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    Growth vs value investing: Persistence and time trend before and after COVID-19.

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    Value investing and growth investing allow economic experts to adopt different investment strategies depending on their chosen specialty; the two investment types have been conditioned by the pandemic, changing the trend of investments and their results. This research aims to analyze the behavior and trends of the different investment strategies before and after the health crisis. We use methodologies based on fractional integration and cointegration to analyze the persistence and trend of the series and their relationship in the long run. We find that the shock is long-lived and causes a change in trend; however, we find no evidence of mean reversion. In addition, we use multivariate wavelet analysis to analyze the correlation between both time series, concluding that a growth-based investment strategy is more successful than a value-based investment strategy. We use neural networks to corroborate our results.pre-print773 K

    Overexpression of cyclin D1 inhibits TNF-induced growth arrest.

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    Although activated macrophages destroy cancer cells more effectively than normal cells, the facility to escape activated macrophages is a characteristic of tumor cells. One of the mechanisms responsible for the specific killing of tumor cells by macrophages is the production of the cytokine tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF). Therefore, resistance to TNF may provide such cancer cells a selective advantage against host elimination. In the present work we explore the possibility that cyclin D1 overrides the cytostatic effect of TNF. We show that TNF induces p21(waf1) protein in malignant melanoma A375 cells and its binding to CDK2/4 and 6 proteins, and thereby inhibiting the activity of these complexes. This inhibition leads the cells to a G1 arrest. Overexpression of cyclin D1 in these cells makes them insensitive to TNF treatment with the recovery of CDK activity, however, is unable to overcome the inhibitory action of etoposide blocking the cells on G2/M. The bypass of TNF-induced G1 arrest seems to be related to the increase in the stability of cyclin D bound CDK complexes, increasing the total amount of CDK2/4 and 6 complexes and leading to a functional down titration of the p21(waf1) molecules. In these conditions the TNF-induced increase of p21(waf1) is not sufficient to inhibit the high amount of cyclin D-bound complexes. This hypothesis is supported by the fact that a reduction in the levels of p21(waf1) protein, induced by the expression of a mRNA antisense against p21(waf1), is also able to bypass of TNF-induced arrest. Our results confirm that p21(waf1) has an essential role in TNF-induced arrest and that the deregulation of cyclin D1 may be one of the mechanisms to escape physiological signals to restrict tumoral growth.pre-print1,83 M

    The Italian Collegi Universitari di Merito and the Spanish Colegios Mayores Universitarios: A comparative analysis.

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    University collegiate residence halls are closely linked to the birth of the great European universities and played a crucial role in forming the cultural, political, and ecclesiastical elite for centuries. However, the evolution of these institutions in Europe has been diverse, varying their importance in the different educational systems. This research compares two institutions: the Italian Collegi di Merito and the Spanish Colegios Mayores Universitarios. Through analyzing primary and secondary documentary sources, a comparison is made around four dimensions: legislative, demographic, formative, and differential value. The results affirm the relevance and pertinence of these institutions in the European context of Higher Education, enrich the educational practices of these institutions, and offer new study prospects for research on the academic potential of university accommodation. In conclusion, Italian and Spanish university colleges provide a space for resistance to the excessive professionalization of Higher Education.I collegi universitari sono legati alla nascita delle grandi università europee e per secoli hanno svolto un ruolo chiave nella formazione delle élite culturali, politiche ed ecclesiastiche. Tuttavia, l'evoluzione di queste istituzioni in Europa è stata diversa, variando la loro importanza nei diversi sistemi educativi. L'obiettivo di questa ricerca è quello di condurre un'analisi comparativa tra due istituzioni: i Collegi di Merito italiani e i Colegios Mayores Universitarios spagnoli. Attraverso l'analisi di fonti documentarie primarie e secondarie, viene effettuato un confronto su quattro dimensioni: legislativa, demografica, formativa e di valore differenziale. I risultati affermano la rilevanza e la pertinenza di queste istituzioni nel contesto europeo dell'istruzione superiore, arricchiscono le pratiche educative di queste istituzioni e offrono nuove prospettive di studio per la ricerca sul potenziale educativo degli alloggi universitari. Pertanto, i collegi universitari italiani e spagnoli offrono uno spazio di resistenza all'eccessiva professionalizzazione dell'istruzione K

    Pragmática de la comunicación científica en No mires arriba (Mckay, 2021).

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    El artículo aborda la película No mires arriba (Mckay, 2021) atendiendo a los agentes de la comunicación científica que representa. En primer lugar, se destaca la relación del cine con la ciencia y la pragmática, para posteriormente estudiar varios personajes identificados como: los científicos, el productor tecológico, el comunicador, el político, y la ciudadanía. Se utiliza para el análisis un modelo previo de obligaciones pragmáticas, así como a otro general centrado en las categorías pragmáticas. Las interacciones observadas entre los agentes se reflejan en un mapa de relaciones. Los resultados señalan al científico como el más propenso a cumplir con las obligaciones que le vinculan con la verdad, señalando al poder político y al rol del productor-tecnológico como los menos afines a ella. El comunicador y la ciudadanía se muestran en general parcialmente cumplidores de sus respectivas obligaciones. Además, todos los roles muestran problemas con la comunicación de la verdad a excepción de dos científicos, y por último, destaca la poderosa influencia del poder político en la administración de la verdad.pre-print1552 K

    Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy by Lateral Approach: Technique, Reproducibility and Outcomes.

