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    Implikasi Pernikahan Sebagai Sanksi dari Pacaran dalam Perspektif Maqasid Syari’ah dan Hak Asasi Manusia (HAM)

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    Marriage is prescribed to obtain a life that is sakinah, mawaddah and warahmah. To obtain the goals, the marriage must start in the way recommended by sharia in the form of muqaddimah such as ta'aruf and khitbah. However, there is a different way in society where marriage begins with the principle of courtship. For reasons of maintaining the good name and dignity of the family and also other reasons, this marriage was carried out as a result of the act of courtship. Therefore, this research was carried out to find out the legal implications of marriage based on dating, with a research approach in the form of qualitative research, and also data sourced from primary data obtained from events in society, and also secondary data obtained from various literature. Fiqh books and also journals related to the topics discussed. The results of this research show that all the reasons taken in the act of marrying the dating couple are in accordance with Maqashid sharia and occupy a position of dharuriyat (primary) needs, so that this marriage contains great benefits for women and all parties related to this case. Meanwhile, based on human rights, this marriage will have implications for the destruction of women who are abandoned by men if this marriage does not take place. So, marriage which results from the act of dating can become a law that has a deterrent effect and a law that brings preventive action for teenagers who like to date. So it becomes a legal solution to the rampant promiscuity that occurs through dating

    Political Dynamics of the Era of Ali Bin Abi Thalib (Contribution of the Political System in Islamic Civilization)

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    The study of political studies during the time of Caliph Ali bin Abi Thalib is very important to study in more depth. Because this study greatly contributes to political problems in Indonesia such as corruption and social injustice which are often debated. The aim of this article is to understand 3 things: First, the political paradigm of Ali bin Abi Talib's time. Second, internal and external factors that influenced the politics of Ali bin Abi Talib's time. Third, the positive and negative implications of politics for Muslims at that time. The method used is qualitative research with a literature review approach. The results found were 3 things: First, the political paradigm of Ali bin Abi Talib's time had 3 forms: (1) war politics (2) peace (3) justice. Second, internally there were 3 factors that influenced it: (1) differences of opinion (2) Caliph Ali's policies (3) Caliph Ali's characteristics. Externally, there are 5 factors that influence it: (1) the death of Muslims (2) support from the Kuffah community (3) the Governor's negligence (4) community problems (5) selfishness. Third, there are 3 positive implications for Muslims: (1) making it easier for Caliph Ali (2) the emergence of different forms of Islamic law (3) an orderly government system. Meanwhile, the negative implications for Muslims are 3 things: (1) changes in the Islamic government system (2) the emergence of new groups (3) division of Muslims. The conclusion of this article shows that it provides new views and insights into the study of Islamic Civilization during the era of Caliph Ali bin Abi Talib in the current political sector

    Implementation of the First Come First Served Algorithm in the Futsal Field Booking Application using Extreme Programming

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    This research is related to the development of an Android-based futsal field booking application at Laut Dendang Futsal using the First Come First Serve (FCFS) method. Currently, tenants are facing problems with booking futsal fields, especially because the booking process is still manual and time consuming at Laut Dendang Futsal. Ordering systems that do not use information technology cause customers to have to visit the location directly to order the field. The FCFS method is applied to arrange a futsal field booking schedule based on order of arrival, where requests that arrive first will be served first. This research builds an Android-based application with the aim of increasing efficiency in booking management and futsal field scheduling. The development approach used is the Extreme Programming method, which includes planning, design, coding and continuous testing. The results of application development show good performance in minimizing ordering errors and making it easy for Laut Dendang Futsal customers to order fields without having to come directly to the location. Admin can easily manage and record orders, avoiding errors in the ordering system. Thus, this research makes a positive contribution in increasing the efficiency of booking futsal fields, as well as speeding up responses to incidents

    Mosque-Based Islamic Transmission: Historical Tracks of Diponegoro and KH. Hasyim Asy'ari in the Cemetery of Kediri

