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    Modelling Inclusiveness of Growth in Nigeria. What are the Roles of Remittances and Institutional Quality?

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    The Nigerian economy has witnessed tremendous growth in the last three and half decades, yet 62.7% of the 188 million population remains poor. The non-inclusiveness of growth recorded has heightened the search for the underlying cause of this age-old macroeconomic problems. The institutional mechanism in place to attract worker’s remittances in order to attain a broad-based growth have been the placed at the forefront of the national quest for growth to be inclusive. In analysing the role of institutions in the remittance-inclusive growth puzzle, this paper employ the Auto-Regressive Distributed Lag Approach to account for the short-run and long-run structural properties of the model. Findings reveals that remittances has a long-term negative relationship with inclusiveness of growth while institutional quality positively enhances inclusiveness of growth in Nigeria in the long-run. However, institutions have negative short-term relationship with inclusive Growth while remittances have short-term positive relationship with inclusive Growth in Nigeria. It is therefore recommended that the society should do more to embrace strong institutions that will promote inclusiveness and their instrumental value as a means toward better growth performance and equal income distribution

    SMEs an economic outlook

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    In the event of time outside the southeast and west of Kosovo, the SME was replaced by the drivers of economic development.Its economic development is the framework for political and economic macroeconomics, and the state secret lies in the development of SMEs. This is the first part of the truth, while the latter is simpler, SMEs' philosophy depends on entrepreneurs and management. in promoting and developing SMEs, new management salvage attempts, WoodThis includes the effective management of software, software, software, structures, people and resources as well as control stations with control. This process reviews the combination of common sense and power, the ability, the need risks and the specific knowledge in planning, organization, coordination, motivation and control as well as the organization and the mission. Nutz. the more effective and efficient.One of the main tasks of managers is to motivate and inspire people, and to create vision and create new challenges, where motivation is something that works in a person to bring himself to the best. Goal-oriented, mother for the family and the company in which we work, goes well &nbsp

    Determinants of Financial Sustainability of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Ghana

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    Financial sustainability of NGOs has become a global concern in the wake of global financial crisis which has reduced donor funds from developed economies to developing countries. NGOs play an important role in developing countries like Ghana and as such their financial sustainability is very important not only for the NGOs but the Ghanaian economy. The study examined the factors that determine financial sustainability of NGOs in Ghana based on the following variables; sound financial management practices, income diversification, own income generation, good donor relationship and the use of ERPs and Cloud Accounting by NGOs. The study sampled 56 NGO where data was collected through the administration of questionnaires. Data was analysed using various statistical tools such as frequencies, graphs, tables, Kruskal Wallis Test and regression analysis. The results of the study showed that NGOS in Ghana are donor dependent and have little diversification of income as well as less own income generation measures in place. This results show that NGOs in Ghana are not financially sustainable and as such need income generating income measures that will help them to be financially reliable. The results show that sound financial management practices, own income generation by NGOs, diversification of income and good donor relationship are the key determinants of financial sustainability of NGOs in Ghana. The use of ERP systems and cloud accounting had positive effect on NGO financial sustainability but statistically insignificant. The results call for NGOs to take steps to improve these factors in their respective organization if they want to improve their financial sustainability

    Premises of Liability of a Person who Assists in Causing Damage under Polish Civil Law

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    Objectives: This study has been devoted to selected issues of assistance  in causing damage and more specifically to the issue of the premises of liability for damages of a helper under Polish civil law. Prior dispute: There is an important dispute in the Polish doctrine of law and in judicial practice as well, whether it is possible to accept liability for damages of the helper in the absence of his intentional fault. Approach: The work was prepared using a formal and dogmatic method. Results: Under Polish tort law responsibility for aiding and abetting a damage requires the helper's intentional fault. Implication: The paper could be useful for academics and researchers dealing with the comparative tort law. Value: The study raises arguments for the thesis that the sine qua non premise of a helper's civil responsibility is intentional fault. The study presents a critical analysis of the views of doctrine and case law

    Official Development Assistance and Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria (1981-2017)

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    The aim of this study is to examine the long run equilibrium relationship between official development assistant and poverty alleviation in Nigeria over the period of 1981 to 2017 which past studies have failed to explore. Consequently, the study utilized data from UNCTAD, World Bank database, CBN Statistical Bulletin and Cointegration, DOLS and Granger Causality approach was used to address the objective of this study. However, the major findings in this study are summarized as follows. Firstly, there is a significant negative relationship between official development assistance and poverty level in Nigeria. However, FDI which also constitutes a strategic part of foreign capital in Nigeria does not contribute to poverty alleviation in Nigeria. Furthermore, official development assistance and poverty level in Nigeria have a bidirectional feedback. Due to the findings that emerged from this study, the following recommendations are made for the policy makers that whenever alleviation of poverty is the target of the policy makers in the country, the Nigerian government should be committed to the provision of a sound environment and good governance that can facilitate further inflows of official development assistance from the developed countries, especially G 7 countries. Also, the policy makers in Nigeria should ensure that ODA should be tailored towards projects and programs that have trickle down effects on the masses in the country

