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    Becoming a Teacher of Writing in Elementary Classrooms (Second Edition)

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    Welcoming students from abroad

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    After a year-long hiatus, international students returned to the Linfield community this fal

    Paper Project - Scenic Design for Cabaret

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    A project focusing on scenic design for the musical Caberet. This poster and paper highlights the collaborative scholarly and creative processes of theatre students, theatre faculty, and theatre professionals

    Swept Away

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    Original novella

    Hills of Nafplion

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    Hills of Nafplion, taken by Kelsey Jordan on the Linfield University January Term Abroad Program in Nafplion, Greece. 1st place, Lanscape division, in the 2023 Linfield University Study Abroad Photo Contest.

    The Shape of Victory: the Earth-Touching Gesture in Context

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    This paper will attempt to unearth some of the historical roots of the earth-touching gesture by considering eight different textual accounts of it from the Buddhist traditions of the early centuries CE. Maria Spagnoli has recently argued that the gesture stems from Greek antecedents in oath-making that were transferred to ancient India, perhaps through Gandhara. While this may indeed be so, more remains to be said about possible Indian roots of the gesture. To that end, this paper will explore resonances the gesture has with material in several important Vedic tropes. It will also consider the problem of early Buddhist aniconism, and how the gesture may have played a role in opening up the Buddha’s form to iconic representation

    Any Chinese Translation Of Theravada Pali

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    Linfield University\u27s Giving Day

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    Insert highlighting events for various events during the year, including Wild Da

    The effect of low concentrations of copper on mitochondria and activity in yeast cells

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    Mitochondria are essential organelles in both yeast and human cells due to their role in metabolism, ATP production via the oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) pathway, and other regulatory cellular processes. Using yeast as a model organism to study mitochondrial function in a chronological lifespan assay allows experiments to be conducted over a shorter timeframe and allows for connections to be made to human cells. Our aim is to investigate how exogenous copper in the mitochondria of yeast affects the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), protein expression, and enzyme activity during yeast lifespan. Small amounts excess copper added to growth media (0.25 mM copper sulfate in restricted nutrient media) extend yeast chronological lifespan, but yeast lifespan is reduced when added copper levels are increased to 2.0 mM copper sulfate or higher. These results indicate that low levels of exogenous copper in the media is beneficial for yeast in these restricted media conditions. To extend these findings, we assessed how added copper changes mitochondria within these cells over the course of the yeast lifespan (14 days growth). Using MitoTracker Green and fluorescence detection we showed an increase in mitochondria in copper treated cells. This is consistent with previous studies showing mitochondria in mammal and yeast cells contain a labile copper pool located in the matrix, which is used in the metalation of the copper containing enzyme of the OXPHOS pathway Complex IV, Cytochrome C Oxidase (CcO), and superoxide dismutase (Sod1p). Our most recent work focuses on assessing CcO protein complex expression during yeast lifespan, specifically looking at cytochrome c oxidase subunits using western blotting; and assessing Sod1p activity using in-gel activity assays. The results of this research allow us to better understand the role of copper in mitochondrial activity across the lifespan of yeast


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    Empowerment, taken by Sabrina Anderson on the Linfield University January Term Abroad Program in India. 2nd place, People division, in the 2023 Linfield University Study Abroad Photo Contest.


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