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    This study aims to analyze the synergy factor of BP4 with KUA in an effort to realize family resilience in Serang City, Banten. BP4 ideally becomes an institution that functions to realize family resilience by strengthening the values of harmony in the family and preventing the possibility of collapse of household bonds caused by conflicts between husband and wife. Sociological legal research using field data achieved the results of the analysis that BP4 in Serang City experienced dysfunction for several reasons, including: (1) there is no clarity on the orientation of BP4 after becoming an independent institution; and (2) the lack of operational funds of the institution. To cover this problem, BP4 needs to synergize with sub-district of KUA according to their respective duties and authorities

    The Effectiveness of Chain Drill Technique in Developing Students' Speaking Skill

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    This research designed to find out students' speaking skills before and after using the chain drill technique and to find out how the effectiveness of chain drill in developing students' speaking skills at the eighth grade students of SMPN 9 Cilegon. The researcher collected the data from 62 students divided into two classes, one class as the experimental class and another one as the control class, by applying experimental research method. The population is the eighth grade students of SMPN 9 Cilegon, while class VIII-D as the experimental class and class VIII-C as the control class are taken as the sample. Differences in students before being given treatment and the condition of students after being given treatment, namely Based on the explanation above, it can be seen that the results of the post-test in the experimental class experienced a significant increase after being given treatment, seen from the average post test better than the average pre-test is 64.38 < 80,91. The results of the hypothesis, the degree of significance is 5% and 1%. Therefore, to:tt= 4,48>1.67, in degree of significance 5% and to:tt = 4,48>2.38 in degree of significance 1%. Shows that the use of the chain drill technique is effective in developing the speaking skills of students in class VIII-D of SMPN 9 Cilegon


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    Bank Syariah merupakan bank yang mendasarkan pada prinsip- prinsip Syariah. Prinsip- prinsip Syariah tersebut wajib senantiasa dipatuhi oleh Bank Syariah mulai dari pendirian hingga dengan operasionalnnya, tercantum pula dalam perihal ini permodalan Bank Syariah. Berkaitan dengan permodalan, modal Bank Syariah tidak boleh berasal dari sumber yang diharamkan secara Syariah, sebab perihal itu nanti hendak menimbulkan bercampurnya suatu yang haram dengan yang halal. Suatu yang halal wajib secara tegas dipisahkan dengan yang haram, demikian pula kebalikannya. Penelitian ini menggunakan data sekunder sebagaisumbernya. Data sekunder adalah   data   yang   diperoleh   dari   sumber yang sudah ada.  Dalam pengumpulan data peneliti menggunakan teknik library research (studi   kepustakaan)

    The Diction used in the Novel on the Reader in a Novel "A Good Girl's Guide to Murder" by Holly Jackson

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    Diction is the selection of the right words to form sentences that meet the requirements, have a harmonious meaning, and are successfully communicated to the listener so that language misunderstandings do not occur. Based on its meaning, diction in this research is separated into two categories: denotational meaning and connotative meaning. This research aims to describe the types of diction found in the novel A Good Girl's Guide to Murdered by Holly Jackson. In this research we used qualitative methods to obtain data, in this qualitative approach, we used a case study approach. The data collection technique in this method is by describing or investigating the subject or object. Descriptive methods are also used for research procedures or solving problems that are investigated by describing subjects or objects as well. Based on the results of the data analysis, there are two types of diction based on meaning. The novel also succeeded in making readers feel what was written in the novel. For this reason, the author has also succeeded in making readers enjoy the plot of the story while the most dominant meaning is that the research is widely used because it fits the context of the story in the novel


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    Marketing strategy is a form of planning a business to achieve its goals with optimal results. In the world of insurance, competition is something that needs to be considered, especially in the field of marketing, marketing is the most important factor that greatly influences the performance of an insurance institution. insurance institutions must hold promotional communications to prospective customers, because this is the key to success in providing products or services to prospective customers. The research method used in this journal is a qualitative research method. In this study using descriptive research type. The marketing strategy implemented by PT Asuransi Jiwa Syariah Kediri is a marketing mix strategy consisting of product strategy, price strategy, location strategy, promotion strategy, service strategy, process strategy, service people/officers, and physical evidence support strategy. PT. Al Amin Kediri Sharia Life Insurance in increasing the number of participants The highest percentage increase for 3 years in 2022 is 37% then the smallest percentage in 2020 is 18%. Increase from 2020 to 2021 by 7%, from 2021 to 2022 by 12%. The table above shows that the increase in the number of insurance participants occurred at Al Amin, but this still did not meet the target of Al Amin because the planned target was around 50%. This was because at that time the marketing mix had already been implemented at PT Asuransi Jiwa Syariah Al Amin Kediri. but the implementation has not been 100% done because there are obstacles in the implementation of the 7p marketing mi

