• About CORE

    CORE (COnnecting REpositories) aims to facilitate free access to scholarly publications distributed across many systems. As of today, CORE gives you access to millions of scholarly articles aggregated from many Open Access repositories.

    We believe in free access to information. The mission of CORE is to:

    • Support the right of citizens and general public to access the results of research towards which they contributed by paying taxes.
    • Facilitate access to Open Access content for all by targeting general public, software developers, researchers, etc., by improving search and navigation using state-of-the-art technologies in the field of natural language processing and the Semantic Web.
    • Provide support to both content consumers and content providers by working with digital libraries and institutional repositories.
    • Contribute to a cultural change by promoting Open Access.
  • Access the CORE collection

    To access the CORE articles please specify your query in the search box on the top of this page. Alternatively, you can browse the latest additions or browse the whole collection by date of harvesting.

  • Applications

    CORE offers four applications:

    • CORE Portal - Allows to search and navigate scientific publications aggregated from a wide range of Open Access Repositories (OARs)
    • CORE Mobile - An Android application that enables you to search and download open access articles.
    • CORE Plugin - A Plugin to Open Access repositories that enables them to search for related scientific publications.
    • CORE API - Enables external systems and services to interact with the CORE repository.
  • Join CORE repositories

    If you would like your repository to be harvested by CORE, please read how to join and then let us know.

    If your content cannot be harvested for IPR reasons, you can still use the CORE API, for example, to discover related papers in the Open Access domain to those you hold in your repository. Just get in touch and we will advise you. Let us also know if you think we can help in your specific situation.