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    Road Slope Stability Analysis with Limit Equilibrium Method

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    Purpose: Landslides are hydrometeorological disasters frequently occurring in many places, particularly during the wet season. Slope stability analysis is the initial stage in defining countermeasures to prevent slope failure and mitigate the negative consequences. This study aims to apply the Limit Equilibrium Method (LEM) to examine the slope stability of the Dufadufa - Jambula road, with the SLIDE version 6.0 application serving as an analytical tool. Design/methodology/approach: Researchers use field measurement data to build a slide application slope model. The soil data used as input parameters are derived using the Robertson chart to interpret the sonder test findings. Findings: According to the results, the minimal slope factor of safety (fs) at the area under consideration is 0.247. It demonstrates that the road slope, which is the study location, is in critical condition; in other words, the slope of the Jambula-Dufadufa road segment has the potential to undergo a slide. Paper type: Research pape

    Comparative Study of The Sustainability Transport Systems

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    Purpose: Compare of the sustainability transportation systems between Indonesia and Germany. Learning implements some lessons learned from the German experience to the development of transportation planning in Indonesia to support sustainable land use and transportation by comparing and analyzing the probability of converting and adopting reducing private transportation, landscape, financing mechanisms, and transport mechanism between Germany and Indonesia. Design/methodology/approach: Analyzing obtained data based on the comparison's parameters framework. Findings: Potentially, a parameter that can be set to develop a better transportation system for environmental and people safety, or even to reduce the congestion that occurs in most of Indonesia's metropolitan areas. Research limitations/implications: Since the study location is in fact somewhat distant, the information that is gathered to analyze the comparison is only chosen from each country's broad outline and is not otherwise specified. Practical implications: Finding solution for a better sustainable transportation in Indonesia that can be implemented. Originality/value: The analytical framework that is implemented in this comparative study is a methodically innovative approach form of developing an Innovative Transport System that is to aim a better use of transport network. Paper type: Literature Revie

    Onen Culture as a Traumatic Counseling Approach for the Timorese Hoineno Ex-East Timor

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    Purpose: Past traumatic experiences often hinder a person's transformation and progress. When mental health is disrupted due to unpleasant events in the past, it is necessary to provide traumatic counseling services. Design/methodology/approach: This research, healing in traumatic counseling, uses Onen culture as its approach. Through observation and interviews, this qualitative research examines the phenomena that occur in the lives of the Timorese Hoineno Ex-Timtim. Findings: The meaning contained in one moment of grief can be a cultural-based traumatic counseling approach for the Timorese Hoineno Ex-Timtim to start a new life after returning to Timor. Paper type: Research pape


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    Purpose- This study was aimed to determine the influence of technical skills, work experience, work discipline on the performance of craftsmen in the pottery cluster in Tulungagung Regency. Design/Methodology/Approach- The population in this study were 35 pottery craftsmen who had more than 2 years of work experience. The sampling technique use complete enumeration method where all members of the population are used as respondents. Using primary data related to technical skills, work experience, work discipline and their impact on the pottery craftsmen's performance. While the analysis tool uses multiple linear regression analysis. Findings-The results of the study show that technical skill, work experience, and work discipline have positive and significant effect on the craftsman's performance in the pottery cluster in Tulungagung Region. Practical Implication-  many workers lack of discipline at work and less innovate in form of creating new product. Meanwhile most of the owner of small bussiness had years in experience inherited from their parents

    The Influence of Internal and External Quality Audit on The Sustainability of Surabaya Merchant Marine Polytechnic

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    Purpose: The era of globalization and free markets forces universities to organize themselves by introducing internal quality assurance to guarantee the quality of education and services. In addition to internal quality assurance, universities as labor producers also require quality assurance from certification bodies outside the university. Several previous studies examined the influence of internal and external quality audits on work productivity and employee performance. In this study, the effect was seen to be different from before, namely knowing the effect of internal and external quality audits on the sustainability of the Surabaya Merchant Marine Polytechnic. The purpose of this study was to determine whether internal and external quality audits affect the sustainability of the Surabaya Merchant Marine Polytechnic. Design/methodology/approach: This study uses quantitative research with a population and the sample is a work unit at the Surabaya Merchant Marine Polytechnic which is involved with internal and external quality audits. The data collection method in this study was to use questionnaires using multiple linear regression analysis. Tests in this study used SPSS statistics version 26. Findings: The conclusion of this study is that there is a significant influence between internal and external quality audits on the sustainability of the Surabaya Merchant Marine Polytechnic either partially or simultaneously. The variable that has the dominant influence on this study is the internal quality audit. Paper type: Research Paper

    Improving Service Quality in the Banyuwangi Regency Government through Community Satisfaction Index

