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    Fragments of danning: A critical analysis of the current educational discourse in Norway

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    In 2017, a new core curriculum was implemented in Norwegian primary and secondary education, replacing the core curriculum from 1997. While the concept of danning is present in both curricula, its meaning and use seem to change.               The concept of danning has a played a significant role in Norwegian society and educational history. Danning has been linked to the establishment of Norwegian democracy, in which education plays an important role. Since the 19th century, the meaning of the concept has been subject to change, corresponding to historical changes, yet the word itself continues to be part of the Norwegian educational rhetoric and national curriculum. This means that conversations about danning may not be fruitful because the participants attach different meanings to the same concept. Thus, a study of how danning has been used and how it is used today is warranted.               Through an analysis of two Norwegian curricula, from 1997 and 2017, we find changes in the perception of danning and in its role as an educational concept in Norwegian education. We argue that danning goes from being understood as a result-oriented, social and democratic concept in 1997 to being seen as an individualistic process in pursuit of certain personal characteristics, without its former social component, in 2017. This indicates a fragmentation of danning

    Initial teacher training to promote sustainable education system improvement: A review of the evidence on pre-service teacher education for primary grade literacy and numeracy in low- and middle-income countries

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    Pre-service teacher education (PSTE) has largely been excluded from investments in foundational literacy and numeracy in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). This approach has consequences for sustainability due to the central role of PSTE in supporting lasting educational change. In this literature review, we examine key challenges facing PSTE in LMICs and draw on the evidence to suggest areas for teacher educators and stakeholders to focus attention—including curriculum revisions to make PSTE more applied and relevant, enhanced focus on the practicum, and high-quality professional development for teacher educators—to promote alignment of content and pedagogy with evidence-based practices

    The Man Who Invented Kindergarten: A Review of “Finding Froebel” by Helge Wasmuth, Ulf Sauerbrey, & Michael Winkler

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    Book review of: “Finding Froebel: The Man Who Invented Kindergarten.” By Helge Wasmuth, Ulf Sauerbrey, & Michael Winkler. New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2023. ISBN: 978-135026924

    The Monarch Who Was More Than a Warrior-King

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    A review of the book, Henry V, by Malcom Vale (Yale University Press, 2022)

    Celebrating 10 Years of the Global Education Review

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    Preface to the 10th anniversary issue of the GE

    Toward Effective Provision of Under-Five Childcare Services: Experiences from Marginalized and Vulnerable Communities in Tanzania

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    The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness of the provision of under-five childcare services taking experiences from marginalized and vulnerable communities in Tanzania. This interpretive study employs phenomenology design to investigate the views of stakeholders based on childcare services. The focus was to determine the childcare interest, needs and requirements of caregivers living in vulnerable and marginalized communities in Tanzania and across the world. This study was grounded by parenting and child-rearing theory which emphasizes in caring for young children from the early stages. The findings indicated that the situation of children and childcare services amongst marginalized and vulnerable communities was not satisfactory. Several NGOs and Networks have been supporting childcare services with minimal support from the government. The Government and the responsible ministries and departments are responsible for reducing the vulnerability of children and their families through accessible, comprehensive, and integrated quality childcare services. This study recommends that to improve the current situation and attain the quality provision of childcare services the government policy planners in collaboration with childcare service providers and practitioners need to establish a strong commitment to the provision of quality childcare services and programs in marginalized and vulnerable communities

    A Decade of Global Education Review : Commemorating the 10th Anniversary

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    Introduction to the issue commemorating the GER's 1o year anniversary

    Pedagogies in Dissonance: The Transformation of Pedagogical Tact

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    When Herbart in 1802 introduced the concept of Pedagogical Tact in his first lecture on pedagogy, he answered to a systematic problem that had also troubled his predecessor: It was within his theory of judgement that Immanuel Kant attempted to solve the problem of the relation of theory and practice, of theoretical and practical Vernunft. In reference to Kant’s notion of Logical Tact, Herbart proposed the Pedagogical Tact as a way to describe how, in pedagogy, theory and practice could be bound together. Despite their brevity, those short remarks of Herbart became, and continue to be, a Classic theorem of pedagogical thinking, especially within Continental Pedagogy, while in the Anglophone world, Pedagogical Tact has found only sparse interest until recently. Both the larger absence of interest, as well as the recent interest are, in themselves, rather remarkable as they represent trends that seem characteristic for the adaptation of especially German pedagogical theories in Anglophone contexts. Concentrating on Herbart’s tact, this chapter will explore the distortions that not only led to an obliviousness towards the fundamental concept of Pedagogical Tact, but also its distorted reception much later

    Words in Motion: Struggles of Translation, Adaption, Transposition, and Ignorance

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    Introduction to the special GER issue, "Words in Motion: Struggles of Translation, Adaption, Transposition, and Ignorance.

    The Adaptation and Cultural Translation of the Pedagogical Theory of Formal Stages in U.S. Discourse around 1900

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    This paper uses a selected case study to show how the theoretical topos of formal stage theory of Herbartian provenance, which originated in the German-speaking world, underwent an adaptation and semantic shift in U.S. discourse around 1900. The findings presented here relate to the interpretation of the human cognitive process and the subsequent understanding of the formal stages by the U.S. educators Charles and Frank McMurry, which was shaped by the scientific-theoretical location within the natural science paradigm. In doing so, the McMurry brothers emphasized the parallel between the steps of the scientific approach and the formal steps of instruction, thus making instruction a (natural) science-based instruction. On the one hand, this interpretation can be explained by the possibility of communicative connectivity in discourse and thus the generation of communicative resonance. On the other hand, it was apparently a functional strategy to justify the scientific nature of pedagogy and thus provided a convincing argument for its position, while at the same time drawing on an internal logic of U.S. educational thought. First, the thematic framework is set, and the relevant persons are introduced. Subsequently, the theoretical location or perspective on which the present article is based will be explicated. Then, based on a text-hermeneutic analysis, the respective understandings of the formal stage theory are elaborated to subsequently carry out a comparison of the understandings in a comparative-constructive procedure. Based on this, the justification contexts for the adaptations and adaptations are extrapolated against the background of the theoretical perspective


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