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    Take-off flight performance in blue tits.

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    These data relate to an investigation into the effects of intra-specific variation in wing morphology on escape take-off perfromance in blue tits. As wing morphology varies seasonally and diurnally as a result of feather moult, feather wear and fluctuations in body mass, the aim was to determine whether this variation had an impact on a bird's take-off performance. The morphological and wing beat kinematic variables of individual birds are shown together with corresponding flight power requirements and flight performance

    Dataset associated with publication: ‘Coincident Molecular Auxeticity and Negative Order Parameter in a Liquid Crystal Elastomer’

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    Contains opto-mechanical testing data for an all acrylate Liquid Crystal Elastomer observed to display a negative Poisson’s ratio coincident with a state of negative liquid crystal ordering. Also contains images from AFM and SEM studies of the material confirming the LCE has zero detectable porosity in strained and unstrained states. Dataset includes plotting files used to generate figures

    Dataset associated with 'A new mechanical stellar wind feedback model for the Rosette Nebula'

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    In the paper, we have used the AMR magnetohydrodynamic code, MG, to perform 3D magnetohydrodynamic simulations with self-gravity of stellar feedback in molecular clouds formed through the action of thermal instability in order to reproduce the Rosette Nebula. This repository contains the raw data to accompany various figures in this peer-reviewed publication in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

    Dementia Carers Instrument Development (DECIDE) - Qualitative interview data

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    This dataset contains qualitative interview transcripts, obtained from 41 of 42 semi-structured interviews with a purposively diverse sample of primary carers aged ≥16 years, supporting a partner or family member who had a diagnosis of dementia and living in the community. Participants included 28 females, and 14 males (aged 31-83). The sample included 22 carers who were husband or wife of the person with dementia, and 20 who were daughters, sons, daughter-in-laws or granddaughters. Specific diagnoses of the person with dementia included Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, or other. Open questions were used to explore carers’ experiences, thoughts, and feelings related to challenging and rewarding experiences and events. Socratic questioning was employed, through asking carers to reflect on why particular experiences of care made them feel or think as they did. In this way, we aimed to uncover underlying needs that were impacted upon by the carer experience and generate nuanced contextualized accounts of how caring impacted on carers’ lives

    PEATMAP: Refining estimates of global peatland distribution based on a meta-analysis.

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    PEATMAP is a GIS shapefile dataset shows a distribution of peatlands that covers the entire world. It was produced by combining the most high quality available peatland map from a wide variety of sources that describe peatland distributions at global, regional and national levels. The following sequence of comparisons to discriminate between overlapping data sources were used: (1) Relevance. The most important criterion was that source data are able to identify peatlands faithfully and to distinguish them from other land cover types, especially non-peat forming wetlands. (2) Spatial resolution. In areas where two or more overlapping data sources were indistinguishable in terms of their relevance to peatlands, the dataset with the finest spatial resolution was selected. (3) Age. In any areas where two or more overlapping datasets were indistinguishable based on both their apparent relevance to peatlands and their spatial resolution, the data product that had been most recently updated was selected. Recently updated products commonly contain much older source data, the period over which the latest revision source data were collected as the primary measure of the age of a dataset

    The Orphan of Zhao (Beijing Jingju Company & Beijing Jingju Theatre)/《赵氏孤儿》(北京京剧团/北京京剧院)

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    This data consist of 11 productions of The Orphan of Zhao created by practitioners from four countries – China, Nigeria, Korea and Britain – and spans a range of theatrical genres: Chinese regional operas; spoken drama and Chinese opera in the Western style as well as dramas in Korean and in English (works by Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria and by the Royal Shakespeare Company in Britain). Viewers can find the introduction to each of the productions, including the information about the particular genre of each stage work. There are also still images and clips of videos; some production links include critical reviews. These diverse productions not only retell an ancient story of an orphan in China, but also enlighten us about the intriguing fluidity and continuity of human culture. 这个《赵氏孤儿》资料群包括11部不同的《赵氏孤儿》作品,分别来自四个国家:中国、韩国、尼日利亚和英国。这里既有中国的戏曲、话剧和歌剧作品,也有韩语和英语的作品(尼日利亚贝洛大学戏剧部和英国皇家莎士比亚剧团的演出)。资料群为浏览者提供了每个作品的介绍包括该作品所采用的剧种。每部作品都有照片,有些包括录像片断和评论文章,这些各有特色的作品不仅重新讲述了一个中国孤儿的故事,而且也使我们看到人类文化中引人入胜的流动和延续的特质

    Mobile robot observing kitchen activities - University of Leeds

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    A collection of human detections captured using a mobile robot during one week patrolling a university staff and student common room and kitchen area. Data includes RGB images of detections, estimated skeleton pose from depth sensor, robot odometry and ground truth segmentation and labelling of activities

    Parameterised contact model of pelvic bone and cartilage: development data set

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    The dataset was created as supplementary materials for the paper "Geometric parameterisation of pelvic bone and cartilage in contact analysis of the natural hip: an initial study". The dataset included the following documentation and data: the comparison results between segmentation-based model and parameterised model and the sensitivity analysis for the segmentation-based model; the detailed methodology of FE model development for segmentation-based model and parameterised model; the FE models for the two types of models and the solid models of the components for the two types of models

    Mapping the field of children’s literature translation in Saudi Arabia: Translation flow in accordance with Socio-Cultural norms. Bibliographical Data List - Part of Doctoral Thesis

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    The aim is to investigate the translation flow of foreign children’s books in Saudi Arabia by creating a bibliographical list of these books and situate any statistics extracted from this list within the wider sociocultural context. This will help provide a view of the general trends in translation flows and also help to facilitate future research in the field. The collected bibliographical data includes, as far as is possible, source and translated books titles, translators’ names, authors’ names, source language, source and translations publishers’ names and the year of publication of the translation

    Kiel Uprising: Women's activism and the German Revolution November 1918

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    Centenary commemorations in the UK have emphasised the military aspects of the conflict - commemoration of those who opposed the war has largely been marginalised. Where the German perspective has been included at all, it has been to reinforce stereotypes of German militarism. This project aims to challenge this and broaden public understanding of German anti- militarism, first by telling the story of the German Revolution that brought the war to an end in November 1918 and established democracy on German soil, and secondly by putting the ordinary populace, especially the women who actively opposed the war and supported the revolution, centre stage. This approach has the effect of challenging the gender of the revolution, hitherto presented almost exclusively as a masculine story due to the current focus on the military and revolutionary leaders in the majority of historical research on this subject. This dataset contains the “Painter Sharp Database”, a database of the revolutionary women found by this project, an annotated bibliography, an archive guide, photographs and visual material of the theatre play, and material relating to the exhibitions. Further information can be found in the “Guide to the Data” file


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