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    Using Generative Artificial Intelligence For Engaged Student Learning

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    Alleviating Food Insecurities Using Nutrition Education Programs

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    Alleviating food insecurity through Nutrition Education Progams such as the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) is a vital aspect in helping the community. These initiatives teach individuals and communities about balanced diets, meal planning, and budget-friendly grocery shopping. By providing essential nutritional knowledge these programs empower people to make healthier food choices, stretch their resources, and reduce reliance on emergency food assistance. This approach not only addresses hunger, but also foster long-term food security and over all well-being, ultimately contributing to healthier and more resilient communities

    Language Portraits: A Space to Explore Identities in a Graduate Course

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    Hiccups and Hallucinations: Critically Engaging AI in the Design Classroom

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    Volumes: Charles Chesnutt and the Racial History of the Stenographic Imagination

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    Referral Pathways and Service Connections Among Heirs’ Property Owners in South Carolina

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    Researchers, practitioners, and policymakers interested in alleviating heirs’ property ownership precarity have long sought to connect these owners to titling and land management resources, but there is limited scholarly evidence on successful interventions. Using administrative data from the Center for Heirs’ Property Preservation® (CHPP®), this article explores the demographic characteristics, types of direct legal services received, and referral pathways of landowners seeking legal assistance from CHPP® between 2017 and 2021. We find that applicants are primarily elderly, Black women, referred through four main pathways: (1) owners’ personal networks, (2) CHPP® Outreach efforts, (3) CHPP® partner organizations—including public, private, and nonprofit agencies, and (4) word of mouth (other individuals/entities not formally connected with CHPP®, including outside legal and forestry professionals). Last, we identify a strong desire for estate planning among applicants, despite documented legal distrust among heirs’ property owners. This analysis has important implications for designing targeted interventions to assist heirs’ property owners beyond the South Carolina context

    Who Do We Think We Are? Designing a Higher Education Inclusive Excellence Audit Tool for Review of Communication Materials

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    As higher education institutions focus on improving and conveying our commitments to inclusive excellence, it becomes necessary to self-assess our communications. This work describes the development and pilot testing of a simple tool to assess the inclusive excellence of print or electronic materials produced at any scope – from individual department or unit through institution-wide uses. The tool considers several areas of inclusivity at once, allowing stakeholders to identify strengths and weaknesses in their communications and move towards continuous improvement

    Supporting information for “Using drones equipped with thermal cameras to locate and count quail individuals and coveys: A case study using Northern Bobwhite Colinus virginianus in Mississippi, USA”

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    Drone flights were conducted over bobwhite individuals and coveys and information was collected on the date, time of flight, number of individuals estimated in the covey, and number of individuals flushed from the covey (i.e., actual number of individuals). We also report season of flight and the thermal sensor used for each flight. NA denotes that flush or capture was not attempted

    Critical AI Engagement: Crafting Assignments that Encourage Productive Engagement with AI

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