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    Pengobatan flu kucing menggunakan suplemen tunggal berbahan dasar kolostrum, probiotik dan prebiotik (Felostrum)

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    Flu pada kucing merupakan penyakit infeksi saluran pernapasan atas yang disebabkan oleh virus dan bakteri dari berbagai usia. Pencegahan dan pengendalian vaksinasi masih belum banyak dilakukan. Salah satu alternatifnya adalah dengan memberikan suplemen tunggal kolostrum, probiotik, dan prebiotik. Tulisan ini melaporkan penanganan kasus flu pada 2 ekor kucing umur enam bulan (Cio) dan delapan bulan (Kaori) di Klinik Pet Center Depok dengan menggunakan suplemen berbahan dasar kolostrum, probiotik, dan prebiotik. Pemberian suplemen kolostrum, probiotik, dan prebiotik tunggal dilakukan selama tujuh hari, dan kondisi kedua kucing menunjukkan perubahan. Kondisi kucing Cio membaik pada hari ketiga, sedangkan kucing Kaori menunjukkan penurunan frekuensi bersin dan penurunan konsentrasi dan volume. Pada hari ketujuh, kedua kucing dalam kondisi baik.Flu in cats is an upper respiratory tract infection caused by viruses and bacteria of various ages. Prevention and control of vaccinations are still not widely practiced. One alternative is to provide a single supplement of colostrum, probiotics, and prebiotics. This paper reports the handling of flu cases in 2 cats aged six months (Cio) and eight months (Kaori) at the Depok Pet Center Clinic using colostrum-based supplements, probiotics, and prebiotics. A single supplementation of colostrum, pro-biotics, and prebiotics was carried out for seven days, and the condition of both cats showed changes. The condition of Cio's cat improved on the third day, while Kaori's cat showed less frequent sneezing and reduced concentration and volume. On the seventh day, both cats were in good condition

    Sikap Masyarakat dalam Pengelolaan Mangrove di Kampung Teluk Sulaiman, Kabupaten Berau, Indonesia

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    This research aims to determine the value of community attitudes in Teluk Sulaiman in mangrove management and the factors that influence attitudes. This is a descriptive research using questionnaire and observation as data collection methods. Attitude measurement uses cognitive, affective, and conative aspects. To assess attitudes a Likert scale with SPSS processing is used. The results of the study obtained that the attitudes of the people in this village were positive with a value of 4.15, where the cognitive aspect value was 4.13, affective aspect 4.35 and conative aspect 3.96. The factor that influences attitude values is income. Meanwhile, other factors, such as age, and number of family members do not have a significant effect. Length of stay factor has a sufficient relationship with attitude value. The attitude scores seen from the gender segment do not have a significant difference, although in general the attitude scores of men are higher than women. The attitude scores of immigrants and native residents do not have a significant difference, although in general the attitude scores of immigrants are higher than those of native residents

    Data Quality of Nutritional Status among Children Using WHO Anthro Application: A Quasi-Experimental Study

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    This study aims to look at improving the quality of nutritional status data through WHO Anthro training in stunting focus areas. This study used a quasi-experimental quantitative method with a pretest-posttest equivalent repeated measures framework approach, using two groups. A total of 40 kindergarten teachers were sampled, divided equally into two groups. The control group was taught how to plot nutritional status using WHO charts and the intervention group was trained how to use the WHO Anthro application. Data was analyzed by non-parametrical means with a Friedman test to compare the pre-mid-post data in each group of different samples. The group trained by WHO Anthro showed that the data quality on nutritional status was significantly different, with a p=0.000. The evaluation conducted after two months of training proved to be significantly different in terms of information and data accuracy with p=0.030 and p=0.040, respectively. WHO Anthro is proven to be able to facilitate kindergarten teachers in determining the nutritional status of students, and the resulting nutritional status reports are of higher quality because they are more accurate and useful for early detection of stunting in each school

    The Food Insecurity Issues in Gastronomy Tourism among Local and International Tourists in Malaysia

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    The objectives of this study are to investigate the food security issues arising in gastronomic tourism, to verify the food insecurity experiences encountered by tourists, and to determine the tourists’ dining satisfaction from the gastronomic tourism experiences in Malaysia. A quantitative approach was selected for this study. These issues were concluded from the data collection via questionnaire forms disseminated online through multiple social media platforms consisting of 250 participants of both local and international tourists visiting Malaysia. The Independent T-test and Mann-Whitney test were used as the main statistical test to establish if any tourist groups had food security-related issues during their visit. The results showed that local tourists are more likely to be affected by food security issues, food insecurity, and dining experiences. Overall, this study discovered that both local and international tourists have contrasting experiences in gastronomy tourism in Malaysia