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    Background: Radical prostatectomy by lateral approach allows performing a prostatectomy through a buttonhole, with direct access to the seminal vesicle and fully sparing the anterior pubovesical complex. Our aim is to show the results of reproducing the technique of robotic radical prostatectomy by lateral approach, in terms of intraoperative, postoperative, oncological and functional parameters. Methods: We analyzed 513 patients submitted to robotic radical prostatectomy by lateral approach from January 2015 to March 2021, operated on by two surgeons in our institution. The oncological and functional results of both surgeons were compared. Results: When comparing both surgeons, the rate of positive surgical margins (PSM) was 32.87% and 37.9% and significant surgical margins (PSM > 2 mm) were 5.88% and 7.58% (p = 0.672) for surgeon 1 and surgeon 2, respectively. Immediate continence was 86% and 85% and sexual potency at one year 73% and 72%, with a similar rate of complications for surgeon 1 and 2. Conclusions: Radical prostatectomy by the lateral approach technique with preservation of the anterior pubovesical complex is reproducible and offers good oncological and functional results.pre-print5,01 M

    Estimating fat-free mass in recreationally resistance-trained young men: Longitudinal and cross-sectional validation of different methods.

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    Several techniques exist to measure fat-free mass (FFM). Accordingly, this study is based on data from our recent trial comparing the sensitivity of the main field methods available with that of dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) as reference and analyzing the cross-sectional accuracy of these field methods in recreationally resistance-trained males. We hypothesized that the use of these techniques would lead to varying estimates of FFM compared with DXA. Participants (N = 23; 21.4 ± 3.3 years) completed a 10-week resistance training plus diet intervention designed to optimize hypertrophy. FFM was determined by bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), 23 anthropometric equations, and DXA. After the intervention, FFM increased significantly according to BIA and most anthropometric estimates, but this increase was not detected by 2 anthropometric equations or by DXA. Only 1 of these 2 equations showed significant correlation with DXA and no standardized or significant differences to this reference method, although it did display significant heteroscedasticity. In our cross-sectional analysis, only 1 anthropometric equation gave rise to good accuracy as confirmed by DXA. Our findings indicate that the use of different techniques to assess FFM gains in response to a hypertrophic intervention yields different results. BIA with general embedded equations should not be used to monitor a young male adult's body composition. To monitor FFM over time, we would recommend the Dunne et al. equation (2) as the most sensitive field method, and to assess FFM cross-sectionally, equation (1) of these authors is the most accurate field method.pre-print701 K

    Assessing self-forgiveness through the Enright Self-Forgiveness Inventory in the Spanish population: a validation study.

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    Introduction: Self-forgiveness has been a complex construct to define, which has resulted in a shortage of instruments that adequately measure it as a process. In Spain, until now there is only one validated instrument to measure self-forgiveness, for this reason the present study aims to validate the Enright Self-Forgiveness Inventory (ESFI). Method: A sample of 276 people (84 men, 192 women) aged from 18 to 25 years, completed the Enright Self-Forgiveness Inventory (ESFI) after its adaptation to Spanish, as well as the Enright Forgiveness Inventory-30 (EFI-30), the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI), the Short form of Social Desirability Scale (M-C SDS), the Scale of psychological wellbeing (RYFF) and the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale-21 (DASS-21). Results: The Confirmatory Factor Analysis showed a good fit for the original six-factors structure (CFI = 0.93, TLI = 0.92, RMSEA = 0.063). The results showed good psychometric qualities (both validity and reliability) and association between self-forgiveness and social desirability, depression, anxiety, narcissistic traits, and purpose in life as expected theoretically. Discussion: The ESFI-30 shows good psychometric properties within the Spanish context and is an appropriate instrument for evaluating self-forgiveness for research and clinical K

    Cardiovascular Screening Practices and Statin Prescription Habits in Patients with Psoriasis among Dermatologists, Rheumatologists and Primary Care Physicians.

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    Patients with psoriasis have a higher prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors. This study evaluated cardiovascular screening practices and statin prescribing habits among dermatologists, rheumatologists and primary care physicians (PCPs) through an online questionnaire, which was distributed through the Spanish scientific societies of the above-mentioned specialties. A total of 299 physicians (103 dermatologists, 94 rheumatologists and 102 PCPs) responded to the questionnaire. Of these, 74.6% reported screening for smoking, 37.8% for hypertension, 80.3% for dyslipidaemia, and 79.6% for diabetes mellitus. Notably, only 28.4% performed global screening, defined as screening for smoking, hypertension, dyslipidaemia, and diabetes mellitus by the same physician, and 24.4% reported calculating 10-year cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk, probably reflecting a lack of comprehensive cardiovascular risk assessment in these patients. This study also identified unmet needs for awareness of cardiovascular comorbidities in psoriasis and corresponding screening and treatment recommendations among PCPs. Of PCPs, 61.2% reported not being aware of the association between psoriasis and CVD and/or not being aware of its screening recommendations, and 67.6% did not consider psoriasis as a risk-enhancing factor when deciding on statin prescription. Thirteen dermatologists (12.6%) and 35 rheumatologists (37.2%) reported prescribing statins. Among those who do not prescribe, 49.7% would be willing to start their K


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