Data, data, data

Our dataset is huge, global, and widely used.

CORE provides access to 92,104,890 free to read full text research papers with 30,022,298 full texts hosted directly by CORE

It's the biggest collection of open access full texts, making it an unparalleled research tool. It's over 45 terabytes (TB) of textual data.

How we compare to other services?

CORE is a collection of 207,255,818 searchable research papers

CORE is the most comprehensive aggregator harvesting from institutional, subject and preprint repositories as well as gold and hybrid open access journals.

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We're truly global, aggregating from 10,427 data providers, in 250 countries

And we're used by every country in the world.

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You can access the data for free, and do exciting and powerful things with it

Our APIs and datasets are perfect for doing text and data mining research and building innovative services.

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