    The Relationship between Folic Acid Intake and Depression among College Students

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    The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between folic acid intake and the incidence of depression among students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, department of Nutrition. This cross-sectional study recruited 40 participants following the inclusion criteria. Sample collection was done by random sampling. Data collection on the adequacy of folic acid intake was carried out using the non-consecutive three days 24 four Food recall. The prevalence of depression was obtained by measuring the level of depression in the last two weeks using the Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II) questionnaire. The results showed that 2.5% of the subjects had sufficient folic acid intake and 97.5% had insufficient folic acid intake with mean 78,5 mcg. About 47.5% of subjects experienced minimal depression, 20% experienced mild depression, 25% experienced moderate depression, and 7.5% experienced major depression with mean score 13.4. Futher analysis, the p-value (p=0.145) indicated that there was no significant relationship between folic acid and depression status. Recommended for using the Semi-Quantitative Food Frequency Questionnaire (SQ-FFQ) to see acid intake folate and pay attention to other factors that cause depression

    Pengaruh Promosi dan Kualitas Pelayanan terhadap Keputusan Pembelian melalui Peran Mediasi Citra Merk di McDonald's Palangkaraya

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    Business development requires companies to have a competitive advantage in order to compete with their competitors. Nowadays, consumers are more selective in making purchases to fulfil their needs and desires. Therefore, it is important for companies to implement marketing strategies that are oriented towards competitive advantage in order to attract potential market. Based on research conducted by the Frontier Consulting Group, it is known that McDonald's Top Brand Index (TBI) is ranked 2nd with the TBI value of 25.40%. McDonald's is still below its competitor KFC with the TBI value of 27.20%. The top brand index is an indicator of a brand's performance based on 3 criteria in its assessment, namely mind share, market share and commitment share. This study aims to determine the effect of promotion and service quality on purchasing decisions at McDonald’s Palangka Raya with brand image as the intervening variable. The sampling technique in this study uses the Cochran formula so that the sample size was obtained 100 respondents. The results showed that promotion, service quality and brand image each had a positive and significant effect on purchasing decisions at McDonald’s Palangka Raya. Then, in the mediation test, brand image didn’t become the intervening variable and was unable to mediate variable promotion and service quality in this research model

    What Strategy to Develop Female Leadership to Support a Company’s Sustainability in State Owned Enterprises (SOES)?

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    This paper was to explain the result of current study and use it to further explore the characteristics that need to be improved by female leaders in Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) to support the company’s sustainability. The research method was quantitative-based and used an online survey on all female leaders in Indonesian SOEs. It was found that female leaders in SOEs had characteristics of Visionary and Organic Leadership, with indicators of ability to decision making, power distance between leaders and follower, key organizational players, sources of organizational commitment and responsibility and leadership situations. Using Partial Least Square-Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) and software WarpPLS, the study discovered that visionary female leadership had no impact on the company’s sustainability. Nevertheless, by fully mediating business competency and partially mediating of organizational competency, there was a significant impact of Female Visionary Leadership on Companies’ Sustainability. Based on the model from the current study of the influece of female leadership on corporate sustainability, this study developed a strategy for the development of women leadership by providing indicators that should be increased in women leaders. Using AHP method, it was necessary to develop the character of Visionary Female Leadership in Indonesian SOEs by increasing the source of organizational commitment and responsibility, leadership skill and ability to make decision. Keywords: female leadership, visionary leadership, organizational commitment, leadership skills ability in decision makin

    Characteristics of seaweed caraginan Kappaphycus alvarezii on cultivation system with different seed weight