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    The measure of the success of service delivery is determined by the level of satisfaction of service recipients. Satisfaction of service recipients is achieved if service recipients receive services in accordance with what is needed and expected. This research aims to measure excellent service quality based on the perspective of community participation through a community satisfaction index survey stipulated in the Decree of the Minister of Administrative Reform No. 14 of 2017 concerning Guidelines for Preparing IKM for Government Agency Service Units. The survey used a purposive survey method approach, taking 165 respondents who received sub-district office services in Banyuwangi Regency. Inferential analysis of community satisfaction survey data is used to measure the community satisfaction index and service quality from the perspective of the community receiving services. The results of this research show a value of 93.16 which explains that the public can feel very satisfied with the services of the sub-district office, while the IPA measurement obtained a value of 3.73, which means that employees at the sub-district office are able to provide excellent service and provide excellent service in the community service process. The results of this survey can be concluded that measuring the community satisfaction index is relevant and more effective for assessing the quality of services provided by local government officials

    The Influence of Consumer Satisfaction and Confidence Against Repurchase of Computer Products in Surabaya

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    The study of this research can draw implications for practitioners. From the results reported, there are three factors e-trust, e-satisfaction and e-loyalty that influence customers' online refurbishment intention at online stores. Cahaya Abadi Computer cares about trust as a signal to intend to repurchase online and satisfaction comes second. Therefore, online shops must first focus on the perceived trustworthiness of their online shopping and website. There are several ways to develop trust with e-commerce media. One of them is providing a safer payment system, data security and privacy policy. Also they use a more flexible warranty and keep in touch with customers in 7/24, current call/resolution center and reference to place e-trust. Second, online stores must respond to customer messages and complaints promptly and anticipate their needs earlier than competitors to satisfy and impress their customers. This research has shown that customers perceive e-loyalty as another important antecedent of online repurchase intention. Therefore, online stores can reward loyal customers to make them buy back by using promotional codes, discount codes, gift cards, providing special offers and daily offers

    An Investigation of Architectural Heritage Design Features On the Formation of Architectural Identity through Globalization

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    Purpose: This research project investigated the formation of the architectural heritage identity in Damascus within the context of globalization by analyzing the architectural principles of Damascus's prevailing architecture in the contemporary era. The research aims to identify the impact of globalization on the formation of heritage identity in terms of design and characteristics. Design/methodology/approach: The research project used studio practice method through studio experimentation and contextual approaches to investigates how architectural heritage contributes and creates the obsession, emotion, aspiration and belief of urban society towards shaping lifestyle in a contemporary culture. Findings: The research project has been successful in examining how globalization technology and the ability of its modern materials have influenced the representation of heritage elements to create a unique heritage architectural identity adapted to the surrounding space and place. Practical implications: The research contributed to raising the awareness of the community to enhance its appreciation of cultural heritage values, and also contribute to highlighting the pursuit of maximum benefit from all aspects of technological development in the architectural work to find new elements for architectural shape that match the new urban societies. Originality/value: This paper is original. Paper type: a Research Paper

    Online Food Delivery Application

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    Purpose: This study aims to review how effective the online food delivery application is that is used to optimize MSME income in the culinary field, especially at Seblak Incezz Rejomulyo, Kediri City. Design/methodology/approach: This is a qualitative study that employs an analytical descriptive approach. The analytical-descriptive approach was chosen because it provides an explanation or elaboration regarding variable objects obtained from the data that has been collected. Findings: The use of online food delivery services is effective in optimizing sales volume at Seblak Incezz Rejomulyo, Kediri City. In the end, the more sales increase, the entity's income will also increase. Research limitations/implications: Only focus on one sector of SMEs, so the results cannot be compared with SMEs in other fields. Practical implications: This research shows that MSMEs need to adapt according to technological developments. This will eventually have an effect on the sustainability of MSMEs because it can increase sales and income for MSMEs.  Originality/value: Seblak Incezz is one of the MSMEs in the culinary field in the city of Kediri, which is growing from year to year. Paper type: Research Pape

    Quality Assurance of Business Education Programme in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria

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    Purpose: This paper discussed the concept of business education programme and the need for quality assurance in tertiary institutions. It examined the important roles of NUC, NCCE and TRCN in assuring quality in business education programme in Nigeria. Design/methodology/approach: This paper focused on the underlined heading as follows: objectives of business education, needs for business education ,quality assurance measuring parameters, constraints of quality assurance in business education such as; inadequate funding; staff recruitment; inadequate teaching and learning materials , control measures of quality assurance in business education, current efforts of ensuring quality in business education in Nigeria were discussed. Findings: On this note, it was recommended that Business Education curriculum should be revisited and tailored towards equipping for self-employment, among others. Therefore, cooperation and collaboration among Business Education’s stakeholders are needed in an attempt to achieve the stated objectives in Business Education by providing ample and proper modern facilities in tertiary institutions. Also, accreditation teams should be selected based on their integrity and not who you know, by this institutions will comply to put in place all the needful in order to be accredited. Paper type: Research pape


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