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    The purpose of this research is to know the amount of air temperature increase as a negative effect of city development in DKI Jakarta region. The method is to differentiate air temperature in urban areas (Meteorology station in Kemayoran-BMKG) towards sub urban areas (Meteorology station in Halim P.K. and Cengkareng). The result of this research shows that during the last of 28 years, average air temperature has increased 0.17 oC in Jakarta which tends to be 0,8 oC higher than those of sub urban areas

    Estimation of Indonesian Peat Forest Carbon Emissions based on Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Satellite Image

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    Calculation of carbon emission in tropical peatland forest still unsolved problem. In this paper, we propose a method to calculate carbon emission by using Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) satellite. The SMAP images on January  2018 enhanced 1.3 radiometer Global Daily 9 km, EASE grid overlayed with peat map. The water table mapping obtained by using empirical relation between soil moisture and water table in January 2018 shows a pattern according to some observation. The carbon emission map on January 2018 shows the average is about 280 gC km-2

    Evaluasi Aplikasi Fungi Mikoriza Arbuskula (FMA) dan Respon Pertumbuhannya Terhadap Jati (Tectona grandis Linn. F.) di Persemaian

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    Evaluation of Arbuscula Mycorrizhae Fungi (AMF) Application to Teak (Tectona grandis Linn. F.) Seedling and Its Growth Responses in NurseryTeak  (Tectona grandis Linn. F.) was one of Verbenaceae family that categorized into luxurious goods commodity. One of difficulties in meeting of teak woods demands was the growth of teak in the nursery that takes long enough time, thus need efforts to accelerate the growth and improve the quality of teak in the nursery. Arbuskula Mycorrizhae Fungi (AMF) was one of endomycorrizhae that could associate with teak. Mycorrizhae could provide phospor that has important role for (Adenosin Triphospate) ATP creation in the plant. The objective of this research was to collect and provide information from many performed research for evaluating and analyzing the effect of endomycorrizhae inoculation to teak seedling growth. Result of this evaluation about application AMF of teak seddling that  G. aggregatum dan  G.manihotis-3 could improve the growth of teak seddling. G. manihotis-3 was effective AMF that improve the growth of teak seedling. The addition of M-Dext on 10 cc/l and 30 cc/l doses, and 3 gr of NPK could support the improvement of teak seedling growth that inoculated with AMF. Used utilization of growing media from sterilized mixture of sand and soil could support the growth of teak seedling that inoculated with AMF in nursery. Inoculation technique with hole-system or layering system could used to application teak seedling with AMF in nursery

    Pembinaan Produksi Kompos Limbah Pertanian dan Pemanfaatannya di Kecamatan Tamansari, Kabupaten Bogor

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    Most of agricultural lands in Pasir Eurih Village are paddy field simple irrigation system, while most of them in Sukajadi Village are upland. Farmers in both villages are used to composting organic residues, but the composts was not used maximally. The aim of the IbM activities was: (1) To guide our partners to produce better quality of composts sustainable; and(2) To motivate the community of peasant  using composts for their farm. The best compost resulted by IbM-3 guidance was made from rice straw, leaf litter, and chicken manure mixed with rice husk as their bedding by ratio of 3:2:1:1. This compost contained macronutrients (N, 0.56%, P2O5  1.09%, K2O 1.44%, Ca 5.72%, Mg 0.43%, and Na 0.08% respectively), micronutrients Fe 5.309 ppm, Mn 342 ppm, Cu 42 ppm, Zn 69 ppm, and B 33 ppm respectively), and heavy metals of Pb was 4.8 ppm and Cd 0.04 ppm. The addition of 3-4 ton/ha of this compost into paddy soil could reduce chemical fertilizers up to 50%. The addition of 3 ton/ha of this compost to upland soil planted by sweet corn produce same with application of chicken manure bedding or goat manure. Socialization of the benefit of using compost in increasing the soil fertility and crop yield have raised the peasant’s knowledge. It was showed by the mean value of this post test raised 19.67 points for fertilizer and soil fertility matter and 16.63 points for organic materials or natural fertilizers matter.

    Penapisan Bakteri Filosfer Penghasil Senyawa Bioaktif Anti Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae Penyebab Penyakit Hawar Daun Bakteri pada Padi

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    Bacterial leaf blight caused by Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Xoo) is one of the important diseases in rice crops in Indonesia. The disease is difficult to be controlled since it attacks the rice plant at different growth stages such as tillering, flowering and ripening. One of the alternatives that could be used to control the disease is by using phyllosphere bacteria as the biocontrol agents. This study aims to isolate, characterize and screen the rice phyllosphere bacteria producing bioactive compounds against Xoo. Phyllosphere bacteria isolated from healthy leaves of rice var. Ciherang by using 4 different media obtained 285 bacterial isolates which were consisted of the 65 isolates of King’s B agar, 86 isolates of Nutrient agar, 81 isolates of Luria-Bertani agar, and 53 isolates of Trypticase Soy agar media. Antagonist test using double layer method showed 58 isolates of phyllosphere bacteria produced bioactive compounds that inhibited the growth of Xoo. Pathogenicity test agaist rice leaf revealed 18 bacterial isolates did not perform their potencies as pathogenic bacteria. Among the 18 non-phytopathogenic bacterial isolates, 14 isolates belong to Gram-positive bacteria and 4 isolates belong to Gram-negative bacteria. Five isolates among Gram positive bacteria were predicted as Bacillus genera.