    The Imperative of Social Security in Time of Insecurity in Nigeria

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    The Nigerian state has been having insecurity challenges at different times since independence but the recent wave of insecurity has taken different and outrageous dimension. Today, loss of lives and properties in the hands of insurgents are no longer news because we have lost count with the numbers of deaths. With the combined efforts of agitation for regional secession, religion extremism cum insurgency, and herder/farmers clashes, the Nigeria society has been soaked with blood of defenseless civilians massacred in their homes. Unfortunately, despite huge national budget committed to this menace in response to recommendations of many studies towards tackling state insecurity in Nigeria that include increment of defense allocation and regional and international assistance, the result has been disappointing. But anchored on the social contract theory, this study posits that with effective social security administration, state insecurity will be drastically reduced in Nigeria because state insecurity is driven by local grievances of poor governance and lack of economic opportunities, among others. This position was derived from data generated from secondary sources and analyzed with the content analysis approach. The paper thus, recommended among others that Nigeria government should spends more on social security and less on state security

    Psycho-Social Behavior of the Child Diabetes Diagnosed in the Favorite Family and Placement Center

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    We present the psychosocial behavior of a 10-year-old girl who was diagnosed with type 1diabetes at the age of 5. It comes from an underprivileged family, having four older siblings and beingneglected by parents. Her mother left to work abroad and her father worked temporarily in the villagewhere they lived. Recently the father died. He arrived at the Emergency Clinic Hospital for GalatiChildren countless times, with a long history of hospitalizations. The girl took advantage of the diseaseto escape school and poverty at home. At the hospital she received hot food and befriended children ofher age. He refused to eat for a day, which deliberately caused him to be hospitalized and hospitalized.The girl is insulin dependent. When he met with the clinical psychologist he demonstrated emotionalimmaturity, lack of cooperation and showed no trace of regret that his father died. Meanwhile, themother agreed to let the child go to a placement center. After arriving at the placement center where hemade friends, the number of admissions decreased and the girl was no longer absent from school

    Prevalence of and Factors Linked to Occupational Stress in Public and Private Organizations in Kosovo

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    Stress is emerging as an increasing prob lem in organizations and companies over the recent decades. Despite the awareness on the risks associated with occupational stress, the growing number of literature on stress, so far no empirical research was done to study the prevalance of stress and associated work stressors of employees in Kosovo. Through quantitative research, this study sought to provide scientific contribution by examining the prevalance of stress and by identifying factors that cause stress among public and private sector employees. Findings revealed a relatively high prevalance of occupational stress among emplouyees, where responents with 1-20 years of work experience reporting being significantly more stressed than those with more than 20 years fo work experience. Moreover, reselts showed that stress adversely affects job performance of employees with 1-20 years of work experience as well as of female employees. stressors pertaining to demand, control, support, relationships, role and change were identified to be causing occupational stress among employees, all showing positive significant correlation with stress. Furthermore, both public and pirvate sector employees considered similar factors as stressful, even though public sector employees reported experiencing slightly higher levels of stress

    Playwriting: an analysis of the Morphological Characteristics of Whatsapp and Facebook Messages

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    The concept of writing in all its ramifications has remained pivotally significant in the process of documentations, from the antediluvian to the contemporary times. This is asserted on power, prowess and flexibility of the playwright in carefully adapting his environment and mirroring it satisfactorily. This paper examines the art of playwriting as a medium of adaptation of the society holistically and narrowing it to the influence of the social media (Facebook and whatsapp) on English language in making modern plays. In the process of interacting with people from different educational and societal backgrounds, social media platforms have influenced their use of English language and as such, the playwright captures them. This paper through the content and data analysis examines the influence of Facebook and WhatsApp on English language in playwriting processes in particular and the society at large. This paper hinges on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s “Use Theory” and Aristotle’s mimetic wisdom theory as its theoretical fibre. This study through three Facebook groups and three Whatsapp groups provides understanding of budding playwrights’ experiences of using Facebook and WhatsApp and their view on how it affects their writing of plays in flexible English language. The paper recommends that budding and experienced playwrights should flexibly adapt the nuances of social media to stay germane, focus and creative in the contemporary theatre industry and advance the craft of playwriting in mirroring the society

    The Link between Students Satisfaction and the Quality of Higher Education in Republic of Macedonia

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    Education has a key role in the development of a country, in the improvement of its economic welfare as well as the living standard of its citizens. The Republic of Macedonia is a developing country which constantly invests in its educational institutions as well as increasing their number in order to improve the quality of life of its citizens. In recent years the Republic of Macedonia has seen an increase in the number of institutions that offer higher education as well as an increase in the number of freshman year students enrolling in these institutions. The number of students has increased due to the fact that a large number of the companies in the technological and business sectors are requiring that their staff at least have a University degree. This paper researched the importance of separate factors of studying for the students in the Republic of Macedonia and the degree of their satisfaction from the administrative, academic and physical capacities and resources, as well as the level of satisfaction from the interpersonal communication and the general surrounding of the Universities The research showed that there are statistical differences in the level of satisfaction of students from public and private universities from academic activities and services at universities, physical facilities and resources at universities, and interpersonal relationships at universities, with students from private universities demonstrating higher levels of satisfaction in these areas. the concept of student satisfaction will be studied through a prism of consumer satisfaction. The analysis will contain implications of the results and recommendations for further research


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