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    The Kapurejo Salafiyah Mosque and Islamic Boarding School are proof of the transmission of the spread of Islam by Diponegoro and KH. Hasyim Asy'ari, founder of the Indonesian Islamic community organization Nahdlatul Ulama (NU). The mosque is a symbol of Islamic culture as a place of worship, education and social activities. The aim of this study is to examine the history of mosque-based Islamic transmission by tracing the historical traces of Diponegoro and KH. Hasyim Asy'ari in Pagu Kediri. This type of research uses qualitative research with descriptive analysis methods. The results obtained are that the An Nur Kapu mosque was once a simple mosque founded by Hasan Muhyi, a follower of Diponegoro during the Java War. The langgar was converted into a mosque after KH's wedding. Hasyim Asy'ari with Hasan Muhyi's daughter, Nyai Masruroh. After Diponegoro's arrest, a Kyai follower used the An Nur Kapu Mosque as a base to spread Islam in the Kapu area, Kediri. Diponegoro's followers spread and established mosques and Islamic boarding schools as a base for resistance outside Dutch control. Several ancient Islamic boarding schools in East Java together changed the focus of the struggle from physical conflict to education. KH Hasyim Asy'ari carried out reforms, especially in the field of education, by implementing education that had a more structured system. The strategy of the kyai and the An Nur Kapu mosque in spreading Islam is to provide teaching and learning systems that are in accordance with the culture of the community

    Pengaruh Rendam Kaki dengan Air Hangat Campur Kencur terhadap Penurunan Tekanan Darah Lansia Hipertensi Di Desa Pohsanten

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    Elderly is a phase of someone who experiences increasing age where the group is at risk of experiencing health problems. Hypertension is a condition in which a person experiences an increase in high blood pressure which reaches a systolic number of more than 140 mmHg and a diastolic number of more than 90 mmHg. Several treatments for lowering blood pressure can be carried out, one of which is with non-pharmacological actions. This study aims to determine whether or not there is an effect of soaking feet with warm water mixed with kencur on reducing blood pressure in elderly hypertensives in Pohsanten Village. This study used a quasi-experimental design with a non-equivalent control group before-after design. The population in this study were all hypertensive elderly people in Pohsanten Village. Sampling used a purposive sampling technique with 102 research samples, the experimental group totaling 51 people and the control group totaling 51 people were given the intervention of foot soaks with plain water. The analysis of this study used the Wilcoxon test and the Mann-Whitney test. In this study, the results obtained were p value = 0.000 for systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure with a p value = 0.000, meaning that there was an average difference in systolic and diastolic blood pressure before and after the intervention. It can be concluded that there is an effect of soaking feet in warm water mixed with kencur on reducing blood pressure in elderly hypertensives in Pohsanten Village

    Istri Nusyuz Dan Suami Dayyus

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    Nusyuz is defined as an act or condition of conflict with the occurrence of conflict or defiance between husband and wife in domestic life while husband dayyus is the loss of jealousy in the heart of a person to his family who commits sins so as to let them fall into great sin. A wife can be said to be nusyuz if she does not want to carry out the duties of filial piety outwardly and inwardly to her husband in terms justified by Islamic law except in the presence of a valid reason, then KHI regulates the husband's obligation to his wife is the husband as a guide to his wife and household and the existence of this rule makes a husband unable to apply dayyus to his household because if the husband becomes a dayyus then his family will not be guided to a good path. This study aims to determine the analysis of nusyuz wives and dayyus husbands in Islamic law, knowing the form and settlement in Islamic law using normative research methods. Analysis of this study used a reading approach (library research). The results of this study found a general description of nusyuz wives and dayyus husbands, namely; (1) A wife can be said to be nusyuz if she does not want to carry out the duties of filial piety outwardly and batih to her husband in terms justified by Islamic law, except for a valid reason. (2) The IHL regulates the obligations of the husband to his wife as a guide to his wife and household and the existence of this rule makes a husband unable to act dayyus towards his household. This study is expected so that the community is not blind to the existing marriage law, where a husband or father must be able to be a protector for his wife and children as article 80 paragraph 2 of the KHI and article 34 of Law Number 1 of 1974

    An Analysis of Political Ethics from the Perspective of Muhammad Arkoun

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    This study is grounded in the profound need to comprehend the role of Mohammed Arkoun, a postmodern/contemporary scholar, in revitalizing the potential of Islamic thought in the 21st century. The article underscores Arkoun's significance as an Islamic philosopher who successfully integrates the "authenticity of Islam" with a broad understanding of contemporary social sciences, giving rise to the concept of Applied Islamology. With a life background immersed in two traditions, Islam (Algeria) and France (the West), Arkoun endeavors to reconcile various aspects of life from both civilizations.The research methodology employs descriptive, historical, comparative, and synthetic analysis approaches. Data collection involves extensive literature research on Arkoun's works, both his writings and relevant contributions from other authors. Based on a philosophical-critical examination of the data, it is concluded that Arkoun plays a significant role in shaping an inclusive study of Islam for the future. The findings offer profound insights into Arkoun's contribution to connecting and harmonizing Islamic thought with contemporary social sciences


