out of wedlock the result of a pregnant woman out of wedlock if the child is going to marry then the guardianship falls on the guardian of the judge

    Pemanfaatan Media dan Teknologi Digital Dalam Mengatasi Masalah Pembelajaran Dimasa Pandemi

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    Digital or online learning is one of the right solutions in today's learning, the transformation from face to face (conventional) to online learning, all of which require understanding, skills and familiarity with online learning. Many problems were found in the use of media and digital technology applied in the first learning process, learning saturation, second, not following the learning process well. Third, not disciplined to do the task. This study aims to analyze various study concepts regarding the use of digital learning media and technology by analyzing using a literature review method that refers to theoretical studies and other references related to values, socio-culture and norms that develop in the social situation under study. The results of the analysis of the use of media and learning technology in overcoming problems during the pandemic are knowledge about the implementation of digital learning, blended learning models, online learning strategies, the accuracy of choosing LMS applications in digital learning and providing a contribution and prospect to online learning which is considered quite good and significantly improved in current learning


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