X(1576) and the Final State Interaction Effect


We study whether the broad peak X(1576) observed by BES Collaboration arises from the final state interaction effect of ρ(1450,1700)\rho(1450,1700) decays. The interference effect could produce an enhancement around 1540 MeV in the K+Kβˆ’K^+K^- spectrum with typical interference phases. However, the branching ratio B[J/Οˆβ†’Ο€0ρ(1450,1700)]β‹…B[ρ(1450,1700)β†’K+Kβˆ’]B[J/\psi\to \pi^{0}\rho(1450,1700)]\cdot B[\rho(1450,1700)\to K^{+}K^{-}] from the final state interaction effect is far less than the experimental data.Comment: 6 pages, 4 figures. Some typos corrected, more discussion and references adde

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