    The Students' Perspective of Quizizz As English Language Assessment Media

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    Quizizz is an educational game application that has gained popularity as a learning tool in recent years. The aim of this study is to find out students' perspectives on using Quizizz as an English language assessment media. Subjects in this study were two 6th grade elementary school students with the initials FA and MA. This research approach used descriptive Qualitative Research with observation and interviews. This study found that students had positives perspective towards Quizizz as English language assessment. Next, found out that students enjoyed using Quizizz, finding it fun and interesting. They also felt that Quizizz made it easier for them to take tests and increased their interest in learning English. The study also found that Quizizz helped to increase students' knowledge of English. The study concludes that Quizizz is an effective and enjoyable platform for language assessment, providing an engaging and interactive learning experience

    The Concept of Protecting Human Rights After the of Amendment 1945

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    The Amendment 1945 to the Basic Law was an important milestone in Indonesian fundamental law changes. One of the most striking changes is a more comprehensive and clear human rights provision in the constitution. The new articles, Articles 28A to 28J, explicitly regulate human rights, including civil and political rights, economic, social and cultural rights, as well as the right to the living environment. These changes raise questions about the implications and role of these changes in strengthening the protection and promotion of human rights in Indonesia. The constitutional amendment of Indonesia emphasized its status as a law-based state, a concept embodied in the 1945 constitution. The amendment gives greater legal power to protect and promote human rights, and also establishes a national committee on human rights principles and implementation. This article examines the impact of these changes and how these new articles have provided a stronger legal basis to ensure respect for and promotion of human rights. In addition, the article also discusses the country's commitment to human rights principles and efforts to implement them. The study suggests that changes in the constitution have provided a stronger foundation for the protection of human rights in Indonesia, although challenges in its implementation remain

    Speech Acts Analysis of Jokowi’s Speech on National Santri Day Commemoration

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    This research deals with the types of illocutionary acts in Jokowi’s opening speech on National Santri Day commemoration. The aim of this research was to analyse the types of illocutionary speech act which was dominantly used in that speech. This research applied descriptive qualitative method and speech act theory by Yule. There were 25 utterances and the percentage of utterances were Representative 44%, Expressive 20%, Directive 20%, Commissive 4%, and Declarative 12%. The result showed that Jokowi states the facts to the audiences about the current existence of santri. It is found that Jokowi’s speech acts in his speech are intended as a statement of fact, description and assertion.&nbsp

    The Legal Basis of the Sinking of Foreign Fishing Thieves in the Indonesian Sea is Based on State Law and The UN Convention on the Law of the Marine 1982

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    A problem that often arises and has the potential to disrupt Indonesia's national economy in utilizing fisheries and marine resources is the practice of fish theft or what can be called Illegal Fishing which is part of IUUF Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported Fishing Practices by foreign fishermen and local fishermen who use fleet of foreign fishing vessels and fishing gear that can damage marine ecosystems. The fisheries potential that is owned is an economic potential that can be utilized for national economic development. Many problems that arise and have the potential to disrupt the Indonesian national economy in utilizing fisheries and marine resources are the practice of illegal fishing or IUU Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported fishing practices by fishermen using Fleets of foreign fishing vessels and fishing gear that can damage marine ecosystems are the ones that cause the most harm to the country. Meanwhile, Article 69 paragraph 4 states, in carrying out the functions as stated in paragraph 1, fisheries investigators and/or supervisors can take special action in the form of burning and/or sinking foreign-flagged fishing vessels based on sufficient preliminary evidence. In carrying out the functions as referred to in paragraph 1, fisheries investigators and/or supervisors can take special action in the form of burning and/or sinking foreign-flagged fishing vessels based on sufficient preliminary evidenc

    Peran Mediasi Komitmen Organisasional, Kepuasan Kerja: Pengaruh Iklim Organisasi Terhadap Kinerja Karyawan

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    Every organization will always be required to be able to create a conducive organizational climate to achieve the expected quality of performance. To achieve this, good human resource management is required and of course also always paying attention to factors that can be influential in achieving maximum employee performance, in accordance with the goals set by the organization. The variables of job satisfaction and organizational commitment are often tested as mediating factors in the influence of organizational climate on employee performance. The aim of this research is to examine and analyze the mediating role of organizational commitment and job satisfaction in the influence of organizational climate on employee performance. This research used a cross sectional method with 78 respondents from PT employees. Hariqu Mulya Sejahtera is located in the city of Ponorogo, East Java. Once collected, the data is processed and analyzed with the help of Smartpls 4.0 software. The research results show that (1) organizational commitment does not mediate the influence of organizational climate on employee performance (2) Job satisfaction mediates the influence of organizational climate on employee performanc


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