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    Seaweed (Kappaphycus alvarezii) could be a source of carrageenan needed for industrial sector. The purpose of this study to analyze the characteristics of carrageenan seaweed cultivated with bag and non-bag cultivation systems and different seed weights. The research was conducted in the waters of Bone Bay and the Laboratory of the Indonesian Center for Brackish Water Cultivation and Fisheries Extension in Maros. This study used a factorial completely randomized design (CRD) consisting of factor A (using bags and non-bags), and factor B (seed weight 15, 50, 75, 100, and 125 g). The results showed that the cultivation method factor, seed weight factor, and their interaction had an effect on carrageenan yield, gel strength, ash content and water content (P <0.05). Different cultivation systems with different initial seed weight combinations showed different best results for each parameter. The highest value of yield of carrageenan was observed in the bag culture system with a seed weight of 100 g, namely 29.18 ± 1.10%. The highest value of gel strength was observed in the non-bagged cultivation system with a seed weight of 75 g, namely 1344.69 ± 18.43 g/cm2. The highest value of ash content was found in the non-bagged cultivation system with 125 g of seed weight, namely 30.02 ± 0.13%. The highest value of water content was found in the bag culture system at a seed weight of 15 g, namely 38.63 ± 0.26%. Different cultivation methods and seed weight resulted in other carrageenan characteristics of seaweed for each parameter.   Keywords: gel strength, ash content, moisture content, yield   ABSTRAK   Rumput laut (Kappaphycus alvarezii) memiliki potensi sebagai sumber karaginan yang banyak dibutuhkan untuk bidang industri. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis karakteristik karaginan rumput laut yang dibudidayakan dengan sistem budidaya kantong dan non kantong serta berat bibit yang berbeda. Penelitian dilaksanakan di perairan Teluk Bone dan Laboratorium Balai Riset Budidaya Air Payau dan Penyuluhan Peikanan Maros. Percobaan penelitian dilakukan melalui rancangan acak lengkap (RAL) faktorial yang terdiri faktor A (memakai kantong dan non kantong), faktor B (berat bibit 15, 50, 75, 100, dan 125 g). Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa faktor metode budidaya, berat bibit dan interaksi keduanya berpengaruh terhadap rendeman karaginan, kekuatan gel, kadar air, kadar abu (P<0,05). Penggunaan sistem budidaya yang berbeda dengan kombinasi berat awal bibit berbeda menunjukkan hasil terbaik yang tidak sama pada tiap parameter. Nilai tertinggi rendeman keraginan teramati pada sistem budidaya kantong dengan berat bibit 100 g yakni 29,18 ± 1,10 %. Nilai tertinggi kekuatan gel teramati pada sistem budidaya non kantong dengan berat bibit 50 g yaitu 1344,69 ± 18,43 g/cm2. Nilai kadar abu tertinggi pada sistem budidaya non kantong dengan berat bibit 125 g yaitu 30,02 ± 0,13%. Nilai kadar air tertinggi pada sistem budidaya kantong dengan berat bibit 15 g yaitu 38,63 ± 0,26 %. Penggunaan metode budidaya dan berat bibit yang berbeda menghasilkan karakteristik karaginan rumput laut yang berbeda pada tiap parameter.   Kata kunci: kekuatan gel, kadar abu, kadar air, rendeme

    Digital Marketing Alliance on Small Medium Enterprises (SMES): A Systematic Literature Review

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    The development of digital marketing continues to grow and increase rapidly. Strengthening digital marketing by SMEs encourages marketing alliances with other parties. Simultaneously, the digital marketing alliance literature accumulated with this growth, but research is still few and not consistently integrated. SMEs are widely regarded as engines of economic growth and a vital contributor to a country's GDP. A brief comprehensive review is needed to help researchers and practitioners understand the adoption of digital marketing alliance systems. This study aims to analyze and classify the literature on digital marketing alliances in SMEs. Design/methodology by conducting literature studies published between 2016-2021 in the journal listed in the Journal Citation Report. It is then analyzed according to a systematic literature review approach involving interpretation-based assessments of research methodologies and critical findings in the study. The direction of this research is expected in the future to have implications for academics and practitioners. The authors' conclusions develop a theoretical model of digital marketing alliance between government and private that is applied to SMEs, impacting to create excellence in the era of digitalization. The originality /value of this research is the first expected to take a holistically integrated approach to study the digital marketing alliance of SMEs. Keywords: digital marketing, marketing alliance, small medium enterprises (smes), literature studie

    Information Trustworthiness and Information Adoption in Social Media Marketing: Contextualization of Ewom and Its Implications For Marketers

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    Social media platforms have exposed consumers to a large amount of either accurate information or misleading information. The quick spread of information through electronic word-of-mouth on social media networks has made it difficult for consumers to distinguish between marketer-generated content and user-generated content. This study aims to identify the factors that influence consumers when making purchasing decisions and to establish a comprehensive framework for consumers in the digital marketing. The study aimed to investigate how technology acceptance, electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM), and perceived risk affect information adoption by users in social media marketing. The study collected data from 213 social media users in Semarang via an online survey and used partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM). The findings showed that information trustworthiness and information adoption were intermediaries between information quality, usefulness, perceived risk, argument quality, and information adoption. The study suggests that the quality and usefulness of the information are significant factors that affect the adoption of information. For social media marketers, providing high-quality and balancing useful information can increase consumer chances of adoption, thereby leading to purchase intention. The findings highlight for the marketers to ensure that the information provided is of high quality and relevant to the target audience. Keywords: digital marketing, social media, information adoption, electronic word-of- mouth, trus


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