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     In this report, I considered why social child care cases are separated from the child-rearing support system, and examined the possibility of guaranteed community-based child-rearing and child care support in social child care cases. In Japan, the child care support policy began in tandem with measures to reduce the birthrate, and subsequently, community-based child care support unfolded. However, today’s social child care system pulls a child away from the community where his/her family lives. The new social child care vision is expected to resolve that problem by entrusting the child to a foster parent or putting him/her up for special adoption, but it is not the perfect solution. The responsibility for providing consultation assistance to a family that has difficulties raising a child shifts from the concerned prefecture to the municipality, so it includes the possibility of community-based social work. In the social child care system, flexible utilization of the community to ensure that the child is not separated from the parents is possible. 本稿では、社会的養護ケースがなぜ子育て支援から切り離されるのかを考察し、社会的養護ケースの地域を基盤とした子どもの育ちと子育ての保障の可能性を検討した。わが国の子育て支援政策は少子化対策から始まり、子ども・子育て支援制度の下で地域を基盤とした子育て支援が展開している。しかし、現在の社会的養護は、子どもを家庭のある地域から引き離している。新しい社会的養育ビジョンでは里親委託や特別養子縁組によってこの課題を解決しようとしているが、完全な解決ではない。子育てに困難を抱える家庭への相談援助は、県から市町村に実施機関が移行し、地域を基盤とした相談援助の可能性がある。社会的養護についても、地域にひらき、親子を分離しない柔軟な活用が考えられる

    Career Preparation of Female University Students and its Psychosocial Factors: Do their career self-efficacy and resilience forecast their progress of self-evaluation of career preparation activities?

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    日本の東京都下の大学に通学する女子学生1年~4年次生計772名(平均年齢19.95歳, SD 1.058)を対象に、就職・進学など、進路準備活動の進捗の自己評価を、就職活動や進学のための学習に向けたモティベーションに関わる出力変数と位置づけ、個人特性の変数として、1)就業・進路探索などキャリア自己効力感(Career Self-Efficacy)、2) レジリエンス(BRS)特性、3)大学における活動水準 との関連を検討する共分散構造分析を行った。キャリア自己効力感(CSE)においては「I_Define volition 意思の明確化」「II_Information retrieval情報探索」「III_Plan and prepare計画と準備」、3つの因子が抽出され、レジリエンス(BRS)からはI-Tolerance, II- Sociability, III-Optimistic view, IV-Information retrieve, V-Empathic understandingという5因子が抽出された。進路準備活動の進捗・自己評価を出力変数としてレジリエンスと自己効力感についての共分散構造分析はGFI= .967, Pr. < .000, RMSEA = .078という許容できる適合性を示すモデルが確認された。これらの因果的パスの流れからは、女子大学生自身が自分の近未来の進路(就業・進学)について自己効力感を伴って明確化するよう促す支援、そのための対人・社会的環境についての情報検索能力にも自信をもつことができるように経験を豊富化する必要があることが示された。"Research was conducted for a total of 772 female undergraduate students (average age 19.95, SD 1.058) attending university in the Tokyo, Japan. The progress of self-evaluation on their career preparation activities is positioned as a dependent variable concerning their motivation for their employment or furtherstudies. The variables of individual characteristics are defined as follows: 1) Career self-efficacy (CSE), 2) Bi-dimensional Resilience Scale (BRS), 3) activity level during university. Three factors were extracted from the CSE: (I) define volition, (II) information retrieval, and (III) plan and prepare, and five factors were extracted from the BRS: (i) tolerance, (ii) sociability, (iii) optimistic view, (iv) information retrieval, and (v) empathic understanding. Analysis of the covariance structures model regarding resilience and self-efficacy towards progress of self-evaluation of career preparation activities as a dependent variable confirmed a model with an acceptable fit (GFI = .967, RMSEA = .078).These causal path flows include enriching the level of activity and experience in female students’university life; supporting students as they clarify their paths for the near future (employment/advance studies) autonomously; and enriching the experience of students to be confident in their ability to search information regarding the interpersonal/social environment.


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