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    Artikel ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui keterikatan antara sensation seeking dan peran teman sebaya (peer grup) dengan kecenderungan kecanduan judi pada individu usia dewasa awal. Penelitian ini menggunakan pendekatan kuantitatif korelasional dengan survei dan analisis statistik untuk mengevaluasi korelasi variabel bebas terhadap kecenderungan kecanduan judi. Responden dalam penelitian ini yakni individu usia dewasa awal yang terlibat dalam permainan judi online dengan rentang usia 18-25 tahun sebanyak 81 orang. Teknik pengambilan sampel yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini menggunakan non-probability sampling. Instrumen yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah skala kecenderungan kecanduan judi (α = 0,826), skala sensation seeking (α = 0,841) dan skala peran teman sebaya (α = 0,846). Hasil penelitian menunjukkan terdapat hubungan antara sensation seeking dan peran teman sebaya (peer group) dengan kecenderungan kecanduan judi pada dewasa awal. Nilai r = 0.553 dan F = 17.198 dan taraf signifikan <0.001. Kedua variabel bebas dalam penelitian ini memberikan sumbangan efektif sebesar 30.6% dan 69.4% dipengaruhi oleh faktor diluar penelitian ini.   


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    This study was aimed to examine on how Quizizz application can be utilized to enhance students' vocabulary mastery and determine whether there is improvement in their vocabulary skills as the result of using the Quizizz application. It was conducted in Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri 2 Asahan in 2023; 32 students from the 1st grade in class VII-A took part as the participants. Classroom Action Research was employed for this study and divided into two cycles. The data was collected by using qualitative methods; such as observation, interview, diary notes, and documentation, as well as quantitative methods; such as multiple-choice tests, that conducted at the end of each cycle. Based on the result, the students' scores increased from the first cycle to the last cycle. The pre-test mean was 55.31, and 7 students (21.87%) scored over 75 points. The post-test for cycle I was 72.50, that higher than the pre-test, and 19 students (59.37%) scored over 75 points. The post-test mean for cycle II was 91.87, that higher than the post-test for cycle I, and 31 students (3.12%) scored over 75 points. They did not encounter any significant challenges. The assessment of attitudes was evaluated with a maximum score as 160. The students scored as 141 in care, 134 in respect, 139 in teamwork, 134 in self-confidence, and 138 in responsibility. They indicated that the using of Quizizz application to improve students' vocabulary mastery was effective. Based on the test results and observations toward students, their enthusiasm and excitement are also increase

    Penerapan Etika Bisnis Syariah Pada CV Arfa Sundari Jaya Medan

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    Along with the times, human resources also have a decline in value in the aspects of morals, ethics, and also morals. One of the efforts to maintain a good business is to maintain and implement business ethics. Sharia business ethics are rules or norms that must be carried out by business people referring to the Qur'an and Hadith. This research is a type of qualitative research with a field study approach that aims to determine the application of sharia business ethics at CV Arfa Sundari Jaya Medan. The main source of data used comes from informants, namely owners and employees, while the techniques used in data collection are interviews, observation, documentation. The results of this study found that sharia business ethics contained in CV Arfa Sundari Jaya Medan has been applied in accordance with the principles in sharia business ethics which refers to devotion, justice, social responsibility, equality, compliance with Islamic law, purity, exemplary, concern for employees, avoidance of usury and gharar, concern for the environment.Seiring dengan perkembangan zaman, sumber daya manusia juga memiliki penurunan nilai pada aspek moral, etika, dan juga akhlak. Salah satu upaya untuk mempertahankan bisnis yang baik yaitu memelihara dan menerapkan etika bisnis. Etika bisnis syariah merupakan aturan atau norma yang harus dilakukan oleh para pelaku bisnis mengacu kepada Al qur’an dan Al hadis. Penelitian ini merupakan jenis penelitian kualitatif dengan pendekatan studi lapangan yang bertujuan untuk mengetahui penerapan etika bisnis syariah pada CV. Arfa Sundari Jaya Medan. Sumber data utama yang digunakan berasal dari informan yaitu pemilik dan karyawan, sedangkan Teknik yang digunakan dalam pengumpulan data yaitu wawancara, observasi, dokumentasi. Hasil penelitian ini di temukan bahwa etika bisnis syariah yang terdapat pada CV. Arfa Sundari Jaya Medan telah diterapkan sesuai dengan prinsip dalam etika bisnis syariah yang mengacu pada ketaqwaan, keadilan, tanggung jawab sosial, kesetaraan, kepatuhan terhadap hukum Islam, kesucian, keteladanan, kepedulian terhadap karyawan, penghindaran Riba dan Gharar, kepedulian terhadap lingkungan


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