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    Lunch & Learn: Gift to the Community - How the Benedictine Sisters Shaped Healthcare in Central Minnesota

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    Brendon Duffy, Archivist at CentraCare, shares what circumstances led the Benedictine Sisters into hospital care in 1886 and how their leadership entrepreneurial spirit and generosity led to the ultimate gift for Central Minnesota residents

    Two-photon absorption and fluorescence of cadmium sulfide

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    The two-photon absorption and fluorescence of bulk cadmium sulfide were studied using 50-fs, 800-nm pulses from an unamplified Ti:sapphire laser. The fluorescence spectrum was measured to have a main peak at 522 nm, and the power of the fluorescence was shown to vary quadratically with the 800-nm beam power. This supports the theory that the fluorescence is excited by two-photon absorption and confirms previous work done with longer duration, higher energy excitation pulses. Pump-probe measurements provided additional confirmation of the two-photon absorption. Measured spectral broadening of the wings of the laser spectrum also was observed, which likely is due to self-phase modulation in the cadmium sulfide

    A Philosophy Primer

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    This philosophy primer serves as an introduction to the general pursuit of philosophy and the practice of sound reasoning. The primer identifies and explains seven important guiding ideals for conducting any intellectual inquiry, along with highlighting eight “good moves” to cultivate and eighteen “bad moves” to avoid

    Home Ec Babies at Saint Ben’s

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    From the 1920s to the 1960s, a Home Management course offered by CSB’s Home Economics department involved giving students hands-on experience with child care by “borrowing” local infants to live with the students in a campus “house” setting for several weeks or months at a time

    Is it Nothing?

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    Exploration of Surface Embroidery

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    This is an Independent Learning Project on learning and mastering surface embroidery skills, learning a total of 48 stitches. This project culminated in an original design

    Religion and Global Solidarity: Review of Toward a Global Civilization? The Contribution of Religions

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    Review of Precarious Power: Compliance and discontent under Ramaphosa’s ANC

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    Review of Social Movements: The Structure of Collective Mobilization

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    Dual Vocations of Science and Religion: A Historical Case Study of Benedictine Women

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    This study examines Catholic Benedictine sisters who majored in sciences and taught science for over 100 years at the College of Saint Benedict in Saint Joseph, Minnesota, USA. In 1913, the College of Saint Benedict began as a women’s college, expanding Saint Benedict’s Academy, a boarding high school for women. This historical organizational case study analyzed archived data to understand the benefits and challenges of women who lived religious lives and studied science. Although women, in general, are still underrepresented in the sciences, the data collected provides information on how the sisters obtained advanced degrees as early as 1923, well before women were widely accepted in the sciences in colleges. Over time, the need for training scientists declined. The academic cooperation with the male college, Saint John’s University, allowed coeducational courses, merging departments, and decreasing the need for faculty. The demand for teachers in K-12 schools also fell as choices increased for public education and some Catholic high schools closed. The sisters, however, contributed to scientific research and collaborated with scientists worldwide while living religious lives, despite the long duration of academic studies. In addition, they were role models that taught and developed science curricula at all levels and served in many leadership roles at the college and in the monastery. The legacy of the sisters in science continues, as 1800 lay women have graduated with degrees in the sciences since the start of college


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