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    Dataset: Catch of egg-bearing blue crabs (Callinectes sapidus) from 1995 to 2019 in the James River and Chesapeake Bay mainstem

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    Monthly catch of egg-bearing blue crabs, Callinectes sapidus, by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science Trawl Survey are provided in a CSV file. Catch data is aggregated over all stations sampled per month for the Chesapeake Bay mainstem and James River from 1995 to 2019. Months are limited to February, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November. Sampling protocols and methods for the survey can be found in Tuckey and Fabrizio 2022 (Estimating Relative Juvenile Abundance of Ecologically Important Finfish in the Virginia Portion of Chesapeake Bay) doi: 10.25773/9WV1‐PS18. The catch values have been adjusted to account for a vessel change, according to Fabrizio and Tuckey 2016 (Calibration of VIMS Research Vessel Catch Data to Ensure Continuity of Recruitment Indices for the Chesapeake Bay Region) http://doi.org/10.21220/V5QC7

    Contextual Influences in TP(A)CK Research: Bronfenbrenner and Beyond

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    This critical review examines the past 15 years of scholarship about contextual influences in TP(A)CK to better understand its theoretical bases. While Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory is usually applied in this work, either implicitly or explicitly, its articulation is most often incomplete and/or inaccurate, with some confusion evident about the nature and foci of multiple, intersecting systems of contextual influences. We argue for a more comprehensive way to theorize context in future TP(A)CK research, using Bronfenbrenner’s systemic explanations of the complex and interdependent aspects of contextual influences and actors. We also recommend additional focus upon indirect, intersectional and sociocultural influences upon teachers’ TP(A)CK-based knowledge and action.https://scholarworks.wm.edu/educationbookchapters/1056/thumbnail.jp

    Replication materials for Cooperation in Public Goods Experiments with Random and Finite Stopping Rules

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    This repository contains all data and program files for replicating the results in Anderson, Hicks, and Turscak article Cooperation in Public Goods Experiments with Random and Finite Stopping Rules forthcoming in the Journal of the Economic Science Association. For descriptions of each file in the repository, please see readme.tx

    The Status of Virginia\u27a Public Oyster Resource 2023

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    Comparative Ontogeny of the Siberian Sturgeon, Acipenser baerii (Acipenseriformes: Acipenseroidei: Acipenseridae), the Sterlet, Acipenser ruthenus and their Hybrids

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    Owing to their more rapid growth rate and overall improved reproductive fitness, hybrids between species of sturgeons (Acipenser spp.) have increasingly accounted for a critical mass of the fish reared in captivity for the growing industry surrounding these fishes. In spite of their commercial importance, little information exists regarding the ontogeny of these hybrids in comparison to their parent species. The aim of this study was to examine the morphological differences and overall patterns of growth that the hybrids of two purebred sturgeon that are commonly used in aquaculture, the Siberian Sturgeon (Acipenser baerii), and Sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus), in relation to both of these parent species. The developmental timing of the pectoral fin, dorsal fin, pelvic fin, and anal fin were quantified along with the relationship between the total length of each individual and the position of the fin, with the goal of testing for morphological hybrid vigor (earlier or accelerated development of critical functional units in the hybrids than in the parent species). While the data that were collected did not conclusively support morphological hybrid vigor for all traits, the maternal inheritance pattern that was observed in the developmental timing of the dorsal and pelvic fin in the A. baerii (female) x A. ruthenus (male) cross potentially provided support for a separate hypothesis that has only recently been explored in the literature, stating that A. baerii has a “dominant phenotype,” in turn potentially offsetting any instance of hybrid vigor that would otherwise occur. While possible explanations for this phenomenon exist – i.e., the differences in ploidy level between A. baerii and A. ruthenus – an exact cause may need to be determined through the course of future studies

    Volume 13, Issue 1

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    Dataset: The development of strategies for coastal wetland conservation prioritization in Virginia under climate change

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    This project focuses on developing strategies to improve our understanding and strengthen the sustainability of Virginia’s coastal wetlands to climate change impacts. Marsh migration under sea level rise is a primary pathway for marsh persistence. However, the resulting extent and habitat function of the newly migrated marsh is still being explored. In addition, accelerating sea level rise suggests that coastal wetlands need frequent monitoring to assess change. This project addresses Virginia regional priority 1, to develop a framework to overcome barriers to use existing wetland assessment methodologies and studies for restoration/compensatory mitigation projects to improve functional performance of aquatic resources by creating a method to readily update tidal marsh status, evaluate trends under sea level rise, and understand shifts in habitat function. This project expands the tidal wetlands assessment and monitoring programs to include consideration of climate stressors. It also extends outcomes and lessons learned from previous EPA project (CD96347001-0, CD963819-01-1) that identified tidal marsh vulnerability to loss or community change from sea level rise

    The People of Seljuq Baghdad, 1069-1089

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    In recent years, scholars of the Islamic Middle East have fiercely debated the nature and underlying causes of the so-called ‘Sunni Revival’, a period of Sunni political resurgence and theological consolidation centered around the city of Baghdad that lasted throughout the eleventh century. Despite the importance of this period, which witnessed the crystallization of mainstream Islamic thought as it is known to the present, scholars have been unable to synthesize its phenomena into a single convincing narrative. This shortcoming is owed largely to scholars lacking a robust structural understanding of Islamic society during this period, particularly with respect to Baghdad. While significant work has been done to study the elites of Baghdad such as the administration of the local Abbasid Caliphate and the garrison of the foreign Seljuq sultanate, very little attention has been paid to the vast majority of the city’s populace. Working from the assumption that understanding a society’s social structure requires understanding its people, this project studies the group referred to in the sources as ‘al-aewam’, a term usually translated as ‘the masses’

    Hematodinium: A Blue Crab Parasite

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    Grade Level: High School Biology Students will use monthly survey data to measure percentage of infection, or prevalence of Hematodinium in adult and juvenile blue crabs and determine how prevalence changes through seasons

    Spectroscopy And Dynamics Of Atmospherically And Combustion-Relevant Collision Complexes

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    Potential energy surfaces describing bimolecular collisions sensitively depend on the chemical functionality and the relative orientation of colliding partners, thus defining the accessibly reactive and nonreactive pathways. Herein, we investigate the peculiar product outcomes arising from Jahn-Teller distortion of the nitric oxide and methane complex (NO-CH4). We have reported an in-depth spectroscopic and dynamics study of NO-CH4 by utilizing conformation-specific and action spectroscopy, as well as velocity map imaging, to understand the fundamental dissociative mechanisms at play. Ultimately, we have gained information about how the Jahn Teller effect possibly impacts the potential product energy transfer pathways. There is a translationally slow pathway that arises from effective vibration-vibration energy transfer into the 2v4 mode of methane, which occurs on a fast timescale (\u3c2.5 ps). In addition, there is translationally fast pathway that arises from NO and CH4 being able to sample more of their respective energy space, leading to rotational broadening and a slow dissociative timescale (\u3e2.5 ps). The distinctly varied product outcomes provide important experimental signatures of a Jahn Teller distorted equilibrium geometry and the ranging effects it can have


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