Planning, management and assessment of projects concerning hazardous waste in Greece


Managing industrial hazardous waste (IHW) is a complex issue. This study summarizes the main industries in Greece that produce IHW, the major types of IHW and the corresponding quantities. Main sources of IHW in Greece are industrial plants such as chemical, refinery, cement, and fertilizer industries and the major types are sludge from wastewater treatment, slug and dust from dust filters. Greece, at the time, does not have proper disposal sites or facilities and the present methods of disposal are temporary storage and export. A catalogue containing Greek laws that govern IHW management is being presented and the main laws are analyzed. Proven IHW treatment and processing technologies and methods are described in this paper and finally a proposal concerning management of IHW projects in Greece is being made in order IHW and all related projects to be managed in an environmentally sound way

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