University of Alabama Libraries: Acumen

    When the snowbirds cross the valley

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    (Published By Jos. M. Stern & Co.

    My daddy courted by mammy away down South

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    (Published By Waterson, Berlin, & Snyder Co.

    Miss the birds and blossoms for winter tarries late

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    (Published By The John Church Co.

    Floating down the Mississippi River

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    (Published By Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., Inc.

    Honey, can't you hear me callin'?

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    (Published By H.C. Weasner & Co.

    Lew Dockstader's Minstrels. Vocal score

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    (Published By J.F. Helf

    Good morning, Mr. Zip-Zip-Zip!

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    (Published By L. Feist

    We'll show them that we love old Glory

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    (Published By The Billy Smythe Music Co.
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