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    Beta-globin sequence data

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    DNA sequences of the Beta-globin regio


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    .csv file for plotting case study plot using r script "mixed_model_DataDryad_290415.r

    Soil moisture and relative humidity_landscape

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    Soil moisture and relative humidity data collected from microclimatic loggers installed across the landscap

    16S alignment of sequences for genbank

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    This BioEdit file provides an alignment of the 16S sequences uploaded to genbank for this publication. Please note, that for GenBank publication sequences were cropped to achieve clear and identical sequences from forward and reverse direction reads

    R script aphidsOnEchinaceaInb1_2015-05-05.R

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    see readMe2015-05-05.tx


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    Temporary input/output file with an R data frame. See readMe2015-05-05.txt

    Geitlerinema sp. PCC 8501

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    Genome sequence of Geitlerinema sp. PCC 850

    Data from: RNA-Seq analysis identifies genes associated with differential reproductive success under drought-stress in accessions of wild barley Hordeum spontaneum

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    Background: The evolutionary basis of reproductive success in different environments is of major interest in the study of plant adaptation. Since the reproductive stage is particularly sensitive to drought, genes affecting reproductive success during this stage are key players in the evolution of adaptive mechanisms. We used an ecological genomics approach to investigate the reproductive response of drought-tolerant and sensitive wild barley accessions originating from different habitats in the Levant. Results: We sequenced mRNA extracted from spikelets at the flowering stage in drought-treated and control plants. The barley genome was used for a reference-guided assembly and differential expression analysis. Our approach enabled to detect biological processes affecting grain production under drought stress. We detected novel candidate genes and differentially expressed alleles associated with drought tolerance. Drought associated genes were shown to be more conserved than non-associated genes, and drought-tolerance genes were found to evolve more rapidly than other drought associated genes. Conclusions: We show that reproductive success under drought stress is not a habitat-specific trait but a shared physiological adaptation that appeared to evolve recently in the evolutionary history of wild barley. Exploring the genomic basis of reproductive success under stress in crop wild progenitors is expected to have considerable ecological and economical applications

    ClustalO hsp70a alignment

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    Clustal Omega download file for hsp70a gene alignmen


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