    Sifat Fisik, Kimia, dan Organoleptik Telur Asin Melalui Penggaraman dengan Tekanan dan Konsentrasi Garam yang Berbeda

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    Duck eggsplay a role inmaking salted eggs. This is becausethe duck eggshavea higherfat contentandlowerwater contentthanthose from chicken eggs or another poultry eggs.However, saltiness and grittiness level of salted eggs that were prefered byconsumers are still unknown. So the aim of this study was to evaluate the physical, chemiccal and organoleptic characteristics of salted eggs by salting with pressure level and salt concentration different.180 fresh duck eggswere used. This research used factorial pattern of complete randomize design 3x2. As treatments were pressure levels (0 bar, 1.5 bar, and 3 bar) and salt concentrations (20% and 25%).The parameters that observed included physical characteristic (grittiness level of salted egg yolk), chemical characteristics (contents of water and NaClin eggwhite and yolk), and organoleptic characteristics (general appearance, saltiness and grittiness of salted eggs). Data of physical and chemical characteristics were descriptivelly analyzed, while data of organoleptic characteristics were non-parametric statistically analyzed. The high level of pressure and the salt concentration that used in salting eggs produced salted eggs with the value of grittiness and NaCl content were high, but the value of water content was low. Combination of treatment without pressure (0 bar) with 20% and 25% salt concentrations, and on 1.5 bar pressure level with 20% salt concentration produced the salted egg that more prefered by panelists

    Pemanfaatan Tandan Kosong Sawit Dan Rumput Sebagai Bahan Kompos di PT Bukit Asam, Sumatera Selatan

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    PT Bukit Asam had strategies to improve soil fertility in the ex-mine land using compost. The amount of compost added to the soil depend on the extent of reclamation area. Oil palm empty fruit bunch and grass are highly potential to be used as the compost materials in reclamation area. The objectives of the research were to characterize the compost from oil palm empty fruit bunch and grass, and to compare the suitability between the result of this research and nasional standard compost. Oil palm empty fruit bunch and grass were obtained from PT Bumi Sawindo Permai and reclamation area of PT Bukit Asam, respectively. Composting site was located in the ex-mine land of PT Bukit Asam. Composting method used passively aerated static pile system. The results showed that the compost characteristic of oil palm empty fruit bunch compost had a dark yellowish brown color, pH at 9.3, C/N ratio at 14, and nutrients (C-Organic, N, P, K, and Mn Total). The compost characteristics of grass had a very dark brown, pH at 7.3, C/N ratio at 7, and nutrients (C-Organic, N, P, K, and Mn Total). The compost from oil palm empty fruit bunch and grass were in accordance with the national standard of compost.Keywords: empty fruit bunch, grass, compo

    Prediksi Awal Musim Hujan di Jawa Menggunakan Data Luaran Regional Climate Model Version 3.1 (RegCM3)

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    Monsoon onset information plays an important role in setting up planting strategy for achieving optimum yield. This study aimed to develop forecasting model for the monsoon onset in main rice growing area of Java used Regional Climate Model Version 3.1 (RegCM3). The forecasting models of the monsoon onset and September-Oktober-November (SON) rainfall data were developed using regression model that have the highest coefficient determination and the models were tested using likelihood ratio test. It was found that the forecasting models of the monsoon onset and September-Oktober-November rainfall data were polynomial orde 2 or cuadratic that have coefficient determination 69%, 74%, 80% and 86%. Likelihood ratio test found that RegCM3 rainfall data was not significantly different with observation rainfall data (α = 0.05). Onset in Java between 25th until 34th of 10-days period (early September until early December)

    Granulasi dengan Matrix dari Residu Ekstraksi Kunyit sebagai Upaya Produksi Pakan Ayam Pedaging

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    Feed is an important aspect of the farm. Feeding not only consider nutritional factors but also economic factors. The evidence suggests that drugs such as antibiotics are added to feed for fattening purposes. Utilization of natural materials have a minimal risk of side effects. Turmeric (Curcuma domestica) is the most dominant medicinal plant that produces a lot of waste extraction. This activity aimed to reprocessing of residual extraction becomes an added value commodity such as feed. Patner of this programe was UKOT Naturafit Thibbunnabawi. The feed that produced meets the standar of feed for broilers. Counseling and training can improve participants' knowledge about the use of traditional medicine residues to modify animal feed and motivate participants to develop a farm business

    Evaluasi Program Pemberdayaan Usaha Mikro Kecil dan Menengah (UMKM) LAZISMU Magetan dengan Pendekatan Diagram Kartesius

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    This study aimed to determine the effect of zakat empowerment with MSMEs on the economic people empowerment according to the mustahik perceptions. This research used descriptive analysis with Cartesian coordinate approach. The results showed that the quality of LAZISMU in the MSMEs empowerment program in each dimension of tangible, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy was almost entirely good quality. The tangible dimension can be shown through the ease of procedures for submitting assistance and the period of its realization. The suitability between everything described by the officer with the reality on the reliable dimension is the main priority factor. The politeness, friendliness and communication skill of officers in the empathy dimension are factors that must be maintained. While transparency in providing information on survey results on the assurance dimension is a low priority factor. The monitoring on the impact of empowerment on the responsiveness dimension and the strategic location of the LAZISMU office on the tangible dimension was considered excessive. There is an effect of zakat empowerment with MSMEs on increasing the people's economic income in terms of service quality according to the perceptions of mustahik. This research suggests LAZISMU Magetan for accelerates the realization of assistance proposals and the ease in applying for assistance
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