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While the adoption of open access, open data, open science and text mining practices are growing, CORE is proud to follow these developments and grow as a service. We are looking for enthusiastic organisations and individuals to volunteer as ambassadors to spread the word about CORE’s mission and services.

Become a CORE ambassador to enhance CORE’s efforts in advancing open access and supporting text-mining in your area by:

  • Presenting CORE to research stakeholders (students, librarians and researchers).
  • Posting CORE news on blogs and social media.
  • Sharing information about CORE to listservers (especially local).
  • Presenting CORE during events and conferences.
  • Updating the CORE Team with the community’s feedback.

CORE will offer support to ambassadors on a regular basis by:

  • Building a correspondence with ambassadors via emails and/or phone.
  • Organising skype calls every two months.
  • Offering a dedicated area where the ambassadors’ presentations can be stored and retrieved.
  • Acknowledging an ambassador’s name and affiliated organisation on the CORE website.
  • Shipping promotional material (whenever funding permits it).
In addition, the CORE ambassadors will be the first to have access to new CORE services.

Outreach materials

To assist the ambassadors in their outreach activities, we have put together some downloadable materials.

CORE Ambassadors

  • George Macgregor, Institutional Repository Co-ordinator, University of Strathclyde
  • David Walters, Open Access Officer, Brunel University London

Are you interested in becoming one of the CORE ambassadors? Do drop us a line.

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